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Monica Omodei CAUL/ANDS Webinar – “Joining the Dots” July 17, 2014 Identification of Funders and Grants.

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1 Monica Omodei CAUL/ANDS Webinar – “Joining the Dots” July 17, 2014 Identification of Funders and Grants

2 Missing Links ….








10 Why funder identification? Acknowledgement is necessary for transparency Using a standard global identifier would allow: ability to subsequently validate/lookup grant identifier (for funders who supply grant data) discovery filtered by funder easier reporting to funders linking to more information about the funder

11 Why grant identification Globally unique persistent identifier will resolve to details about the grant When publications and datasets are linked to the same research grant, connections can be inferred Enables reporting of outputs against research grants

12 Funders Databases ? The FundRef Registry maintained by CrossRef provides a taxonomy of more than 6000 standardized funder names. Some journals incorporate the FundRef Registry into their publication submission processes. Authors select a funder(s) but type grant number(s) Publishers send this information to CrossRef as part of their metadata deposits for obtaining DOIs. CrossRef searching can be filtered by funder This data is also in CrossMark Record tab Also available via API



15 Australian Funders Needs coordinated effort to assemble normalised list of funders integrated with FundRef Database Wise to use existing global identifier scheme pioneered by Fundref if supported by other Research Data Alliance members

16 What about grant information ? ANDS has initiated discussions with CrosssRef/FundRef and selected publishers to investigate interest in using lookup services for grantIDs in their submission interfaces– eg ANDS Research Grant API, … Lead to improved cleanliness of grant number data in FundRef database Grant information could then be included in CrossRef and publisher discovery services

17 Grants Databases ? ANDS Registry – currently only ARC and NHMRC grants but plan to include data from other funders Funders own grant databases – how to aggregate this data into the ANDS registry International UK Research Councils (API using CERIF schema) UK Digital Curation Centre in the UK is piloting a Research Data Registry including grants data Open AIRE Project - 24,000 research projects funded by the EC and 9,000 by Wellcome Trust

18 Publishers Work with participating journals to enable controlled submission of Funder and Grant Information (ie standard identifiers) via available databases (eg ANDS Research Grant API) Submit funder and grant metadata to CrossRef when obtaining DOIs Enhance discovery and display to include funder and grant information via the identifier Initial discussions commenced with Elsevier, PLoS, Thomson Reuters

19 Participating Publishers ACSESS American Astronomical Society American Chemical Society (ACS) American Diabetes Association American Institute of Physics (AIP) American Physical Society (APS) American Psychiatric Publishing American Psychological Association (APA) American Society of Neuroradiology ASME Association for Computing Machinery BioMed Central BioScientifica Copernicus Publications eLife Sciences Organisation FapUNIFESP (SciELO) National Library of Serbia Hindawi Publishing Corporation IEEE, Inc. iMedPub Informa UK Limited International Union of Crystallography IOP Publishing Journal of Humanity Journal of Rehabilitation R & D Just Medical Media, Ltd. Kowsar Medical Institute Landes Bioscience MDPI AG Optical Society of America (OSA) Oxford University Press (OUP) Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC) ScienceOpen SciELO The Royal Society Veterinary World Wiley

20 Journals and Manuscript Tracking Systems Manuscript Tracking Systems used by journals need to be enhanced to provide the funder and grant taxonomies in the author submission process Submission guidelines and systems need to better support citation of data Journal searching/browsing to display funder and grant information

21 Libraries / Institutions Submission/update processes (articles and data) need to be enhanced to ‘link’ to funders and grants Submission/update processes for articles need to be enhanced to ‘link’ to research data Submission/update processes for data need to be enhanced to ‘link’ to related publications There are opportunities for software tools to assist with connecting data and publications if they are both tagged with the same research grant

22 Within a submission/update UI



25 Note that the identifier is inserted in the metadata

26 Links FundRef - CrossMark - Australian subset of funders in FundRef Australian Competitive Grants Register pdf ANDS Research Grant API ervices/getGrants ervices/getGrants FundRef API doc/blob/master/

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