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Forms of Animal Identification Applied Ag Science.

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1 Forms of Animal Identification Applied Ag Science

2 Methods of Identification  Ear Tags––used on all large animals; made of plastic, rubber, and metal; “easy to use, easy to lose” Information needed on ear tag:  ID number  Birth Date  Associate Cow/Calf  Owner’s name and address


4 Methods of Identification  Tattoo––rabbits (ear), horses (upper lip), cattle (ear), lambs and pigs if desired (ear) Process:  clean wax out of ear  tattoo in an area between the midribs and avoid blood vessels  rub permanent ink in holes you made.


6 Methods of Identification  Branding––cattle (horses); weaning—6-8 months old; animals should be dry; should be branded on hip or rump (most common); brand must be registered in county courthouse.

7 Methods of Identification  Methods of Branding: Hot Iron-heated with fuel or electric; must heat until cherry red; hold brand firmly against the skin for 3-4 seconds; scab will peel within 2-3 weeks. Freeze Branding-liquid nitrogen; mix golf ball size chunks of dry ice together with alcohol; place iron in solution for 2-3 minutes; clip area to be branded; wipe clean with alcohol; hold brand against skin for: horse-20 seconds, dark cattle-30 sec., light cattle-50 sec. Liquid Branding-use acid; least satisfactory; clip area; dip iron in fluid ¼ “, hold firmly for 2-3 seconds.


9 Methods of Identification  Ear notching––done on swine Right Ear (of pig)-represents litter #. All pigs in the same litter will receive the same number. Left Ear-individual pig #. Each pig from a litter will receive a different number Rule when notching––there can only be a maximum of 2 notches in each section.

10 Methods of Identification  Nose Printing – cattle, sheep, goats; unique to each animal  Blood/Hair Sample – tests DNA; unique to each animal


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