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My Conference “Making Self Directed Support Work For You”

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1 My Conference “Making Self Directed Support Work For You”

2 Self Directed Support “ You may of heard it being referred to as personalisation or personal budgets. There are different ways to describe it, but whatever name is given to it – its about giving people real power and control over their lives” In Control – Paul Ferguson


4 The steps to SDS Assessment Make a plan Live your life

5 SDS – the four options 1.Own budget, own staff, complete control 2.Own budget, managed by an organisation, still have control over choice of service and how the service delivers 3.Ring fenced budget, managed by the local authority according to agreed outcomes 4.Combination of the three above

6 Outcomes “The final product or end result The consequence of doing something Something that follows from an action” InputsProcessOutputOutcomes

7 Outcomes focus; co- production; person centred planning Self directed support personalisation A fair and equal world for all Lots of words – how do they connect?

8 So how is this different to before? You choose the level of control you want over your budget You know how much your budget will be and decide how to spend it Direct Payments can now be used for more than services We focus on outcomes and not hours of support

9 Some ways other people have used their Individual Budgets

10 Pampering Nights

11 How I used my Individual Budget My OutcomesHow I want to achieve itAnnual Cost Meeting my personal needs Flexible support when my carer is on holiday £419.33 Two short breaks per year – accommodation & travel £1,200 Support to go swimming£1,448.53 Pendant & pager£62.40 Total for outcome£3,130.26 Maintaining my relationships and developing new ones Going to the day centre one day per week£3,971.21 Support to meet up with friends£1,448.53 Total for outcome£5,419.74

12 Caitlin Wants to Cook Caitlin is a 19 year old woman who would like to get a job working in the kitchen of a restaurant or a café. Caitlin is a good cook and enjoys cooking for other people but knows that she will have to develop more skills to get this kind of work.

13 Thank you!

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