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Solo Sea Kayak Trek To Raise Awareness of Breast Cancer April 2d 2009 through April 10 th 2009 A solo kayak trek from Washington, DC to Windmill Point,

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1 Solo Sea Kayak Trek To Raise Awareness of Breast Cancer April 2d 2009 through April 10 th 2009 A solo kayak trek from Washington, DC to Windmill Point, Virginia 121 Miles

2 Did you know? Did you know that 98% of all Breast Cancer can be treated and healed if detected early with a simple test for detection. When diagnosed early and with proper treatment such as Chemo without the need for surgery. The solo kayak trek for the awareness of Breast Cancer issues is not to raise any funding for any organization. Instead what I ask of you is to seek and get a simple examination. A mamogram. I am also asking that you encourage your friends, to support this by talking to their wives or girlfriends, their mothers or daughters. Support your co-workers in getting this exam. Whether you are male or female, you can support this issue. The “Hook”, to this is that I am also asking that you support local Breast Cancer Organizations by getting involved. Money does not do everything, being support a shoulder to cry on and a hand to hold in despair means more than the few dollars you could send to this effort. But along those same lines, I am asking that you actively support family members during their treatment and friends. Making the issue more than a day but to carry it everyday. Employers can help by giving the time to their female employees the needed time without fear of recrimination or penalty. Healthy employee is much more cost effective and productive. The other benefit is that when an employee feels that the employer cares. They are more loyal and more productive.

3 Okay so now you know the way to help, now here are ways you can raise awareness. Instead of coming to a boat landing and watching me depart give your support by seeing Your doctor and getting an exam. If you are an employer give your female employees the time off to go to the doctor with Pay, yes you heard me, a few dollars spent in a day recoups well over the years and as Well may prevent costly health insurance dollars down the road. As the old expression Goes you can pay now or really pay later. I will make you a promise, and there will be a way for you to verify everything I am saying. I will paddle in that little boat seen above this paragraph 121 miles, it should take about 8 Days with a layover at Colonial Beach Virginia for one day of rest, at the mid point. You can Verify my commitment to paddling this, by a special internet site which will show my exact Location on the water. I plan to paddle rain or shine, warm or cold. Sleep on a beach or in the kayak to reach this destination within the time frame of 8 days..

4 During the 8 days I am hoping that enough people will see or hear about this to become involved in this effort. Again I am asking you to support this not with your money But to invest in your self. Get the exam, encourage someone to get the exam. If you cannot get a mamogram get an ultrasound or the exam by palpitation. Support the people you Care about! You see that is what this is all about. CARIING. They say the journey is a thousand miles, for a woman who discovers a lump there is a hellish nightmare that works two ways. The WHAT IF, and the WHAT DO I DO NOW. I watched as a friend of mine who was dying from prostrate cancer watched and worried about the woman he loved go through the nightmare. He was incapacitated and yet he showed his love and support by being at her side as much as he could. When he died they were married for 52 years, inspite of both of them and their health issues, they stood by each other and with the support of family and friends fought and his wife of those years, a second mother to me and the only grandmother my son ever knew to this day still cares for others. She got through this as she said with her faith and with the support of those who cared.

5 The Route: Washington DC to Windmill Point Virginia Put in Point: Boat landing located on the south shore of the Potomac River, adjacent to the Ronald Reagan International Airport. Paddling day one: goal to reach a point outside of Washington DC not less than 20 nor more than 25 miles to spend the first night on a beach or at a campground. Days 2, 3 Continue paddling down the Potomac River passing to Colonial Beach, Virginia. Day 4: Rest at Colonial Beach shower if possible eat a real meal rest and head out. Day 5: Paddling still east by south to a point near Coles Point Virginia. Proceeding on the morning of the sixth to the Yeocomico River. Day 6 Arrive at Lewisetta Virginia, resupply fresh water stores Day 7:Pass Reidville,Virginia stop make camp Day 8: Arrive Windmill Point Virginia break gear down to truck, head home with a stop in Kilmarnock for a seafood dinner.

6 RESULTS COUNT Breast Cancer is a disease that can be if not eradicated, perhaps confronted with Knowledge, Examination Treatment Early detection and treatment are the keys. To some the idea of someone paddling does not make a lot of sense. Well, I was a marine and never a diplomat. We use to have a saying Lead, Follow or Get out of the way. I agree with the two first parts. But burying our heads in the sand only gives this dreaded disease a stronger advantage. Makes widows and orphans and we all lose. The smile of a loved one, the comfort of a mother to her child, the kiss in the morning to begin our day. The smile that greets us in the office when we walk through the door. Next time you see a friend, then take a moment imagine what your life would be like without them in it. Take a walk in the park watch a mother and child together. Then imagine her there. As one of my friends said to me once “you are not very politically correct “ My response is cancer does not care about your age, your sex, the colour of your skin.It brings with it its own terror, not just for the one who has it, but as well those who fear the loss.

7 In Memory In memory of my foster sister, Diana Reynolds Price. The years were too brief and the distances always great. But the memory of my youth the love you gave the family. The stories I heard from Joe and your children. Your fight with this disease, your courage and the love and strength you have given us. You are with us always, a part of us..Always.

8 In Honor of Ethel Short Lewis, a second mom, a loving grandmother to my son when my mom passed away. A devout and loving wife to Charlie, a loving mom who has always been there for her daughters, grandchildren, great grandchildren. A loving friend and a compassionate and faithful person who has never been too busy to help anyone at anytime anywhere. I love you for that. To my friends those with whom, I have laughed and cried, paddled with and those whom are now going through the treatment programs as well as your families. Over the years you have shared much, taught me much and as always been a steadfast bulwark, your courage has been my strength. To those whom I do not know, may never know this is for you as well. I hope that this comforts you and gives you strength. Know that even as strangers you are in my thoughts and the prayers of my faith. To the young lady who came up to me and gave me a hug and telling me about your mom, as I said be strong and there for her, let her know that this is for her as well. Sometimes all it takes is for someone to listen and show some caring. I will do as you both have asked on this trek and as well keep the prayer you gave me with me during my treks.

9 How to track the progress of the trek. During my training and as well on my treks I will be using a device called “SPOT” Spot is a personal tracker, that sends a message to loved ones or friends to let them know where I am and shows it on Google Maps which are connected to a link. As many as ten email addresses can be applied for the messenger to send out email, usually a sentence such as “I am okay” the other feature is a tracker program where links will be set up on my different internet sites and these links will give my location to the viewer, who may then click on the link and see where I am. It has another set of features, one for sending for non-emergency help and another separate button that notifies emergency services. All of these which work off of a satellite network. I have tested this device its waterproof character and its performance under extremes of temperature work very well. As I said you will see that I am where I said I would be and as well showing you that my belief in this is worth the effort of having a device that shows it.

10 About me: My name is not really very important, and I do not really care about an immortal.textbook quote, but if you must know My beliefs: I believe that everyone can make a difference. I also believe that in showing caring and compassion for others our lives are richer and fuller. If you doubt me take a break one day and watch as we all pass one another. What I hope for is fewer people dying, Because God knows I have seen enough good people die. What do I hope to gain from this nothing. What I hope is that if I show you I am willing to do this, then perhaps if you are female you will get the exam, and support your friends in doing so as well. If you are male, being a man is not always being “macho” but being a man means that those whom you care about have your support. By that I mean the little things we do for those we care about and the willingness we show. This I learned from my grandfather, father and from my adopted as I call him second father Charles Lewis. Its not the gold we amass nor the shiny trinkets that make life worth while, But the willingness we have to give of ourselves to those we love. So Cowboy up and show the women in your life they are more important to you than a hot meal, a clean shirt,. The gift we give each other is that of life, to support life and treasure it. We cling to life each day, some only cling and others live. Living is not the taking the risks but the joy you see in a child’s eyes, the smile of an elderly person or as I said that good morning kiss. If you think this disease knows an age limit, Breast Cancer can strike at a VERY EARLY AGE. Believe this or not 16 years of age is not unknown now. You can show your support by printing out the following page put it in the back window of your car, not in your field of vision, please. Pass this document to your friends. If you wish. Thanks. I hope you will support this trek, more importantly I hope you will show your support in doing what I have asked. Beyond that there is no expectation and its up to you. MAKE A DIFFERENCE My name is Lee Chamberlain, I am a diver by occupation, by avocation I am a paddler. My beliefs are my own and do not reflect an organization. The days we spend on this planet are few and the lives we touch can be many or we can live as a solitary existence as did Thoreau on Walden Pond. I have a son he is 14 years old. He is my heart, and no matter where or when I think or should hope to think he knows that. I am not involved in cancer research. However I am extremely familiar with cancer treatment, we need not go any further there.


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