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Master Plan Update July 25, 2013. The Guiding Principles for Fort Monroe’s Future Preserve the place Tell the stories Achieve economic independence.

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1 Master Plan Update July 25, 2013

2 The Guiding Principles for Fort Monroe’s Future Preserve the place Tell the stories Achieve economic independence

3 Master Plan Concepts No land use changes proposed for Inner Fort Preservation of views and green space in new Waterfront Park Adaptive reuse of buildings in the Historic Village 7-mile educational and exercise trail Improved vehicular patterns & pedestrian circulation

4 Fort Monroe is a long-term project; the Master Plan has to be flexible Large users like STEAM Academy bring name recognition and reduce expenses Economic realities suggest demand for office and commercial space is weak Market conditions & physical location indicate Fort Monroe future should focus primarily towards residential use Focus on phasing and implementation within the community (existing structures are highest priority) Army transfer delays will continue to affect implementation of the Master Plan Economic Realities of the Master Plan Tell Us…

5 Recap: The Financial Challenge None of the Master Plan options resulted in a financially sustainable future Fort Monroe’s potential “structural deficit”: 2027 Option A: Reuse and Infill - $4.5 Option B: Wherry Park - $4.8 Option C: Waterfront Community - $3.3

6 Concepts to Explore to Bridge the Financial Gap 1.Exit the utility business 2.Find additional sources of revenue a.Tax independent financing b.Homeowner association dues c.Transfer PILOT fee to property owners d.Parking revenue program e.Service district charge 3.Focus on residential development but maintain flexible real estate strategy 4.Cost recovery from NPS 5.Hold Wherry Quarter to avoid market saturation & increase value

7 Findings and Observations Focus on a long-term infrastructure CIP and/or operations financing plan Rebalance mix of uses to focus on residential Preserve revenue-generating uses and redevelop when opportunity arises to increase net revenue Decisions need to be made as part of Master Plan process to enable FMA to plan its staffing needs and implement a robust real estate program Explore a “skinny FMA” by maximizing sales with minimum inventory retained as rental

8 NORTH GATE HISTORIC VILLAGE ENTRY GATE MOAT GLACIS PRESERVED STEAM ACADEMY CASEMATE MUSEUM TO FMA 1 PHASE Immediate Opportunities (0-5 years) Inner Fort (National Monument) Preservation Achieved with NPS Ownership and Easement Casemate Museum on track for transfer to FMA (attendance exceeds previous years) Houses being leased MOU with STEAM Academy Moat to remain with Army until environmental evaluation is completed Glacis preserved on northeast green slope Chapel of Centurion hosts two congregations WHERRY QUARTER NPS INNER FORT NPS EASEMENT NPS OWNERSHIP TOP OF MOAT & RECREATION EQUIPMENT AVAILABLE TO PUBLIC

9 2 PHASE Historic Village (0-10 years) Historic tax credits encourage acquisition and adaptive reuse of historic buildings Allow mix of uses to create community friendly development (i.e. home ownership, coffee shop, restaurants, specialty retail, etc.) Redesign McNair Drive to include on-street parking, expanded pedestrian sidewalk and 7-mile waterfront recreation trail Implement Phase 1 of Waterfront Park o Gazebo, landscape & lighting o New bathrooms o Outlook beach access Expand events at Continental Park Work with legislature to evaluate high speed ferry destination point at Point Comfort Continue to lease houses and apartments Work with St. Mary’s Church for continued use Acquire ownership of marina and adjoining property from Army Resolve environmental carve out properties with Army NORTH GATE HISTORIC VILLAGE INNER FORT EXPLORE MARKETABILITY OF LARGE BUILDINGS FOR ADAPTIVE REUSE EXPAND MARINA ACQUIRE MARINA (PRIVATIZE) CONNECT MARINA WITH HISTORIC VILLAGE RESTAURANT RETAIL SITE SELL HOMES WITH HISTORIC EASEMENTS EVALUATE TRADOC (RES. OR OFFICE) IMPROVE PARKING WHERRY QUARTER NPS WATERFRONT PARK - PHASE 1 POTENTIAL HIGH SPEED FERRY DESTINATION ENTRY GATE INGALLS ROAD

10 3 PHASE North Gate (0-15 years) Acquire unresolved Army property to complete ownership of North Gate Identify a transition zone between Historic Village and new development sites o Use existing multi-family residential and municipal buildings for transition to new development site North Gate is an opportunity for new development that: o Supports preserving Fort Monroe and telling the stories o Complies with the historic preservation design standards and the Programmatic Agreement Improve access to Mill Creek Create living shoreline on Mill Creek Construct Stillwell Road section of 7 mile trail NORTH GATE HISTORIC VILLAGE INNER FORT ENTRY GATE TRANSITION ZONE NEW DEVELOPMENT THAT RESPECTS VIEWS TO THE WATER, INNER FORT, & HISTORIC ROAD ALIGNMENT WHERRY QUARTER NPS GREEN EDGE (PART OF 7-MILE WATERFRONT RECREATIONAL TRAIL

11 4 PHASE Wherry Quarter (0-20 years) Create and implement strong green connections that link the NPS to the Inner Fort and Mill Creek to Waterfront Park Future development opportunities should be considered and financially valued (with revenue from HOA fees) Maintain a public space buffer along Bay but preserve development opportunity along Fenwick Road Green areas within Wherry should be used for active/passive recreation (i.e. beach access, sports fields, bathhouses, picnic shelters, etc.) Continue to lease existing building to generate revenue for Fort Monroe Resolve environmental carve out area with Army Preserve view from Fort to Bay and Bay to Fort NORTH GATE HISTORIC VILLAGE INNER FORT ENTRY GATE REUSE EXISTING BUILDINGS TWO STRONG GREEN CONNECTIONS IMPROVE BEACH ACCESS VIEWS COMPLETE PHASE 2 OF WATERFRONT PARK WHERRY QUARTER NPS



14 Connect our communities

15 Preserve our architecture

16 Tell our stories

17 Memorialize our past

18 Preserve access to our waterfront


20 Preserve the place Tell the stories Achieve economic independence DRAFT 2013 FORT MONROE MASTER PLAN

21 Next Steps Prepare Final Master Plan for presentation to: -Planning Advisory Group – September 26 -Finance Committee – October 10 -Board – October 24 -Governor – December 31, 2013

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