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Mobile CRM October 2007. What Is CRM? Something to do with a better way of: Communicating? Marketing? Selling? Managing? Controlling? OR: Do We Really.

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1 Mobile CRM October 2007

2 What Is CRM? Something to do with a better way of: Communicating? Marketing? Selling? Managing? Controlling? OR: Do We Really Just Mean Another Database?

3 What Is CRM? CRM is: NOT just software A way of looking at your business and your market(s ) CRM can: Change the way you think Improve your business performance Provide information that you can do something with Should be More Than Just Another Database!

4 Why You Might Want CRM? Traditional marketing & sales approaches not working well enough or not cost effective? Marketing costs are increasing but returns are getting lower? 'Interruption Marketing' is suffering as customers learn to screen out unwanted messages? Trying to implement 'Relationship Marketing‘ but finding the going tough? Desire to improve customer relationships? Just get more from the customers we have!

5 What Do We Mean By Customer? Companies or People who:- buy our products? use our products? distribute our products specify our products? influence the market? Our own staff? Our suppliers? Our competitors? All of these are typically catered for within CRM

6 Critical Success Factors You Must: Define exactly what you mean by ‘CRM’. Specify its full scope.  Customers  Relationships  Management Determine your and your customers expectations. Only then can you possibly define your CRM requirements.

7 The Impact of CRM (What can it do for me?) Negatives: CRM Can: Fail to do any of the above. Create high maintenance. Increase cost. Disappoint badly. Positives: CRM Can: Improve customer experience and engagement. Increase ability to find, attract, win & retain customers. Enhance the effectiveness of communications. Improve the efficiency of sales & marketing processes. Encourage knowledge sharing & collaboration. Make your organisation more customer centric.

8 Common Issues With CRM Lack of joined up CRM strategy. Lack of high level championing. Lack of defined business processes. Cultural barriers. Departmental not company project. Lack of expertise and resource to implement (properly). Lack of budget to do properly!

9 Remember! Buying Sage doesn’t make you good at accounting. Buying Excel doesn’t make you good at maths. Buying AutoCAD doesn’t make you good at engineering design. Implementing CRM technologies alone doesn’t make you good at sales, marketing and managing customer relationships. CRM needs to be something you do, not something you have.

10 Mobile CRM

11 Mobile CRM What and Why…… What is Mobile CRM? Remote access via VPN, Terminal Services or Citrix Remote access via mobile/wireless technologies Why Mobile CRM? Gaining competitive advantage from real time information Increase efficiency and effectiveness of field operations Extend Customer reach to out-of-office staff Recognise the changing work patterns  Over 25% of staff away from the office

12 Mobile CRM The Need…… The users Out of office, mobile individuals performing high value sales/service processes The problems Need to access and update information out of the office  Scheduled activities  Customer details  Customer histories  Pipeline information The issue! Data compression

13 The Mobile Marketplace… “In 2010, 80 percent of key business processes will involve mobile workers’ exchange of real-time information” - Gartner Research firms’ analysis state that the majority of mobile apps deployments are in the sub 50 seat area 40% of business users surveyed access the Corporate network via PDA…but …60% fail to encrypt the Corporate info held on the device…and …25% admitted to having lost a PDA - SourcePoint

14 Source: Citigroup Investment Research, CIO Survey, Nov. 2005 Security Wireless / Mobility Financial Planning Spam / Spyware Storage / Servers Data Standards ERP Consolid. Web Services RAD Tools 02040 60 Gartner: By 2007, less than 50% of knowledge worker access to portals will be by PC-based web browser (.6 probability) IT Spending Priorities Among IT Directors Mobility is the Next Big Enterprise Wave…..

15 The Mobile Marketplace Current approaches….. Local copy of CRM on laptops using online synchronisation Not ideal for daily use Requires night-time sync Synching to PDAs/Blackberrys Data restrictions iGoldmine (thin client using internet connection) Call into the office (mobile phones) Resources tied up  Reception  Sales admin  Inside sales

16 To Date, Mobile Access has come up short… Real-Time Access / Wait Times Lack of Sufficient Data on Mobile Device Securing Sensitive Data Technology Gap has contributed to a poor User Experience

17 Mobile CRM Product Strategy…. Product Requirements. Highly configurable Robust functionality Real-time wireless synch Reduced latency to critical information

18 Mobile CRM The Issues…… Get rid of the barriers to CRM before considering the IT/software/hardware implications Then: The type of Mobile device  (QWERTY keyboard)  Screen size  Touch screen  Content and style Service provider  National/International coverage IT platform  Hosted or inhouse?

19 Mobile CRM Today….. The new solution Providing real-time mobile access to the CRM application from a mobile device with real-time wireless synch  Full data set  No time lag  Blackberry support

20 Mobile CRM Architecture….. CRM Database Mobile Application Server BES/MDS Corporate Firewall Wireless Network Real-Time Wireless Synch

21 Top Mobile Application Hurdles Overcome…. Real-Time Access / Wait Times Solution consistently meets user response requirements Lack of Sufficient Data on Device Vaultus’ data compression technology enables real world applications on low-cost PDA’s Securing Sensitive Data “Lease Key Data Security” secures the data when the device is “off the Network” You don’t need to be able to contact the device to deactivate it All data on the device is de-activated until new lease key procured over the air No more fear of losing sensitive info if a device is lost, left in a taxi/airplane, or stolen Sub-Second Response Time to Data Queries Passive security that resides on the device.

22 Mobile CRM The Benefits……. Increase sales Improve the productivity of your field sales and support team Enhance the quality of customer interactions Reduce sales and support expenses Create a competitive differentiation in the way you harness CRM Sales can react to new leads faster helping to reduce sales cycle Improved data collection Improved forecasting (data is more complete) Provide customers with immediate answers Increases CRM adoption amongst users Allows users to focus on less administrative tasks Allows users to work as a team whilst being remote Valuable to the individual, visible to the company

23 Mobile CRM The future…… The most recent study showed over 30% of sales force support systems (CRM to you) have adopted wireless applications

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