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Understanding the Writing Process: The Seven Steps

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1 Understanding the Writing Process: The Seven Steps
Great Essays (p )

2 Step One: Choose a Topic
Select from a list of options provided Create your own focused sub-topic based on a general topic assigned HINT: Choose wisely! Make sure you have enough information, examples, details to provide on the topic of your choice

3 Step Two: Brainstorm Write every idea that pops into your head about your topic Some of the ideas will be good and some will be bad; write them all! Overall goal is to write as many ideas as you can Take time to organize your brainstorm after you’ve finished it - circle best ideas, cross out ideas that won’t work, number them, etc.

4 Step Three: Outline Create an outline
This can be created from the brainstorm After you have the main points, develop supporting details (i.e. examples, reasons, explanations, definitions, or personal experience) A technique for thinking of supporting details is to ask specific questions about the topic: EX: What is it? What happened? What is it like? Why?

5 Step Four: Write the First Draft
Use information from brainstorm and outline to write the essay This draft may contain errors in spelling, punctuation, and grammar – Don’t worry about correcting the errors Main idea is to put ideas into sentences Choose a formal sentence structure/ use academic style of writing Create sentences that vary in length

6 First Draft Tips: Some things to remember about the first draft copy
The first draft is not the final copy – good writers do not write an essay only one time It is OK for you to make notes on your drafts, you can circle words, make notes to yourself, cross out words, etc. Use a word processing program if possible, to make writing and revising easier

7 Step Five: Get Feedback from a Peer
Peer editing is important in the writing process You do not always see your own mistakes or places where information is missing A classmate will read your writing and give you feedback about your writing Take the extra step, and have a writing tutor at the WRC read over your work

8 Step Six: Revise the First Draft
This step consists of three parts: React to the comments on the peer editing sheet Reread the essay and make changes Rewrite the essay one more time

9 Step Seven: Proofread the Final Draft
In this step, the writer pretends to be a brand-new reader who has never seen the essay before. Proofread your essay for grammar, punctuation, and spelling errors and to see if the sentences flow smoothly. Turn the paper in to your teacher and hope that you get a good grade!

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