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Spa in our region Anna Hudáková Jana Grejtáková II.A.

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1 Spa in our region Anna Hudáková Jana Grejtáková II.A

2 founded in 1873 as a private sanatorium taken over by state in 1919 Tatras spa Lú č ivná located at High Tatras – clear air, great clima

3 Tatras spa Lú č ivná spa for children specialized at healing respiration problems sauna, massages, rehabilitation excercises, special procedures accomodation for 1 month, with accompany of parents including basic school

4 Spa Nový Smokovec founded in 1876 located in Nový Smokovec, TANAP climatic relaxation spa

5 Spa Nový Smokovec specialized at respiration, psychical and chronical illness caused by work mainly relaxation and wellness complex luxury and expensive place for rest

6 Spa Horný Smokovec founded in 1928 as a medical institution later taken over by state nowadays – spa, especialy for families

7 Spa Horný Smokovec specialized at curing respiration problems, lungs illness and allergy Procedures – swimming, exercise on the fresh air, inhalations, light & heat therapy

8 Spa Bardejov first hearing - 1247 officialy founded – 1777, modernizing until now usage of mineral water healing, relaxation and also special events – weddings and tennis club sessions

9 Spa Bardejov specialized at curing cancer, muscles, lungs... very popular – not only for kids Procedures: massages, inhalations, water therapy, heating therapy Beer bath – calms down the skin because it contains vitamines (problems with skin and muscles)

10 Sanatorium & spa Tatranská Kotlina founded in 1891 healing centre using thermal & mineral water medical purpose only

11 Sanatorium & spa Tatranská Kotlina hotpack system water therapy healing asthma & allergies Belianska jasky ň a – group breathing exercises

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