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Enrollment and Health & Welfare Benefits (Active employees)

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1 Enrollment and Health & Welfare Benefits (Active employees)
Caterpillar Inc. Employee Health, Life & Disability Benefit Program Caterpillar Inc. Group Insurance Plan A, Caterpillar Inc. Group Insurance Plan B, Caterpillar Inc. Group Insurance Plan 2004, Caterpillar Inc. Group Insurance Plan 2005 In the event that the content of this document or any oral representations made by any person regarding the plan conflict with or are inconsistent with the provisions of the plan document, the provisions of the plan document are controlling. To the fullest extent permitted by law, Caterpillar Inc. reserves the right to amend, modify, suspend, replace or terminate any of its plans, policies or programs, in whole or in part, at any time and for any reason, by appropriate company action. CATERPILLAR CONFIDENTIAL: GREEN

2 Caterpillar/Vendor interaction
Aon Hewitt Health & Welfare Benefits Eligibility, Investments and Pension Administration MetLife Life Insurance HMO Medical Claims UnitedHealthcare PPO/Choice Medical and FSA Caterpillar Medical Restat Prescription drug Cigna Dental 2


4 Eligibility Typically, your eligible dependents include your spouse and any dependent children who meet the eligibility requirements outlined in your Summary Plan Description (SPD) If your spouse or parent works for, or is retired from Caterpillar and you are currently a dependent on his or her healthcare coverage, your spouse or parent must contact the Caterpillar Benefits Center to remove you from his or her healthcare coverage in order for you to complete your enrollment process. Once you are eligible for benefits as an employee, you are no longer eligible to be enrolled as a dependent under another employee's coverage (unless you are a dependent child under age 26).


6 2012 Healthcare benefit plan options
Caterpillar Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) Caterpillar Network UnitedHealthcare Network UnitedHealthcare Choice Plan and HMO’s available in some areas Healthcare plan eligibility is based on multiple factors including residential zip code and network service area.

7 Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) General information
Some HMOs require you to select a primary care physician (PCP) when you enroll in the plan Vision coverage varies by HMO Most HMO's do not have deductibles, which means the first time you use your healthcare the plan begins to pay its portion Co-payments for primary care and specialist visits Requires the use of network providers No coverage for out-of-network care, except for emergencies and when needed care is not available in the network

8 Dental benefits $50/$100 annual deductible (except for preventive care) $1,500 annual maximum benefit per covered person over age 18 $1,500 Orthodontia lifetime max (age 21 and under) Preventive (no deductible) 100% Fillings, Basic Dental 80% Crowns, Bridges, Dentures 50% Orthodontia %

9 PPO Vision benefits (HMO coverage varies)
$150 lump-sum vision benefit for those over age 18 available on a rolling 24-month cycle based on when you last used your benefit Can be used for routine vision services and supplies Frames excluded from coverage (Vision coverage varies for some groups participating in the PPO option. Refer to your summary plan description for the benefits that apply to you.)

10 Flexible Spending Account
There are two types of accounts: Health Care Spending Account – used for medical, dental, prescription drugs, vision and hearing expenses not covered by health plans for you and your dependents Dependent Care Spending Account – used for expenses such as daycare for eligible dependents (you cannot use this account for dependent healthcare costs) Enrollment or changes to elections in Flexible Spending Accounts are not permitted after October 31 of each plan year

11 Healthy Balance® A health promotion program created by Caterpillar to improve the health of employees and dependents. Programs offered include Smoking Cessation Assistance – Quit for life® Disease Management – Lifestyles for Health Nutritional Consultation – Ask A Dietitian (online) Health Risk Assessment For more information visit > Healthy Balance If you or your spouse have questions/concerns during your participation, contact: CAT-9494 or

12 Healthy Balance® premium reduction
Premium reduction per month—$75 employee, $75 spouse Employee and Spouse must participate to receive reduction Caterpillar healthcare premiums automatically reflect the Healthy Balance premium reduction To maintain the Healthy Balance premium reduction employees and spouses must complete a Health Risk Assessment periodically (usually twice a year)

13 Spousal surcharge A spousal surcharge premium applies when your spouse has access to group health coverage, declines that coverage and is enrolled in a Caterpillar medical plan. You must indicate at enrollment whether the spousal surcharge applies to you.

14 Information and tools to help you make your enrollment decisions…
Enrolling in benefits Information and tools to help you make your enrollment decisions… CATERPILLAR CONFIDENTIAL: GREEN

15 Caterpillar Benefits Center
Caterpillar Benefits Center is your first contact for: Health and welfare administration – Healthcare and Flexible Spending Accounts – Eligibility – Enrollment – Qualified Status Changes Specific questions regarding eligibility, enrollment and/or changes should be directed to the Caterpillar Benefits Center Note: Newly hired employees must enroll in healthcare and FSA benefits within 31 days of hire date

16 Caterpillar Benefits Center at Aon Hewitt
Contact the Caterpillar Benefits Center Phone: Hours: Monday-Friday 8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. (Central time) Online at:

17 Importance of establishing a User ID and password at the Caterpillar Benefits Center
Your user ID and password provides access to your health & welfare plans as well as your your savings plan Website: First time log on you will be prompted to establish a User ID and Password Phone: If you do not have internet access, you may establish a numeric password over the telephone Your password is required to access your account either online or when calling Caterpillar Benefits Center. You should also establish security questions in the event you forget your password.

18 Step 1: Access the Your Benefits Resources™ web site at You will land on the Home page

19 Step 2: On Home Page you will see the "Enroll in Your Benefits" link in the box at
the top of screen.

20 Step 3: When you click on the "Enroll" link, you will be taken to the New Hire Enrollment page to enroll in Healthcare Benefits. Simply follow the steps.

21 Online enrollment - Comparing options

22 Online enrollment – Compare options

23 What to expect after you enroll
As long as you enroll by your enrollment deadline, your coverage will be effective on your eligibility date Applicable premiums will be deducted from your pay Your enrollment information will be sent to the applicable plan administrators Your identification (ID) cards will be mailed directly to your home in about 4-6 weeks Remember to keep your address updated with Caterpillar to receive important mailings

24 Qualified status changes
If you experience a qualified status change such as marriage or the birth/adoption of a child, you must contact the Caterpillar Benefits Center within 31 days of the qualified status change to make the necessary updates to your benefits Certain qualified status changes may also allow you to make changes to your current enrollment status, including your Flexible Spending Account enrollment elections, but changes must be made within 31 days If changes are not made within 31 days, the next opportunity will be at annual enrollment

25 Social Security number reminder
A Social Security number must be on file with the Caterpillar Benefits Center for all enrolled participants. Adding newborn to coverage – Must be done within 31 days of birth – Social Security numbers are not required to enroll eligible dependents under 6 months of age, however, you must provide the Social Security number once it is received Coverage will be terminated at the end of the plan year for dependents age six months and older if the Social Security number is not provided

26 Frequently Asked Questions
Prescription Drug Information (Restat participants only) Preferred Provider Searches Flexible Spending Accounts e-Learning Tools eBenefitBits articles Healthy Balance Work.Life.Solutions. (Employee Assistance Program) Vendor Contact Information 26

27 Frequently asked questions

28 Categories for frequently asked questions
Most individual questions can be answered simply by reading the FAQ pertaining To the situation 28

29 Provider search 29

30 Select the appropriate ID card match
Click on the ID card that Matches your healthcare card 30

31 Caterpillar Network provider search

32 Benefit vendor information guide
> Compensation & Benefits > Benefit Vendor Information (under Messaging and Resources) > Benefit Vendor Contact Sheet (under Helpful Links) The guide includes: - Comprehensive list of vendor contact information and responsibilities - Healthcare FAQ’s - Helpful hints for working with vendors - Healthy Balance and Work.Life.Solutions contact information 32

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