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Locale Specific Initiatives Kodagu – an Alternative Model.

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1 Locale Specific Initiatives Kodagu – an Alternative Model

2 Locale Specific Issues Kodagu, commonly known as Coorg is the second smallest district in Karnataka, occupies an area of 4102 in the Western Ghats. More than 50% of the total geographical area of the Kodagu district which is covered with forests, acts as a major catchment area for the Cauvery river which starts from Talacauvery of this region. ISSUE :FORESTRY

3 Locale Specific Issues Across the world there are a number of regions, which exhibit high level of diversity as well as endemism. However twelve regions have been recognised as biodiversity hot spots at the global level (Sharma, 1997), out of which two are in India namely “North Eastern India” and “Western Ghats”. ISSUE:LOSS of BIODIVERSITY

4 Locale Specific Issues With the advent of British colonization in 1854 and introduction of coffee plantations in the district, it initiated large scale clearing of forests. This has been further damaged by timber exploitation, particularly Teak in moist deciduous forest and various other trees from evergreen forests. ISSUE:DEFORESTATION

5 Locale Specific Issues The pulp from the coffee seeds are generally released into the river which causes the surface water pollution and also the under ground water pollution. The flowing waters of the river Cauvery and its tributary are known for their Mahseer fishes. ISSUE:INDUSTRIAL POLUTION

6 Locale Specific Issues As the economy of the region increases rapidly, the life style of the community changes which in turn leads to increase in the use of paper, plastic, glass metal, cardboard wrappers, etc., and force solid waste problems on the district. ISSUE:SOLID WASTE

7 Locale Specific Issues the region also attracts a variety of tourists from different parts of the country and outside. This gives rise to issues such as non-availability of water and water pollution and solid waste. ISSUE:TOURISM

8 CEE’s interventions – biodiversity conservation, forestry, deforestation Development of GIS A series of workshops on protection of sacred groves. Sacred Groves Protection Committees formed Exhibitions on the importance of conservation of medicinal plants Formation of SHGs in 30 villages with medicinal plants nurseries.

9 CEE’s interventions – solid waste management Waste composting in three towns in association with the municipal authorities and village panchayats.Citizens committees formed ineach of the towns. Industries roped in for support and waste contribution. Paper recycling, Plastic weaving unit set up.Clean up Kodagu – school campaign Seasonal campaigns at Talakavery

10 CEE’s intervention - Ecotourism Campaigns at tourist spots on going twice a year for the past four years. Temple Committees formed and roped into the campaigns. Also at Irupu and Madikeri fort. At Nagarahole- tourism survey done to determine KAP of tourists about national parks, behaviour in national park, etc. Four waysides put up in Kodagu. Four more to be put up.

11 CEE’s interventions – school programmes In association with the State Literacy Mission, eco clubs formed (154) and children trained composting, firefighting, soil and moisture conservation. Importance of biodiversity, conservation methods, solid waste management were someof the focus areas. Street plays, videos, posters, were extensively used.

12 Sustainability Industrial waste pollution is a topic that we could take up on consultancy basis and earn some money for our activities in Kodagu. Training programme for others who wish to set up paper and plastic weaving centres could be organised and charges could also serve to help build sustainablility into the programme.

13 New initiatives Kodagu Interpretation Centre to interpret the linkages betweenthe biodiversity, culture and heritage of Kodagu. Water Shed Management in Bhramagiri Hills. Protection of Sacred Groves.

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