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Danielle Thompson Lincoln High School

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1 Teaching PLTW Biomedicine in a Title I School: engaging students when grades don’t motivate
Danielle Thompson Lincoln High School San Diego Unified School District

2 You teach what and where???

3 Creating Relationships (Payne)
The role of the educator is not to save the student, but rather to offer a support system, role models, and opportunities to learn, which will increase the likelihood of the student’s success.

4 Lincoln High School Demographics
API -617 (2012) Intercity urban school 86% of students qualify for free and/or reduced lunch 1537 students (down from over 1800) High teacher turnover (over 50% since 2011)

5 2013 CST Test Score Data 15% passed Algebra 1 (up from 5%)
32% passed ELA 15% passed Biology/Life Science (down from 27%)

6 Student Demographics 61% Hispanic 28% Black 7% Asian 36% EL population
16% Special Ed

7 STRUGGLES Majority of students never do homework Frequent absences
Lack of parent support and/or guidance Only 9% of parents have a 4-year degree Lack of technology and/or Internet at home General chaos of working in high poverty schools

8 Why PLTW PBS? Students are engaged in curriculum
Makes connections between concepts that students so desperately need hands-on experience Students see real life connections -this isn’t just about grades Viable career choices Teaches students “Grit”

9 Let’s step back a bit… Grit Studies
The tendency not to abandon tasks from mere changeability. Not seeking something because of novelty. Not “looking for a change.” The tendency not to abandon tasks in the face of obstacles. Perseverance, tenacity, doggedness.

New ideas and projects sometimes distract me from previous ones. Setbacks don’t discourage me. I am a hard worker.  I finish whatever I begin. Talk about West Point and Spelling Bee

11 What is GRIT? growth mindset” — those who “believe that we can get better at almost anything, provided we invest the necessary time and energy”

12 How does PLTW teach GRIT?
PBS Lesson – What is DNA? Students had the “building blocks” of DNA and were required to assemble them with the minimal directions acting like Watson & Crick

13 Frustration In education-ese, we call this

14 How does PLTW teach GRIT?
Constantly remind students that “IT IS OKAY TO BE FRUSTRATED – Embrace it!” Let.Them.Fail. Think of yourself as a guidebook, not an itinerary. Grit was not yoked to IQ

15 What is GRIT?

16 How does PLTW teach GRIT?
TEAMWORK and COLLABORATION They call this “social intelligence” Was able to find solutions during conflicts with others Showed that s/he cared about the feelings of others Adapted to different social situations

17 How does PLTW teach GRIT?
STUDENT-LED – students must read the directions in order to complete assignments Students are repeatedly handed back their work until it is passable.

18 How does PLTW teach GRIT?
CURIOSITY Was eager to explore new things Asked questions to help s/he learn better Took an active interest in learning THIS IS THE EASY PART!

19 How does PLTW teach Grit?
Low income students statistically score very low on the GRIT scale. PLTW teaches character development which is just as important as content!

20 Overcoming Struggles Scaffold

21 How to scaffold PLTW PBS curriculum
Add information about Anna’s last meal to the Project Autopsy Report – under the heading Gastrointestinal System. Include a summary of how this finding could link to her diabetes and her death. What was Anna’s last meal? How do you know? (add evidence from your lab!) What type of Diabetes does Anna have? How is her stomach content information linked to her Diabetes? Could this have been linked to her death? These directions when scaffolded become this:

22 Modifications All directions that require something to write/type is highlighted Key vocabulary Explicit Teaching of ALL material

23 Modifications Labs and activities take longer
In general, add at least 2 days to most activities Embrace QUALITY over quantity When the culture has changed, quantity will occur


25 Controlled Chaos

26 Controlled Chaos

27 Opportunities My student who was accepted to the Perry Outreach 1/30 with over 300 applicants! Field Trip To UCSD Hillcrest medical Center

28 Controlled Chaos

29 Calvin and Hobbes always say it best…

30 Recommended Readings How to talk so kids will listen and listen so kids will talk -Adele Faber and Elaine Mazlish  A Framework for Understanding Poverty -Ruby Payne Angela Duckworth's TED talk What if the Secret to Success is Failure? NYT Article

31 Contact Info Danielle Thompson Lincoln High School Project Lead the Way Biomedical Sciences San Diego Phone (619) ext 2332

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