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Your Trusted Knowledge Network FSP Membership WHO WE ARE.

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2 Your Trusted Knowledge Network FSP Membership WHO WE ARE

3 FSP Membership Credentials currently accepted for membership: Regular Membership: AEP ®, CASL ®, CEBS ®, CFA ®, CFP ®, ChFC ®, CIMA, CLF ®, CLU ®, CPA, CPC, CPCU, CTFA, Enrolled Actuary, JD, REBC ®, RHU ®, and Graduate Degrees in financial service areas Associate Membership: LUTCF, FSS, FLMI 160 Chapters nationwide provide the core FSP experience

4 FSP Core Values EDUCATION ETHICS RELATIONSHIPS Every Society program, service, initiative is shaped by these core values

5 FSP Value: The Professional Edge Years Experience Life StageFSP Provides Student“Hitting the Books” Career Options, Education on “real life” issues, Mentoring and Internship Opportunities 1-5“Learning the Ropes” Mentors, Job Connections, Referral Resources, Key Techniques, Knowledge Base Development 6-15 “Solid in the Key Areas” Referral Resources, Peer Feedback, Technical Refinement 16-25“Experienced Leader” Advanced Education, Life-Long Learning, Coaching 26+“Sought After Mentor” Wisdom Sharing, Legacy Development, Giving Back At Every Stage of Your Career, Society Membership Keeps You at the Top of Your Profession!

6 Benefits of FSP Membership Relationships The Society of FSP is LIVE at the Local Chapter level. - Local community of advanced professionals facilitates high level, peer-to-peer learning - Networking with professionals from diverse practice specialties creates unique business opportunities - Gain access to leadership experience in a vibrant professional environment - Chapters often host networking programs with other professional groups

7 Benefits of FSP Membership Relationships University Partners Program Connects local Chapters with graduate and undergraduate programs Brings FSP member subject matter expertise, practical application to the learning environment Job shadowing, internships and co-op opportunities Introduces students to resource for life-long professional development Student award program offers positive reinforcement for excellence

8 The Portal to Professional Success!

9 Benefits of FSP Membership Clicking on the Member Access Button on our Home Page brings you the full range of online benefits

10 Benefits of FSP Membership Education The Journal of Financial Service Professionals Why the Journal is the Essential Read: Groundbreaking, peer-reviewed, articles aimed at enhancing your ability to serve your clients. Insightful columns by recognized industry experts in all areas of financial planning, investment management, life insurance, employee benefits, qualified plans, retirement planning, estate planning, taxation, and ethical practice matters. Online access to current and past issues. Technical information…solutions to difficult problems…and the latest industry developments. The Journal Quiz - submitted for CE credit to certain state insurance departments and the CFP Board of Standards. Four PACE credits are also granted.

11 Professional Interest Sections Cover Nine Specialized Practice Areas: Business & Compensation Planning Employee Benefits Estate Planning Financial Planning Investment Management Leadership & Management Qualified Plans Retirement Counseling Risk Management: Life, Health, Disability and Casualty Insurance Benefits of FSP Membership Education Customize Your FSP Membership Needs to Your Practice!

12 Professional Interest Sections National e-Discussion Groups - instant feedback on practical questions from the best financial minds in the country – Professional Social Networking! Newsletters - Section newsletters offer specialized technical content Audio/Web Conferences – Sponsored by ea. Section Study Groups - Chapter-based Section discussions Benefits of FSP Membership Education

13 New Online CE

14 Video Training Conferences Quarterly programs including CE for a variety of disciplines. Critical Topics – Top Speakers Planning Strategies: Benefits of FSP Membership Education Our February 2011 Program – Back to the Future: Estate – Tax Avoidance Planning. This program examined the planning and tax strategies that are effective under the new law – featured Larry Brody, JD, Johni Hays, JD, Terry Stanaland, JD, CPA, ChFC and Terri Getman, JD, CLU, ChFC. VTCVTC Chapter Delivery via Streaming Video

15 Benefits of FSP Membership Education

16 SAVE THE DATE! Clinic for Advanced Professionals August 16–17, 2012 Chicago Marriott O'Hare Airport

17 Benefits of FSP Membership Education Advanced Education Exceptional Networking Outstanding Professionals January 22-26, 2012 Pointe Hilton Squaw Peak Phoenix ARIZONA


19 Online Professional Library Access all FSP publications, including the Journal of Financial Service Professionals and nine targeted Professional Interest Section newsletters Powerful Keyword Search Capability puts relevant information at your fingertips - in an instant - 24/7/365 Benefits of FSP Membership Education

20 Keeping Current (separate subscription) Timely updates on significant recent tax cases and rulings Edited by Steve Leimberg, JD, CLU Available quarterly via CD or Podcast

21 Benefits of FSP Membership Education CE Accreditation Most FSP programs give CE Accreditation for: Insurance Accounting CFP Legal Banking FSP is the proud provider of CE Accreditation for the annual meetings of industry associations including NAIFA, The International Forum, AALU, and LISA as well as for many company programs.

22 Benefits of FSP Membership Ethics Code of Professional Responsibility

23 Benefits of FSP Membership Ethics Code of Professional Responsibility The Seven Canons: Fairness - Observe the “Golden Rule” Competence - Continually improve knowledge Confidentiality - Protect information Integrity - Always put clients’ interests first Diligence - Be prompt and thorough Professionalism - Raise the standard Self-regulation - Uphold and facilitate enforcement of the Code

24 Benefits of FSP Membership Ethics Chapter Ethics Course Course helps members comply with ethics requirements Turn-key presentation available only via FSP Chapters Eligible for state insurance and other types of credit

25 Benefits of FSP Membership Relationships Find Credentialed Professionals via FSP Online Membership Directory When you (or your clients) need a professional connection… Across the country or across specialties National database puts qualified professionals at your fingertips Shared membership experience opens doors

26 Leadership Development Society members hone interpersonal and leadership skills through involvement in their Chapters FSP provides Leadership Development Conferences as well as national leadership opportunities Benefits of FSP Membership Relationships

27 The Foundation focuses on programs that: allow Society members to Give Back to Others, recognize Ethical Commitment, support Financial Literacy and Scholarship, and provide Consumer Information

28 Financial Education Partners National pro-bono initiative providing financial education and counseling to people devastated by a recent diagnosis or facing the challenges of first time homeownership Partners include National MS Society, Habitat for Humanity, American Cancer Society FSP members donate financial expertise to positively impact the lives of less fortunate members of their own communities Service to Others

29 To Continue to Serve Others… Become part of the… Centennial Club - pledge $100 /year for five years. Millennium Club - pledge $200/year for five years. Chairman’s Council - pledge $500/year for five years. Foundation Council - pledge $1,500/year for five years. 15 The Foundation Needs a Steady Stream of Support You Can Make a Difference!


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