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FoamPro 1600 Series Fully automatic Class A foam ONLY

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1 1600 Series Operation (See Installation and Operation Manual for detailed instructions)

2 FoamPro 1600 Series Fully automatic Class A foam ONLY
Proportions between 0.1% to 1% Flowmeter standard (1", 1-1/2" or 2" tee) Operators control panel

3 Electronic Direct Injection Proportioner
Foam Tank Line Strainer Water Tank Pump Check Valves Flowmeter Multiple Discharges

4 Features And Operations
Controller includes: Operating instructions On/Off switch Injection rate control Adjustable from 0.1%-1.0% System Status Light

5 Features And Operations (cont.)
System Status Light Codes: Light flashes then goes out System ready to operate One flash per second Simulated flow mode engaged Remove power; disengaged automatically Solid light No concentrate Two flashes per second Concentrate level low 5 flashes per second Electrical error

6 Features and Operations (cont.)
Motor driver module Simulated flow momentary switch. Up once, engages. Up again, disengages Circuit breaker switch “UP” for normal operation

7 Purging Air Enter “SIMULATED FLOW” Valve to “CAL/FLUSH”
Turn panel switch “ON” Run pump until concentrate flows from dump line

8 Purging Air (cont.) Turn control panel to “OFF” position
Return valve to “INJECT” Exit “SIMULATED FLOW” by switching momentary switch up

9 Maintenance Foam concentrate strainer Foam concentrate pump
Clean out regularly If little or no foam concentrate is injected while system is running, check for clogged strainer Purge air from foam pump afterwards Foam concentrate pump Grease fitting every 8 hours of operation

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