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Making it Personal: A provider’s experience 8 th May 2012 Steve Scown.

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2 Making it Personal: A provider’s experience 8 th May 2012 Steve Scown

3 The Immediate Challenges Traditional services currently offer more secure income streams Traditional services are less and less in demand Personalised services will be what people want to buy and have funding for Personalised services will have very small and fixed margins

4 The Provider Conundrum Managing yesterday’s services today whilst developing new ways of listening and responding to tomorrow’s customer – and accepting less money for doing it.

5 Market Dynamics Now B2B B2C Future B2B B2C Public Sector Austerity

6 The LA commissioned service Paul lives in a home with 4 other people Local Authority pays Dimensions £50k per annum Home has a team of 5 staff – there is 1 staff there all the time during the day and sleeps in at night There are 40 hours per week shared amongst the group Paul wanted to go abroad for a holiday and a group of 8 people decided if that was OK Paul spends 2 days a week at the local learning disability day centre and the rest at leisure.

7 What Paul wants Paul has an Individual Budget of £34k. Paul pays Dimensions £22k a year for:  Support in the mornings whilst his Mum is at work  Support 2 days a week whilst he works in a garage keeping the floor clean and the place generally tidy  Support every 4 th weekend whilst he goes away for short breaks – either camping or on a city break One of his support workers is his cousin at his family’s insistence. Paul is offering a one-off £3k payment if Dimensions can find him a job which he can keep for 6 months.


9 “It is not the strongest of the species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but the one that is most responsive to change” Charles Darwin

10 The key questions we considered

11 What do you want Paul and his family to think of you and your company?

12 How will you help Paul decide what he wants?

13 What will you offer Paul and his family/ circle of support?

14 One-offs offers Something a family may purchase which may or may not lead on to further business Facilitation of a PCP Support Design Behaviour Analysis Review AT Assessment Holidays Service Design Benefits Review H&S Environment Review Housing Brokerage

15 Defined Term Offers Something a family may buy for a fixed period of time with a pre-determined out-come Life skills training Community integration Active support Job skills training Facilitation of PC Review

16 On-going Offers Something a family would purchase without an end timeframe Personal Care & Support Sleep-in Live-in-support Short Breaks Training of PAs Quality Assurance

17 On-going Offers (continued) Waking night Housing related support Recruitment of PAs Management of team of PAs On-call & out-of-hours support

18 So how about the money?

19 Overhead activity ABC/ Insurance Model/ Variable Input Premiums Client Group/ Postcode Specials Refunds/ discounts / free offers

20 How will you help Paul recruit the right people?

21 Bespoke Person Specification - Job Description -Employment Contract -Rate of Pay

22 What makes a good support worker good?

23 You Decide – We Employ

24 So what about the people we’re already supporting in traditional services...


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