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Acceleration Review.

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1 Acceleration Review

2 Acceleration 1. A girl can row a boat at a speed of 5 km/h in still water. The girl heads across a river that is 25 km wide. What is the boat's velocity in m/s? How long will it take her to cross the river?

3 Acceleration 2. If a ball is dropped and attains a velocity of m/s in a time interval of 3 sec on another planet, what is the acceleration of gravity on this planet?

4 Acceleration 3. A large rock is dropped from a bridge into the river below. If the time required for it to drop is 1.7 sec, with what speed does it hit the water?

5 Acceleration 4. A runner accelerates from rest at a rate of 1.40 m/s2 over a time interval of 8 sec. What is his final velocity? How far did he travel?

6 Acceleration 5. A car traveling at 4 m/s, south, accelerates at 5 m/s2 over a displacement of 114 m, south. What is his final velocity?

7 Acceleration 6. A woman on a motorcycle moving uniformly at a rate of 60 m/s passes a truck at rest. At the instant the motorcycle passes the truck, the truck begins to accelerate at the rate of 4 m/s2. How long does it take the truck to catch up to the motorcycle? How far has the motorcycle traveled? What is the truck's speed at this point?

8 Acceleration 7. What is the acceleration of the object in the graph at these exact times: 2 sec, 5 sec; 7 sec, and 14 sec?

9 Acceleration 8. Which has the greater acceleration: a car that increases it speed from 50 to 60 km/h, or a bike that goes from 0 to 10km/h in the same time? Explain

10 Acceleration 9. An object with an initial velocity of 4 m/s moves along a straight axis under constant acceleration. Three seconds later, its velocity is 14 m/s. How far did it travel during this time.

11 Acceleration 10. A car that’s initially traveling 10 m/s accelerates uniformly for 4 seconds at a rate of 2 m/s2, in a straight line. How far does the car travel during this time?

12 Acceleration 11. A rock is dropped off a cliff that’s 80 m high. If it strikes the ground with an impact velocity of 40 m/s, what acceleration did it experience during its descent?

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