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2 Introduction Greenpeace is a non governmental environmental organization. Its goal is to ‘’ensure the ability of the Earth to nature life in all its diversity ‘’and focuses its work on world wide issues such as global warming ,deforestation, overfishing, commercial whaling and anti-nuclear issues. Founded in 1971 to oppose U.S. nuclear testing in Alaska, the organization has fought to protect endangered species, stop the dumping of hazardous waste, and strengthen national and international laws that regulate environmental affairs.

3 Introduction Continues
Greenpeace aims at protecting intact primary forests from deforestation and degradation with the target of zero deforestation by Greenpeace has accused several corporations, such as Unilever, Nike, and McDonald’s having links to the deforestation of the tropical rainforests resulting in policy changes in several of the companies under criticism. Greenpeace, together with other environmental NGOs, also campaigned for ten years for the EU to ban import of illegal timber. The EU decided to ban illegal timber on July 2010. As deforestation contributes to global warming, Greenpeace has demanded that REDD (Reduced Emission from Deforestation and Forest Degradation) should be included in the climate treaty following the Kyoto treaty.



6 Greenpeace is known for its direct actions and has been described as the most visible environmental organization in the world. Greenpeace has raised environmental issues to public knowledge, influenced both the private and the public sector and has been nominated for The Novel Peace Prize twice.


8 GOALS -Stop the climate change and reduce the greenhouse gases to the atmosphere. -Promote clean alternatives energy and replacing polluting sources such as fossil fuels and other hazardous and nuclear. Protect de biodiversity. -Promote the responsible  fishing, defend the forests, the ground, and stop the commercial whaling. -Remove the use of toxic sustances in the human productives activities. Stop the pollution in all its forms, essentially in the rivers and freshwater courses. -Promote an fair agriculture, sustainable and modern, fighting the agrochemical and transgenic crops. -Get the nuclear disarmament, combat arms race and promote the peace.


10 Government Consists of Greenpeace International, headquartered in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, and 28 regional offices operating in 45 countries. The regional offices work largely autonomously under the supervision of Greenpeace International. Greenpeace executive director is elected by members of the board of Greenpeace International. The current director of Greenpeace International Kumi Naidoo and current Chairman of the Board is held by Lalita Ramdas. Greenpeace has a workforce of 2,400and 15,000 volunteers worldwide. 

11 Each regional office is headed by a regional executive director elected by the board of regional directors. The regional councils also appoint a trustee for the International General Meeting of Greenpeace, where administrators choose or remove the board of Greenpeace International. The role of the annual general meeting also discuss and decide the general principles and strategically important issues for Greenpeace, in cooperation with the regional office managers and Greenpeace International Board. 

12 Forests are probably the most important natural heritage, but also the most threatened and preyed upon by human. They get a range of goods and services essential to our survival as food, timber and medicines. Today, thanks to the participation of a million and half people, Greenpeace achieved approval of the forestry law to regulate the use of this resource and stop the indiscriminate deforestation.


14 Brenda Palacios Camila Ailan Candela Roaux Servat Emi Esposito
The end Brenda Palacios Camila Ailan Candela Roaux Servat Emi Esposito Let’s save the world, for a better future…

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