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The UK’s 3 million lives programme in context Charles Lowe 07854 223328/07860 619424.

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1 The UK’s 3 million lives programme in context Charles Lowe 07854 223328/07860 619424

2 UK development 3m

3 The NHS?

4 Or this?

5 Whole System Demonstrator Three sites – Newham, Kent, Cornwall 6191 patients, 238 GP practices Telehealth and telecare Randomised Control Trial (RCT) ITQ December 2006 Diabetes, COPD and coronary heart disease 5

6 WSD telehealth – Initial results 15% reduction in A&E visits 20% reduction in emergency admissions 14% reduction in elective admissions 14% reduction in bed days 8% reduction in tariff costs 45% reduction in mortality rates 6 Still nothing published on telecare benefits

7 3 million lives “…will extend the reach of telehealth and telecare, to improve the lives of many people with long term conditions and social care needs” Many committed stakeholders Strong industry lobbying What else?

8 3ML – objectives For DH and industry to work together over the next 5 years to develop the market and remove barriers to delivery. For DH to create the right environment to support the uptake of telehealth and telecare including rewarding organisations for adopting and integrating these technologies in services by developing a tariff. For industry to work with the NHS, social care and other stakeholders to simplify procurement & commissioning processes for telehealth and telecare services at scale. To put the NHS and UK industry at the forefront of telehealth and telecare globally, developing significant opportunities for UK plc. To promote the benefits that telehealth and telecare services can provide people in managing their health and care.

9 dallas Delivering Assisted Living Lifestyles At Scale £37m investment i-Focus – offering people a range of products and services to help them feel more comfortable in their homes. Year Zero – an application that empowers individuals to actively manage their health information from cradle to grave. The Feelgood Factory - encourages people living in Liverpool to plan for their future in order to better manage their health and social care needs Living It Up - focuses on developing innovative solutions that will enable people in communities across Scotland to live happy, healthy and safe lives

10 Importance of integrated care Mr Taylor is beginning to fall …or a medication problem? …or hypoglycemic comas Could it be low blood pressure? Perhaps it’s due to trip hazards …or ill fitting slippers …or poorly lit stairs? Social Care Health What’s most important to Mr Taylor? Integrated care

11 However, the kit is not enough Key equipment requirements: User-friendly Reliable Supported Upgradable remotely Flexible Cheap to deploy & use

12 …and the ‘kit’ is changing

13 Thank You Charles Lowe 07854 223328/07860 619424

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