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Temperance S By Health Ministries Department General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists N O I T A R B E L E C.

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1 Temperance S By Health Ministries Department General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists N O I T A R B E L E C

2 Celebrating temperance CELEBRATIONS®Temperance 2

3 “I can control alcohol and tobacco!” CELEBRATIONS®Temperance 3

4 The meaning of “Temperance” CELEBRATIONS®Temperance 4

5 Use judiciously that which is healthful CELEBRATIONS®Temperance 5

6 Is my own life in balance? CELEBRATIONS®Temperance 6

7 Many regard destructive habits as desirable CELEBRATIONS®Temperance 7

8 Alcohol consumption and global health CELEBRATIONS®Temperance 8

9 Binge drinking is increasing CELEBRATIONS®Temperance 9

10 Alcohol…is dangerous CELEBRATIONS®Temperance 10

11 Risks of alcohol addiction CELEBRATIONS®Temperance 11

12 Alcohol and cancer CELEBRATIONS®Temperance 12

13 Alcohol linked to breast cancer and colon cancer CELEBRATIONS®Temperance 13

14 Alcohol and safety CELEBRATIONS®Temperance 14

15 Alcohol and heart health CELEBRATIONS®Temperance 15

16 Daily exercise and a healthful diet CELEBRATIONS® Temperance 16

17 Killer tobacco Tobacco kills nearly 6 million people each year. Nearly 80 percent of the world’s 1 billion smokers live in low- and middle- income countries. CELEBRATIONS®Temperance 17

18 Consumption of tobacco products is increasing globally. Approximately 1 person dies every 6 seconds as a result of tobacco-related causes. Up to half of current users will eventually die of a tobacco-related disease. CELEBRATIONS®Temperance 18

19 Tobacco is a gradual killer CELEBRATIONS®Temperance 19

20 Tobacco, a “gateway drug” CELEBRATIONS®Temperance 20

21 Avoid all things harmful! CELEBRATIONS®Temperance 21

22 True balance in living CELEBRATIONS®Temperance 22

23 CELEBRATIONS®Temperance 23 I can do everything through him who gives me strength. Phil. 4:13, NIV


25 A group of boys and girls from a local church school attended a party at which binge drinking occurred. Unfortunately, they found the alcohol in the church member’s home. CELEBRATIONS®Temperance 25

26 If I were asked to give regular talks at the school on the dangers associated with alcohol, which of the facts in this chapter would I emphasize? Is my example of temperance one they should follow? CELEBRATIONS®Temperance 26

27 Have I been influenced by articles that purport that drinking a little alcohol is beneficial to the cardiac system? What other negative consequences of alcohol use mitigate those reports? CELEBRATIONS®Temperance 27

28 If I were to drink only socially, what are my chances of becoming addicted? CELEBRATIONS®Temperance 28

29 Do I have a first- degree relative who has suffered from alcohol dependence? If so, how would that affect the risk I would be taking? CELEBRATIONS®Temperance 29

30 How can I reduce the chances of children and youth in my home, church, or community being pressured by their peers into experimenting with tobacco, alcohol, or other drugs? CELEBRATIONS®Temperance 30

31 Do I know their names and greet and interact with them? CELEBRATIONS®Temperance 31

32 Do they know and respect me enough to think that they would disappoint me if they were to indulge in these behaviors? CELEBRATIONS®Temperance 32

33 What things in my life are out of control, unbalanced, or used injudiciously? How do I know if I am working too much, sleeping too little, eating too much, or exercising too little? CELEBRATIONS®Temperance 33

34 How do I make judicious use of my free time? CELEBRATIONS®Temperance 34

35 Am I spending too much time with electronic media and too little time cultivating good relationships with my Savior and people close to me? CELEBRATIONS®Temperance 35

36 Do I set aside time for service to those less fortunate? CELEBRATIONS®Temperance 36

37 When I realize the need for change, do I remember the One who can give me the strength I need? Do I ask for that enabling power? CELEBRATIONS®Temperance 37

38 This presentation is created and distributed by the Health Ministries Department General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists 12501 Old Columbia Pike Silver Spring, MD 20904 This presentation is shared for educational purposes only. The content, graphics, and pictures of each slide and the whole presentation must be kept intact if shared with other Health Ministries entities, including this page. Thank you for using and sharing only in a responsible manner. Superscripts denote references listed in the back of the book, “CELEBRATIONS.” CELEBRATIONS® Temperance 38

39 Imagery supplied by Ingram Publishing; eyewave; Valueline; Christopher Brignell; ian francis; Wayne Howard; Photodisc; Medioimages/Photodisc; Catherine Yeulet (Thinkstock). CELEBRATIONS® Temperance 39

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