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廣達文教基金會「游於藝」 前進義大利文藝復興之旅 Discover Your Different Images 分享者:新北市三民高中 林承龍老師.

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Presentation on theme: "廣達文教基金會「游於藝」 前進義大利文藝復興之旅 Discover Your Different Images 分享者:新北市三民高中 林承龍老師."— Presentation transcript:

1 廣達文教基金會「游於藝」 前進義大利文藝復興之旅 Discover Your Different Images 分享者:新北市三民高中 林承龍老師

2 Say something about him. 左圖來源: 右圖來源:

3 What about this man? 左圖來源: 右圖來源:

4 Actually, they present the same man.  His name is David.  Why the same man with different images?

5 David’s Story from the Bible


7 Donatello’s David  “First” before early Renaissance  1420~1450  Unsupported standing bronze work  Freestanding nude male sculpture (Middle Ages)  At a triumphal moment against Goliath  Enemy’s head under his feet.  Taking Goliath’s sword.  Boots and a shepherd’s hat with laurel leaves A victorious hero A shepherd A poet and musician

8 Donatello’s David  A young boy rather than a strong king  Feminine figure Innocent and virtuous  Pose of thinking and resting Humility over haughtiness  The victory was God’s rather than man’s. Not many muscles A seemingly too heavy sword A mysterious expression 資料來源: Italian Renaissance

9 Michelangelo’s David  Marble statue in the Renaissance  First time that a large scale nude statue was made then  A big challenge for Michelangelo  1501~1504  5.17meter tall  Ready for the battle against Goliath  Slingshot and stones in his hands  His face looks tense Tight nose Eyebrows  deep concentration  Muscular figure Visible veins Tight upper lip

10 Michelangelo’s David 資料來源: Italian Renaissance Wikipedia  Contrapposto pose  The figure stands with one leg holding its full weight and the other leg relaxed. This classic pose causes the figure’s hips and shoulders to rest at opposite angles, giving a curve to the body.  The head turns to the left while the left arm is raised to his left shoulder with his sling flung down behind his back.  Larger hands and head  For viewers to see the statue high up there.

11 Find 4 words from this smiley face.

12 What kind of person are you?  Do you agree with the results of that smiley face?  Yes. Why?  No. Why not?  Talk to the classmate next to you to see if they agree.

13 Adjectives about personality!

14 Ideas from those TWO Davids  We may have different images.  Different moments  Different purposes  Different roles Different expectations towards yourself  What else?

15 Knowing before a good start  Interview 5 classmates.  Ask for their opinions about you.  Write down all the features (adjectives) they describe you.  Try to be humble for positive descriptions.  Try to be thankful for negative descriptions.  Ask them why they think of you that way.

16 Discover your different images!  Analyze those interviews.  Categorize the features you want and those you don’t.  Think of any you want yourself to have.  Create a new image you expect yourself to have.  What & Why  Think of ways to make it.  How & When

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