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Sherington Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group Kick-off Meeting 3 10.30am, 7 February 2015 Sherington Village Hall.

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1 Sherington Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group Kick-off Meeting 3 10.30am, 7 February 2015 Sherington Village Hall

2 Agenda (1) 1.Welcome - Ian Collinge 2.Appointment of Minutes Secretary and Approval of Minutes of Last Meeting (29 Jan) 3.Introductory Briefing on Neighbourhood Planning - Ian Collinge 4.Initial Public Questions 5.Parish Council Update - Ian Collinge a.Application to MKC for Area Designation b.Budget c.Terms of Reference d.Available Resources 6.Apologies for Absence 7.Volunteers - Introductions 8.Identification of Key Issues 9.Identification of Key Stakeholders

3 Agenda (2) 10.Site Allocations Plan Assessment Criteria and Process a.Meetings/Drop-in Sessions b.Parish Poll c.Survey/Questionnaire d.Measurement of Popularity e.Objective Criteria 11. Neighbourhood Plan Evidence Gathering 12. Sustainability Appraisal 13. Project Plan - Gantt Chart Update 14. Task Organisation and Responsibilities 15. Feedback on Newport Pagnell Parish Council’s Neighbourhood Plan 16. 12 noon - The Next Steps 17. AOB

4 Introductory Briefing Government – 2011 Localism Act Devolve decision-making down to local communities Greater say in issues – 2012 Neighbourhood Planning (General) Regulations Sets out the rules that have to be followed 1,300 communities – 44 completed plans Lots of information on the internet

5 New Tools for Parish Councils 3 New Tools Parish Councils Can Use – Neighbourhood (Development) Plans – Neighbourhood Development Orders – Community Right to Build Orders Orders – Parish Councils can grant planning permission – Specific community projects e.g. affordable housing – Might be appropriate for the village shop Need to investigate this!

6 Neighbourhood Plan Formal document Sets out community’s vision for future Future planning applications MUST comply with: 1.Milton Keynes Local Plan (Plan:MK) 2.Sherington Neighbourhood Plan Will cover period up to 2031 – 16 years

7 What is Milton Keynes Doing? 16 Areas All 3 Key Settlements Other Selected Villages – Bow Brickhill Woburn Sands – Completed – ‘Made’ Wolverton / Lakes Estate – Drafts being reviewed Great Linford – 2 drafts Castlethorpe – Similar size to Sherington

8 What the Plan Does NOT Do Mineral extraction is excluded Does not over-ride MKC plans – Core Strategy – adopted in 2013 – Site Allocations Plan – Plan:MK Doesn’t change the 20-40 new houses – Can’t have less development – can have more Might disappoint you – but this is the law

9 Consultation Parish Council led, but involving the public Extensive consultation - ALL stakeholders – Residents – Businesses – Organisations – Landowners – Developers All meetings open to the public – No stitch ups behind closed doors

10 Final Plan Version Independent review/examination – Complies with legislation – Consistent with MKC Plans Adopted by electors in a referendum: “Do you want Milton Keynes Council to use the Neighbourhood Plan for the Sherington Area to help it decide planning applications in the neighbourhood area?” YOU HAVE THE FINAL SAY

11 How Can I Help? Steering Group – Oversees the project – Reports to the Parish Council – Chaired by Parish Councillor Assist with specific activities – Research, evidence gathering, questionnaire – Data analysis, distribution etc Participate in consultations – Take part in the surveys and meetings – Tell us what concerns you – Tell us your ideas and aspirations Vote in the referendum – it is YOUR plan

12 Neighbourhood Plan Web Site News Agendas and Minutes Documents – Area Designation, Village Appraisal, Parish Plans Links to useful sources of information – Government, MKC, other Parishes – Other Neighbourhood Plans FAQ Email addresses: – (just Ian at present) – (all volunteers)

13 Initial Questions?

14 Parish Council Update Formal application to MKC for area designation – 1 page letter plus map – Submitted on 28 January 6 week public consultation on choice of area – To be advertised by MKC Proposed area: Entire Parish

15 Milton Keynes Council Planning Application – Development Control Committee – 5 March 2015 Site Allocations Plan – 18 February, but may slip Frosts - Wavendon – Waiting for appeal decision Point of Contact – Bob Wilson, Development Plans Manager – Initial meeting on 6 February

16 Budget 2015/2016 Precept (~£22,000 – same as 2014/5) – Initial budget £1,500 – Assumes use of volunteers – Straightforward issues No professional consultants – Exploit other parishes’ experience – Documents to SCAN standards – Apply for grants (£22.5m from Government) Data from Bow Brickhill, Strumpshaw, Stony Stratford, Newport Pagnell, Great Linford – All spending much more – Depends on size and complexity

17 Terms of Reference Steering Group is a Parish Council committee Has ‘advisory’ status – Decisions to be ratified by full Parish Council – Law limits voting to councillors Scope – Develop the Neighbourhood Plan – Organise the consultations – Site Allocations Plan: Advise Parish Council on public’s preferences for housing sites – Not a pressure group Document waiting for Parish Council approval

18 Potential Resources 2011 Census – Data tables on web site – Population (including ages), Housing, Employment, etc Mapping – Ordnance Survey Public Sector Mapping Agreement - Licence – Parish Council has free access to digital OS maps Downloaded – various scales Raster – TIFF format Vector – needs mapping application (QGIS is free) – Also subscribes to Parish Online

19 Potential Resources (2) 1973 Plan 1983 Plan 2004 Village Appraisal 2008/11 Parish Plan Village Development Envelope SHLAA Map 1 SHLAA Map 2

20 Volunteers Apologies – Robert Brewis Volunteers – Keith Carey – Duncan Clarke – John Cook – Matthew Hargreaves – Jackie Inskipp – Stephen Kennedy – Oliver Powell – Steve Slater – Dave and Liz Revell – Brian Watts – David Williams

21 Issues (Scope of the Neighbourhood Plan) Housing – MKC Plans/Planning Application Village shop Businesses Leisure Facilities Parking Infrastructure Conservation Area Church Open Spaces Footpaths/cycle routes Sustainability

22 Stakeholders (To be consulted) Residents Businesses – see next slide for list Organisations – see next slide for list Landowners Developers

23 Businesses (from Oliver) Alban Hill Nurseries Bernard Crook Nurseries Blue Flame – Denman Electrical + other self employed? Furniture Restoration (Water lane) Haynes Garage Haynes Haulage Kennels Manor Courtyard Office tenants Shooting / Gun Club Village Shop White Hart Farmers Sherington Bridge

24 Organisations (from Oliver) Church Pavilion Pre-School School Shop Village Hall Scan Sherington Bell Ringers Sherington CE Governors Sherington CE PTFA Sherington Football Club Sherington Historical Society Sherington Indoor Bowls Club Sherington Luncheon Sherington Pre-School Sherington Thumb sticks Sherington Twinning Association Sherington Youth Club St Lauds Choir St Lauds Church Parochial Church Council The Beavers The New Thursday Group Tuesday Coffee Mornings Village Hall Committee and Trustees Shopco

25 Site Allocations Plan Consultation Meetings – Briefing/drop-in session – needs to be early – Discussions Parish poll Questionnaire – By elector/household – Under 18’s – Paper/online/both – Security – multiple voting – Data Protection Act Characteristics/popularity/both

26 Evidence Gathering Need for Affordable Housing Topics other than housing 1-on-1 discussions with key stakeholders?

27 Sustainability Appraisal SA is not mandatory – But we do need to take sustainability into account Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) – Required by law in certain circumstances – Probably doesn’t apply to us – Addressed by MKC Core Strategy

28 Project Plan Gantt Chart update MKC dates not fixed - Difficult to schedule work

29 Task Organisation/Responsibilities Subgroups for each topic? Spread topics around the team? ? Publicity Monthly SCAN article MKC Ward Councillors Surgery Use of PCs

30 Newport Pagnell’s Plan Consulting with neighbouring Parishes – Meeting on 29 January Area is entire Town – started July 2013 Just done their survey – analysing results Draft Plan partially written 5 councillors, 2 clerks, 3 public Housing: Core Strategy: 425-450 (593) new houses – Actually proposing 1400 – 1281 at Tickford Fields Farm (to get new school, etc) Schools, Playgroups, Medical Facilities, Parking, Employment, Sports Facilities Want feedback from neighbours

31 The Next Steps Site Allocations Plan Response – Leave objective assessment to MKC? Steering Group comment on their method and data – We measure public opinion – simple questionnaire? – Drop-in session/workshop with MKC planner? Further publicity – SCAN article – March issue – to Betty by 16 February – Ward Councillor’s surgery 21 February Extra meeting? – Fri 13 Feb or Tues 17 Feb – Pavilion Regular Steering Group Meetings – Last Tuesday in each month, 7.30pm, Pavilion – Next: 24 February 2015 Anything else?

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