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Forgotten God, Francis Chan Broward Midweeks: Lesson 3 “What are you afraid of?”

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1 Forgotten God, Francis Chan Broward Midweeks: Lesson 3 “What are you afraid of?”

2 Forgotten God Week 1: Matthew 11:28-29 & John 14:12. –Great promises of God to each one of us. –When we say “Jesus is Lord”, what are we committing ourselves to for life? Week 2: Gal. 5:16-26 –Having promised rest for our souls, we can be like Jesus and we can live by the Spirit and keep in step with the Spirit. –Comes down to: What are feeding more? –Flesh (sinful nature) or the Spirit?

3 Forgotten God This week: What are you afraid of with the Holy Spirit? –Afraid he will disappoint and not act? –Afraid of losing control of life if we really let the Holy Spirit controls us? Important questions each of us much face and answer. Many times our answers lower our expectation of God so we will not be disappointed.

4 Forgotten God The Holy Spirit and the New Covenant –Luke 22:19-20: Jesus says his blood institutes a New Covenant. He will replace the Old Covenant (Old Testament) with his new one. –How does the Holy Spirit fit into the New Covenant?

5 Forgotten God Romans 8:9; Romans 8:16-17; Galatians 4:6; 1 John 3:24- Presence of the Spirit is the sign of the New Covenant. Not feelings, actions. God is looking for the Holy Spirit as the sign the New Covenant is present. Parallels Gen 17:9-14 where circumcision is a sign of the Old Covenant.

6 Forgotten God How do we get the Holy Spirit? Acts 11:11-13: Ask John 7:37-39: Believe Acts 2:37-39: Repent and be baptized Acts 5:32: Obey (Idea is continual obedience NOT a one time obedience.) Cannot leave any out!

7 Forgotten God Handout: See all the ways the Holy Spirit works in the lives of every Christian! –Seal or guarantee –Strength to overcome sin –Intercedes –Understand –Holiness –Freedom to change –God’s Love in heart, –Power to be faithful, hope, fruit, etc. Look at how great the promises are for each one of us!!

8 Forgotten God Holy Spirit wants to lead us, but will not force or drag us! Gal. 5:18, Rom. 8:14-17. What is NOT promised? –Take away all of our suffering-physical or emotional. –Take away disease –Take away the consequences of our actions, decisions, or sin. –To make others change their lives or thinking. –To make people open to the message of Jesus.

9 Forgotten God What am I afraid of? Holy Spirit is in each of us who have become disciples the way the Bible teaches. Look at the incredible promises for each one of us!!

10 Discussion Questions ① First 10 minutes: Individually read over the list of how the Holy Spirit works in each of us & look at the referenced Scriptures while doing this (handout). ② Share: Which promise inspires you? ③ Share: Which promise challenges you? ④ What are you afraid of…the Spirit not acting or saying “no”… OR the Spirit causing you to “lose control of the way YOU want to live your life”? ⑤ Who are you going to share these with this week? ⑥ Group Prayer ⑦ Find one person in your group to privately share ways you have or have not followed the Spirit recently. (confess victories and personal sin)

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