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3 rd Annual Conference 2015 Dedicated to all those brave young people without whose testimonies there would be no convictions.

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1 3 rd Annual Conference 2015 Dedicated to all those brave young people without whose testimonies there would be no convictions.

2 Helter Skelter Project We work with young people aged 12 to 26 Male and female Involved in child sexual exploitation Open ended support Support through the criminal justice process 1-2-1 community outreach appointments Group work Diversionary activities and outings

3 “Service Interventions must be trust building, respectful, relationship based, solution focused and strengths based” Jane Dodsworth 2013 The real work often begins when the investigation and/or court case is over. Link to Change can provide continuous support for as long as is needed.

4 Helter Skelter + Plus For 17 to 26 year olds The project will be delivered to vulnerable groups through hostels and Foyers and/or any other support group for vulnerable young adults. 6 week programme aimed at self esteem, consent and relationships. Individual 1-2-1 support for victims of current or historic sexual exploitation.

5 Why are we worried? In 1999 “One Way Street” was published. It is a report on why young people become involved in prostitution. The report highlighted “child hostile social policies” & a problematic labour market. Substance misuse and lack of support. Benefit reductions and lack of educational opportunities. SO, WHAT has changed since 1999?

6 Welfare Sanctions and Conditionality The homeless and young people are the groups most affected by welfare conditionality in the UK. They are more likely to live in circumstances that make it difficult to comply with a highly conditional system. Welfare sanctions are linked to poor physical and mental health. Can be counter productive, resulting in ‘hostility’ towards services. Joseph Rowntree Trust (2014) Welfare Sanctions and Conditionality in the UK.

7 Helter Skelter + Plus For 17 to 26 year olds “A sense of being different, unloved and unlovable results in downward spirals into high risk pathways”. We aim to develop with the young adult: “A sense of resilience and self esteem can develop through an ability to reflect on and make sense of adversities”. Jane Dodsworth 2013

8 The Dodgems Project for boys and young men aged 12 to 18 years

9 Aims of the project To recognise and support sexually exploited boys and young men To recognise the needs of adolescent males To improve aspiration through valuing education and training. To help boys build respectful and successful relationships. To offer support around the responsibilities of young fatherhood to school age fathers.

10 How does it work We offer a reliable male role model who challenges and rewards. Extended 1-2-1 appointments, often for 3 hours. We provide space and time for the young person to reflect upon their actions. Offer a chance to explore activities. Sometimes visit new places to widen horizons. Provide a child centred advocacy to improve the life and aspirations of the individual.

11 The Hub & Spoke Project The Child Sexual Exploitation Funder’s Alliance (CSEFA) is a group of charitable funders who are aligning some of their resources, aiming to bring about a step change in how Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE) is dealt with across the UK. The Funders are working together to resource a strategy which has been developed by Professor Jenny Pearce of University of Bedfordshire, in consultation with key practitioners. The over-arching aim of the strategy is to position CSE as an integral part of mainstream safeguarding (child protection) activity.

12 The Hub & Spoke Project The Hub & Spoke Project will consist of 3 strands: 1.A Hub and Spoke model of specialist services to support victims and improve multi-agency responses in local areas. 2.Creating a knowledge hub on CSE at the International Centre for the Study of Sexually Exploited and Trafficked Young people at University of Bedfordshire. The knowledge hub includes funding an evaluation of the Hub and Spoke model, findings from which will contribute to a pool of knowledge about evidence-based practice in this field. 3.Developing a participation strand which will promote children and young people’s meaningful involvement in decision making and identify good practice in helping them make positive transitions to adulthood.

13 Our Hub & Spoke Project HUB Cambridgeshire 2 Spokes East & West Lincolnshire 1 Spoke at Bedford Borough

14 Collaborative Working Taking Stock Sheffield St Neots Safe & Sound Derby Super Hub

15 Today’s Agenda A Young Person’s Journey through the Legal System Dr Camille Warrington, University of Bedfordshire Fleur Strong, PACE Lunch and our AGM Phil Ashford, Sheffield Futures Amanda Naylor, Victim Support Please enjoy yourselves

16 References Melrose, M. Barrett, D. Brodie, I. (1999) One Way Street? Retrospectives on Childhood prostitution. London. The Children’s Society. Watts, B. etal (2014) Welfare Sanctions and Conditionality in the UK. Joseph Rowntree Trust. Dodsworth, J. (2013) Sexual Exploitation, Selling and Swapping sex: Victimhood and Agency. Child Abuse Review 23.185-1999. Hub & Spoke Project: University of Bedfordshire.

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