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Note- all given in the collection of the imaginative mind and some historical events of two high school students.

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1 Note- all given in the collection of the imaginative mind and some historical events of two high school students.

2 Utopia When given a word as perfection or perfect(same thing)one mostly resembles it to that of a deity. Since perfection can only be best put into an idea and not an actual embodiment. In human history, the idea of a perfect being is found in religion. Take the Catholic church with Jesus Christ, in the Islamic religion you have Allah, Sihk religion Hari, Buddhist well you have a lot, even the far west of the Americas have a wide range of gods. They all are manifestation of the idea that there is some supernatural being out there that is the embodiment of perfection. Now, how do we know perfection does not exist. Such as the Communist manifesto by Karl Marx.(1848). A very political manuscript which Is genius on paper. The idea is perfect but fails in reality. Humans assume perfection is unachievable due to the trial and errors of history. Utopia published 1551

3  A perfect school is unachievable, but a proposal in writing and the idea of the school is achievable  This means the perfect school does exist only in thought.  When trying to create the perfect school these are some thing you should consider: teachers, staff, parents, principle service, finances, hiring and firing…etc

4  How to fix the public school and what is wrong with the public school?  According to Mike Shedlock in his article of “stupid in America” America suffers from having a system with no competition, the union in which it doesn’t care about the issue, puppy lost congress over the real issue, money budgets not spent or displayed correctly, etc.  Lawrence Wilson from the center for development addresses the problems for the public school system to be the decline on test scores, drop put rates, massive amount of money, and social problems effecting the school.  The system major problem lies in the bettering of teachers. The teacher must be well experience, enthusiastic over their subject, have a wide range of knowledge in their subject, charismatic, and emphasize can with the student.  To do so the school must make sure little stress is given to the teacher by limiting the number of students in each class and over all the classes the teacher has

5 The proposal The school system in this proposal is very unique. The staff is the very heart of the school for that each staff member will be taken to account individually. In general,the finance will also be taken to account separately, the school is meant to be the perfect formula between the drill and creativity of its residence. The systems tracking system will be very diverse. How will it will be diverse? The school, this public school, is meant to give of a similar feeling to the student. The student or individual will be monitored to exhibit theirs special trait or quality in the student. No longer shall the student be judged on the over all superiority of his skill but more in his specially quality. Of course the student will continue the regular mathematics, science, and english most schools require students to have.

6  The “tracking “ system will be some what of a complete dominance of the chords life. To understand the child completely new type of counselor must be define.  The tracking system usually involves the test scores of the student and where they range. Either above average, normal, or mediocre.  This tracking system is to compare the psyche, socially awkwardness/social skills, a much more depth to the likeliness of humans.  The school system will focus on the likeliness of the individual student by redefining the “counselor”  Not only that but of course the overall adaptability to become that likeable human in the real world  The test scores will of course contribute to the tracking system but now it will shift primarily to where the student holds in likability.

7  The drill as Emerson explain is in his essay is the manner of teaching in which the school merely test on recall information  What this fails to do is drive the student to his passion or genius as Emerson puts it. Emerson encourages up coming teachers to remember the individual and his achievements before to completely “drill” your biased perception on reality. The tutor must be understanding of the individuals take on life. Which while be explained later on in the staff portion of the school.  The skill is the genius as Emerson explains. The fundamentality of what the student is good at and notably passionate for. Be it making sculpture and expressing his creativeness through images rather than writing or something detail. Be it rule a country or even a bagel man. They excel on these since their nature has driven them to be the best they are capable of being.  Usually the passion is found since they are better at it than anyone else. This emotion is true to all human, although many will try to deny it since it is morally wrong.

8  Listen the reason the school builds its foundation on a high diverse coalition is so one day this generation will be able to bring a larger understanding of world peace. The world needs to finally focus on something else. It needs cooperation. No manipulation. That is why the school plans to be able to built its student ethnics and morals by providing the most unbiased possibilities and exhibiting them to what are deemed good role models.  Style is developed by duplicating the already know existing style of and individual and adding your own style to is slowly by slowly. Style serves for the author to develop his own voice to forever be remember as his own. The reason for the duplication and revision is to make sure it is consistent enough with the writer that he will be able to cooperate enough with it and the revision is to make it his own.  The school is meant to pit human qualities similar with each other that they will cooperate and expand from their safety zone.  By the student similar nature they will develop a friendly rivalry between each other. How would they if they are so closely resemblance of one another? Well the student face one critical realization they are similar, obviously, now what will bring them apart their physical characteristics, actions, behavior or their achievements. All of the above my friend. One that will be directly enforced by the teacher is their achievements. Their educational achievements will drive them apart and will directly influence how the student exhibits himself compared to the group. This torture, is to make the student feel as if he needs to be acknowledge shall be the driving force behind the individuality.

9  What is the objective of the teacher in all of this.  The staff shall now be taken to account in the formula in this school. Although warning ahead of time it might not be the most likeable proposal for the teachers role.  A teacher first if hand “should impart all the knowledge and skills related to a particular field. He should also provide children with the right attitude so that they can make the best use of their knowledge and intelligence.” Read more at Buzzle: of-a-teacher.html of-a-teacher.html  Develop dominance in the class room  Play the adequate role model and lecturer  Have their own based curriculum choosing and well planners.

10  Teachers are the student mentors and a very “noble profession” (what is the role of teachers by Geeta Dhavale) They shape the personality of the child and entire life as Dhavale explains. These adult must have above all a passion for the art  Teachers provides student with many things. Notably providing students with guidance, support and inspiration(Dhavale).  Basically the teacher serves as the window for the child as he matures over the years. The child grows and as they grow the teachers charisma and enthusiasm leave a mark on the child in which the child shall for ever on carry it inside him. It develop the young adults attitude over life being the most influential profession of the human history.  Enough is to be said why teachers are important since it is already a bit redundant.

11 Teacher qualifications The usual teacher qualification for a high school range between the high school or district of the school. While high school teachers are to be expected to be experts on a specific subject; some colleges and universities allow you to get an undergraduate degree while focusing on the area of subject they plan to teach. Some schools require the teacher to obtain an under graduate degree on the subject but a master on education. The school plan though is meant to focus on will of these but test the up coming teacher on other matters. Such as being advisors, having charisma, and theirs social interaction with students.

12  The teachers education must range in having a masters both in education and their specifics subject as well as psychology. “Psych majors learn the necessary skills to assist people in improving their mental health; they also gain knowledge and abilities that are valued in many other fields, such as business and politics(world wide learn).”  The teachers are also required to have little social life. Yes sounds horrible but it is meant so that they can focus on the students.  These teachers will receive slightly above the usually wage. Wages in 2007 according to the U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics(BLS) was around 34,000-81,000. the wages since then have increased.  Teachers are to sign a writ mandamus which shall be explained later.  Random check up shall be issued to see how the teacher is doing for her class room. If something jiffy is seemed to be accruing there will be consequences.  The mentor must be an expert in human behavior.

13  Studies have shown teachers with a deep understanding of the content are more capable to be teaching it and preferred to be teaching the material.  Most students who enjoy a class with their teachers, and it is referring to really enjoy the class such as exhibiting laughter, try harder in that class because they do not want to disappoint the teacher.  The teacher develops a friendly relationship between the class and her self and both the students and teacher feel comfortable in the class. Because in college one of the most important issue with students is if they feel comfortable in the university. If a student isn’t comfortable in their first day in college more than likely they would want to drop out. So, by having a teacher who is and expert in human behavior will help “breaking the ice.” Thus helping the student reach their potential in the class room.  The increase amount in check up would help regulate and evaluate the teachers abilities as a professor, and over all person. The constant surveillance will place the teacher and students at toes such as they usually do but with they’ll be done to experienced teachers as well. Not so much that it ends up being a causal thing maybe like once a month twice if there are complaints.

14  The higher wages would motivate teachers to continue the difficult job but a reminder the job isn't so over exaggeratedly high on money that someone would be motivated to just pursue a teaching career just for the money. The agency would make sure the noble profession stays noble only allow those who exhibit a strong passion for teaching to enter.  The proposal does understand the sort of pressure it is placing on the teachers so these teachers will as well receive benefits. Dental, medical, and paid vacation is the stress gets to one if needed. As well as personal days and sick days. Although if the absences become exceptionally high the threat of being fired is looming. Teacher will also have the option to sue the school for injustice they witness if the regard their case professionally.  Also teacher shall have a dress policy. Simple dress professionally on Monday, Tuesday, while Thursday and Friday one can come in casual clothing. Make sure on keeps hygiene.  All staff members a obligated to sign a rite mandamus that has specific qualification one must maintain and for teachers it disregards the privileges of the that the teacher usually receive from the teachers union for the privileges the districts offers the teacher. For one no 10 year plan.

15  The subs are going to be very important in the district the school operates in having to have all the qualifications the teachers already have but much experience. Although they do not require all the degrees a regular teacher needs. The are as well required to sign a legal document as well. They receive a lesser wage that regular teachers and subs have the lingering threat of been fired easily if failed to accomplish teaching adequately.

16  The counselor is most likely the hardest job in the district having to give of more time out off all other staff members in the whole school as well as being a job with the most seats. A counselor is assigned with 70 students each and must take active time to understand each one of them and to assure that every student is well and has no problems in the classroom. As well as actively be involved with said students family life. They must know as much as possible for the student and they have those 70 students for a 4 year period. To assure they are placed in their desired class rooms with student they would most likely cooperate with by having similar things in common. As well as similar ideas. For this the are paid the most although receive the least time off out of every other staff member. Receive equal benefits as the teachers and are required to have the similar levels of degrees as the teachers although they are experts organizers. Not usually uncommon finding a counselor that was once a teacher here since the require degrees usually on a higher standard that what they previously had. And re required to always have the professional look. The counselors job is most of all to allow the student to feel free as if he or she has the options to arrange their schedules and the counselors are the ones in charge that make sure this is all possible.

17  All the counselors are meant to communicate with each other to assure it continues to work well although the schedule set is difficult their main duty is to assure the students enjoy their courses and their time in high school as well as setting them up on the required road. Every counselor is assigned their very own assistant. In theory with allthe extra help and abundant amount of counselors they are meant to work well. Truthfully the question is stilll lingering if it will end up working.

18  The principle is meant to take care of the financial budget with a marketing team. He is assured to receive money since the school is meant to upheld above average scores on standardized test. Although most of the money shall go to the students education mostly. He is to plan events in which the students them self's have gatherings on school ground and have parties. The discipline in the school has very not very tolerant. If noticed fighting the students will automatically be punished and if such actins continue they will be expelled in three strikes disregarding their grades. Enough warning were made and they were before warned of the consequences when they entered the school. Students are also obligated to sign a mandamus. Enough of that the principal does though have the privilege of dressing casually all day everyday. And is paid lees than the teachers but that is since he only seriously is required a masters degree in mathematics as well as one in budget analysis and economics. His staff is required all the same. What makes the principal the principal is his experience in budgeting and his charisma since he is meant to be the face of the school. Is also required to plan all the school spirit so it is not unusual that the principal is seen walking around doing what looks like absolutely nothing.

19  The staff of the school isn’t the biggest but there is enough to keep the building from collapsing. The are required to mop the floors, change the light bulb, serve the food in the cafeteria, some if qualified are allowed to be librarians as well as staff members in computer laboratories. Although in the cafeteria the students are meant to make sure the keep thing clean. Every day if the cafeteria Isn't some what clean before the end up mopping it. There are student assigned every week going alphabetically to help the staff to clean. The dress in solid colors corresponding to what they are. Say the work in the café put some brown on. Library green or white. Blue jump suit for the janitors or orange.

20  There is meant to be one security guard for every 40 students.  They stop fights, clear people out of the hall way the usual.  They respond according to the deans in the school which are only seriously 5.  Yeah the do stuff and all where black.

21  These guys it feels as I’ve saying a bit as we have gone haven’t we. Well to clear some stuff up and hopefully add some. Students are required to maintain a high c average while the are also not to have a job out side of school. Their clothing they are allowed to wear any color pants while the can choose from 3 school shirts with the logo and a ID. They are also allowed to have outer ware as long as the school logo is in plain sight and their ID is visible. There is a no tolerance policy and any gang activity will not be taken slightly. Besides that they are students work as students. All students are to also take an entry exam on entering followed by… did we already speak about this. We’ll they take an exam have a fee of 200 yearly field trips are meant to be self earned through good deeds around the school to grant permission to the individual and they are to funs=d raise their money to go to the field trip. Every semester a fund raise is made in which 50 percent of the students are meant to sell any sort of good from a loving sponsor around their community or home and return with was it 60 or 100 dollars to the school. The security will handle the money. The next semester in a school year the next line of students in the 50 percent shall have the duty to sell. The students are all meant to make sure they spend at least an hour studying and an hour of self learning on any material they decide is interesting. Done in any manner. Every 3 weeks a student is to turn in a book report on a book of their choice failure to do so will be to spend Saturday detention unless their parents complain about said detention in which they will have to turn in 2 reports in the following 4 weeks.

22  The rest shall be able to be located on our website and this power point shall be updated in case more informationjuujs is needed when the time arrives.

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