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Donna Henderson Scottish Centre for Telehealth and Telecare 23rd February 2012.

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1 Donna Henderson Scottish Centre for Telehealth and Telecare 23rd February 2012

2 Telehealth is the provision of health services at a distance using a range of digital technologies Telecare usually refers to sensors and alerts which provide continuous, automatic and remote monitoring of care needs, emergencies and lifestyle changes Telehealthcare is the convergence of telecare and telehealth to provide a technology-enabled and integrated approach to the delivery of effective, high-quality health and care services Telecare Telehealthcare Telehealth

3 Scottish Centre for Telehealth – now SCTT National programmes – Stroke / Heart Disease COPD Paediatrics Mental Health National VC Infrastructure Supports Health Boards to develop Telehealth services Awareness raising

4 32 partnerships progressing telecare programmes 44,000 people received a telecare service as result of TDP in 2006-11 Now focused on at scale implementation Part of NHS 24 – April 2011

5 Published in March 2010 Outlined planned activity for 2010-12 Linked telehealthcare workforce development to health, social care and housing strategic agendas Aimed to secure commitment and resources for future workforce development

6 2 key groups identified – Professionals / qualified staff Telehealthcare support staff Training needs identified – Induction Vocational skills training Under-graduate core curriculum Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Review of opportunities in Scotland - No SQA validated awards available for telehealthcare support staff Very little content in undergraduate core curriculum Only 2 CPD modules identified for professionals

7 Develop a Competency Framework for Telehealthcare Develop accessible, accredited telehealthcare awards Integrate telehealthcare into core curriculum for doctors, nurses, allied health professionals, social workers and other staff

8 Competency Framework for Telehealthcare Support Staff published November 2010 Competency Framework for Professionals using telehealthcare published March 2011

9 For telehealthcare support staff Equipment installers – programme, install and maintain equipment in the home Call handlers – communicate with service user and co-ordinate response to alerts Responders – respond to telehealthcare alerts

10 1 mandatory unit – Working in Telehealthcare – covers values and principles, assessment, communication and health & safety 3 optional units – Telehealthcare: Installation, Maintenance and Repair Telehealthcare: Call Handling Telehealthcare: Response


12 NES Knowledge Network Telehealthcare Community portal – Ethical Framework & Service Standards Practice Guides - dementia, learning disability, mental health, physical disability, falls and sensory impairment Telehealthcare Resource Bank – local polices, procedures and resources Digital stories / videos– user/carer views JIT and SCTT websites

13 Assessment Exemplars to guide assessment Learning and Teaching packs to support delivery New SCTT resources Evaluation – candidates experience; impact on service delivery; inform future workforce development

14 Donna Henderson Service Development Manager Scottish Centre for Telehealth and Telecare

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