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Parks and climate change: all change Claudia Carter & Mark Reed.

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1 Parks and climate change: all change Claudia Carter & Mark Reed

2 “Nothing is permanent but change” Heraclitus Protected areas as social- ecological systems 1 Look beyond park boundaries 2 Policy instruments to sustain ecosystem health and services 3

3 Multi-functional landscapes

4 Parks as complex & unpredictable social-ecological systems

5 Looking beyond park boundaries…

6 …to ordinary landscapes

7 Policy instruments  Regulation e.g. prohibited activities, permits, planning zones  Use of financial instruments e.g. grants, subsidies, tax breaks, user fees, taxes  Building capacity and providing people with information e.g. training; websites; research & advisory services  More flexibility in leases and uses of interim and neglected spaces e.g. urban brownfield; upgrading of low biodiversity value land; diversification of bland parkland)

8 Payments for Ecosystem Services  A voluntary transaction where  A well-defined ecosystem service (or land use likely to secure that service)  Is being “bought” by a (minimum one) ecosystem service buyer  From a (minimum one) ecosystem service provider  If and only if the ecosystem service provider secures provision (conditionality)

9 Payments for Ecosystem Services

10 Conclusions  Sole focus on protected areas may distract from good land use/planning more generally  Environmental governance needs to be facilitated across integrated protected and “ordinary” landscapes  Fundamental thinking about interactions between society, protected areas and the greenspace between people and parks

11 Contact  Claudia Carter Email: Twitter: @cectweet Online:  Prof Mark Reed Email: Twitter: @lecmsr Online:

12 Slides with further information

13 gateway/uk/peatland-code

14 Video

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