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1 International Scientific Network ADVANCED MATERIALS AND STRUCTURES Microstructures, Modelling, Safety, Applications (AMAS-ISN) Koordynator sieci Prof.

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1 1 International Scientific Network ADVANCED MATERIALS AND STRUCTURES Microstructures, Modelling, Safety, Applications (AMAS-ISN) Koordynator sieci Prof. Dr hab. Wojciech Nowacki Coordinated by Institute of Fundamental Technological Research Polish Academy of Sciences, Warsaw, Poland Current Funding Resources of Network participants Polish State Committee for Scientific Research (grant)

2 2 SCOPE ADVANCED MATERIALS Hi-tech composites High temperature alloys Ceramic materials Intermetallic materials Functionally graded materials Biomaterials Intelligent materials Thin layers - thermal barrier coatings - electronic layers - nanolayers Lightweight materials Microelectronic materials ADVANCED STRUCTURES Smart structures and systems Sensors and actuators Biological implants Aircraft and automotive structural members

3 3 STRUCTURE 3 AMAS-ISN Coordinator: Prof. W. Nowacki IPPT PAN - Warsaw I. Material Microstructures Coordinator: Prof. Z. Mróz IPPT PAN - Warsaw II. Biomaterials Coordinator: Prof. R. Będzinski Wroclaw Univ. of Technology III. Intelligent Systems Coordinator: Prof. J.Holnicki-Szulc IPPT PAN – Warsaw IV. Durability & Safety Coordinator: Prof. J. Skrzypek Cracow Univ. of Technology

4 4 OBJECTIVES to create a vehicle for strong scientific cooperation in the field of advanced materials and structures to coordinate research efforts of the network members by jointly generating, executing and monitoring interdisciplinary research projects (e.g. IPs, STREPs) to benefit from network members' complementarity in expertise ranging from microstructure investigations of advanced materials to structural analysis and design to share research facilities (experimental and numerical) of network members to establish interaction with manufacturers of advanced materials and get feedback from them as a stimulus for new research projects to avoid "double-research " to disseminate accumulated knowledge (education, promotion, conferences, publishing)

5 5 PARTICIPANTS A. FOREIGN 1. Institute of Mechanics, Montanuniversität LeobenProf. F.D. Fischer (Austria) 2. Université de Metz Prof. A. Molinari (France) 3. ONERA, ChatillonProf. J-L. Chaboche (France) 4.Laboratoire de Mécanique et Technologie, CachanProf. Han Zhao(France) 5. Technical Research Centre of Finland Dr. T. Karna(Finland) 6. Technische Universität DarmstadtProf. D. Gross (Germany) 7. Technische Universität Darmstadt Prof. J. Rödel (Germany) 8. Universität Halle-WittenbergProf. H. Altenbach (Germany) 9. Fraunhofer Institut BremenDr. A. Rota(Germany) 10.Politecnico di MilanoProf. G. Maier (Italy) 11.Universita' degli Studi di PadovaProf. B. Schrefler(Italy) 12. Politecnico di Torino, Dept. Materials Science & Chemical EngngDr. M. Salvo(Italy) 13. Cardiff UniversityProf. B.L. Karihaloo (U.K.) 14. University of Hertfordshire Dr. A. Chrysanthou(U.K.) 15. Bulgarian Acad. of Sciences, Inst. of Mechanics, Sofia Prof. A. Baltov (Bulgaria) 16. University of MiskolcProf. I. Paczelt (Hungary) 17.Chemical Research Center, Hungarian Ac. Sci., BudapestProf. J. Szépvölgyi(Hungary) 18.Korea Institute of Machinery and MaterialsDr. Jae-Ho Jeon(Korea) 19.Riga Technical University (CoE)Prof. R. Rikards(Latvia) 20. Vilnius Gedyminas Technical UniversityProf. R. Kacianauskas (Lithuania) 21.Slovak Academy of Sciences, Kosice (CoE)Prof. J. Dusza(Slovakia) 22.Institute of Constr. & Architecture, Slovak Ac. Sci., BratislavaProf. J. Sladek (Slovakia) 23.Moscow Steel and Alloys Institute (Technological University)Prof. E. LevashovRussia) 24.Bogazici University, Istanbul Prof. F.O. Sönmez (Turkey) 25.Institute for Problems of Strength, Kiev Prof. G.V. Stepanov, (Ukraine) 26.Donetsk School of Heuristics, Donetsk Prof. Y. Beygelzimer (Ukraine) 27.Condensed Matter Physics Laboratory, Belgrade Dr. V. Spasojevic(Yugoslavia)

6 6 B. POLISH 29. Academy of Mining and Metallurgy, CracowProf. A. Czyrska-Filemonowicz, 30. Academy of Mining and Metallurgy, Cracow Prof. K. Haberko 31. Academy of Mining and Metallurgy, Cracow Prof. A. Korbel 32. Cracow University of Technology Prof. J. Kazior 33. Cracow University of Technology Prof. J. Skrzypek 34. Cracow University of Technology Prof. Z. Waszczyszyn 35. Research Institute of Electronic Materials, WarsawProf. Z. Librant 36. Warsaw University of Technology Prof. M. Kujawinska 37. Warsaw University of TechnologyProf. K. Kurzydlowski 38. High Pressure Research Center, WarsawProf. S. Porowski 39. Wroclaw University of TechnologyProf. R. Bedzinski 40. Bydgoszcz AcademyProf. J. Kubik 41. Military Academy of Technology, Warsaw Prof. M. Wieczorek 42. Silesian University of Technology, KatowiceProf. A. Hernas 43. Białystok University of TechnologyProf. A. Seweryn 44. Białystok University of Technology Prof. J.R. Dabrowski 45. Lublin University of TechnologyProf. K. Szabelski 46. Szczecin University of Technology Prof. R. Kalenczuk 47. Poznan University, Institute of Acoustics Prof. M. Labowski 48. Institute of Ferrous Metallurgy, GliwiceProf. R. Kuziak 49. Non-Ferrous Metals Institute, GliwiceDr. M. Woch 50. Institute of Refractory Materials, GliwiceDr. J. Czechowski 51. Metal Forming Institute, PoznanDr. A. Plewinski

7 7 C. EUROPEAN CENTRES OF EXCELLENCE 52. CoE " Advanced Materials and Structures ", IPPT, Warsaw Prof. Z. Mroz 53. CoE "Laser Processing and Material Advanced Testing", IPPT, Warsaw Prof. L. Dietrich 54. CoE "Applied Biomedical Modelling and Diagnostics", IPPT; Warsaw Prof. J.J. Telega 55. CoE "Integrated Technical and Quality Systems For Corrosion Protection, Institute of Precision Mechanics WarsawDr. R. Kwiatkowski 56. CoE "Centre of Structural Integrity", Opole University of Technology Prof. E. Macha 57. CoE "Advanced Mechanical Systems - Getting European Dimension", Mining Mechanization Centre, KOMAG, Gliwice Dr A. Meder 58. CoE "Nano- and Microscale Characterization and Development of Advanced Materials Institute of Metallurgy and Materials Science, Cracow Prof. J. Pospiech 59. CoE "Multiscale Biomolecular Modelling, Bioinform. and Appl. ", Warsaw Univ. Prof. B. Lesyng 60. CoE "CentrAl", Non-Ferrous Metals Institute, Skawina Mr. T. Stuczynski 61. CoE "Low Temper. Studies of Promising Materials for Applications", WroclawProf. D. Kaczorowski

8 8 D. INDUSTRIAL PARTNERS BOSCH (Germany) FREUDENBERG (Germany) DASSAULT (France) SNCF (France) PEUGEOT (France) COGEMA (France) GOODYEAR (Luxembourg) PZL SWIDNIK (Poland) KREMIKOVTCHI SC (Bulgaria) General Electric - TUNGSRAM (Hungary) D'Appolonia Spa (Italy) ASMet (SME, Poland) INASMET (SME, Spain) CEDRAT TECHNOLOGIES S.A. (SME, Spain) NetComposites (SME, U.K) Materials Engineering Research Laboratory, Ltd. (SME, U.K.)....

9 9 AMAS-ISN: PROPOSALS TO 6FP THEMATIC GROUP I + IV NoE: Advanced Multicomponent Materials designed for Durable and Safe Structures STREPs: 1. Microstructure - the basis for design and technology of FGM, IMIM 2. Ceramic-matrix composites for mechanical applications, AGH 3. Nanometric powders – preparation, formation and sintering, AGH 4. Safety design of metal alloy structural members against failure in extreme temperature conditions, PK 5.Nondistructive testing....., PK CA: Advanced Materials and Structures

10 10 AMAS-ISN: PROPOSALS TO 6FP THEMATIC GROUP II IP: New Implants for Biomechanical Function in Medical Applications

11 11 AMAS-ISN: PROPOSALS TO 6FP THEMATIC GROUP III NoE: "New Concepts of Structural Health Monitoring" SH-MONIT NoE: "New Materials ans Systems for Adaptive Impact Absorption" ADMAT STREP: "Adaptive Shock Absorbers" ADSHOCK

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