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23-Aug-06 mgbersch Plasma Cleaner Instructions for Use.

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1 23-Aug-06 mgbersch Plasma Cleaner Instructions for Use

2 23-Aug-06 mgbersch Fischione 1020 Plasma Cleaner

3 23-Aug-06 mgbersch General Most of the cleaning process with the 1020 are automatic. The process is started by entering a cleaning time. Once the process starts the specimen chamber will automatically pump and initiate plasma cleaning. The chamber will remain under vacuum until vented by the user. VENTING TAKES 3 – 4 MINUTES. TURBO PUMP MUST SPIN DOWN.

4 23-Aug-06 mgbersch Gas Supply Make sure the gas supply is on and there is gas. Gas is an Argon – Oxygen mixture. NOTE, just check the gauge. Do NOT adjust ANY valves.

5 23-Aug-06 mgbersch Check Control Panel Normally the specimen holder will be under vacuum. First check the control panel. If the “HIGH VACUUM” light is illuminated, you must vent the specimen chamber.

6 23-Aug-06 mgbersch Venting the Specimen Chamber Press VENT on the control panel. The VENTING LED will illuminate. It takes 3 – 4 minutes to vent the chamber.

7 23-Aug-06 mgbersch Chamber at Atmosphere Wait until the ATMOSPHERE LED is illuminated before opening chamber.

8 23-Aug-06 mgbersch Remove the plug After the chamber is vented, remove the plug from the TEM specimen port. Place the plug in the plastic bag on top of the plasma cleaner. The chamber is now ready for insertion of the TEM specimen holder.

9 23-Aug-06 mgbersch Insert TEM Specimen Holder Insert the TEM specimen holder into the chamber. The specimen holder may come to a stop but may not be fully inserted (see image). Do not push on the specimen holder at this time. WAIT.

10 23-Aug-06 mgbersch Set Cleaning Time Using the number pad on the control panel input the cleaning time. Cleaning time for most TEM specimens is 30 sec to 5 minutes. Press SET to start the pump down and cleaning cycle.

11 23-Aug-06 mgbersch Check Holder and Clean Cycle When the pumping cycle starts the holder should then move into the specimen chamber. CHECK THIS. When cleaning is underway, the gas mixture will luminesce. This can be observed through the window.

12 23-Aug-06 mgbersch Clean cycle end and vent The timer will count down as the cleaning cycle continues. At zero cleaning will end but the chamber remains under vacuum. To Vent, press VENT. REMEMBER: 3 to 4 minutes to vent chamber.

13 23-Aug-06 mgbersch Shut Down # 1 Remove the holder from the specimen chamber. Replace the Plug

14 23-Aug-06 mgbersch Shut Down # 2 Press PUMP to pump down the chamber. Chamber is left under vacuum Wait and make sure the chamber returns to HIGH VACUUM

15 23-Aug-06 mgbersch APPENDIX An accessory is available for inserting SEM stubs (FEI type). A vacuum pumping station for TEM holders is also avaible.

16 23-Aug-06 mgbersch Remove the TEM Port The TEM port must be removed before the SEM specimen holder can be placed in the cleaning chamber. Unscrew the black retaining ring and remove. Take out the TEM port and place on a clean surface. Be careful of, and check the large O-ring

17 23-Aug-06 mgbersch Insert the SEM specimen holder Insert the SEM specimen holder. Be careful of the large O- ring. The holder sits flush in the opening when fully inserted.

18 23-Aug-06 mgbersch High Vacuum Docking Stations TEM holders can be kept under vacuum in the TEM Docking station. To use: –Contact CAF personnel.

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