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Our strategy to create a sustainable Cornwall A prosperous Cornwall that is resilient and resourceful. A place where communities are.

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1 Our strategy to create a sustainable Cornwall A prosperous Cornwall that is resilient and resourceful. A place where communities are strong and where the most vulnerable are protected.

2 Values and principles At the heart of the Strategy is a set of core values and principles that express the beliefs of the Council, help shape our identity and underpin the actions of the Council over the next four years… Working closely with partners and communities. Effective two-way communication. Listening and acting decisively and promptly. Clear priorities based on understanding and evidence. Our values inform our behaviours Being proud of and ambitious for Cornwall. Inclusive, engaging and empowering leadership providing clear direction. Behaving with honesty, respect and having trust in each other. Open minded to exploring ideas. Providing choices and opportunities. Supporting equality and social inclusion. Being flexible and responsive. Above all, acting in Cornwall’s best interest. Our principles inform our decision-making

3 The Council Strategy With the Council: Championing Cornwall – councillors, partners and communities working together Being ambitious for Cornwall – leading on social and economic change Creating a leaner, more resourceful organisation – delivering services in the most efficient and effective way The core aim of our Strategy is to create a sustainable Cornwall by focussing on eight strategic themes.

4 Closing the gap Closing the economic gap by securing sustainable economic progress. Closing the funding gap by being more ambitious and confident, providing leadership to secure greater freedom and flexibility from Government. Closing the inequalities gap by enabling people to access the services and necessities they require. Closing the health gap by ensuring everyone has the best possible opportunity for good health and wellbeing. Our primary objective is closing the gaps that exists across four key areas…

5 Developing excellence Cornwall’s natural and environmental assets used carefully presents opportunities to be at the forefront of solar, wave, geothermal and wind powered technologies. Our world class culture and heritage including internationally renowned landscapes, culture and heritage. Cornwall’s growing reputation for first class higher education and research facilities. A reputation for innovation in engineering and manufacturing. Maximising the investment in Superfast Broadband to create a world class digital economy. The Council will seek to capitalise on Cornwall’s strengths and opportunities, developing excellence across a range of areas, examples of which include …

6 Engaging with our communities Our aim is to enable and empower local people, town and parish councils and the voluntary and community sector to play an active role in making decisions that affect them and in delivering what their community needs.

7 Partners working together Our aim is to work with partners at an international, national, regional and local level to ensure that public services are delivered as efficiently and effectively as possible.

8 Greater access to essentials for living Our aim is to enable people to access the services and necessities they require, whatever their incomes and wherever they live.

9 Driving the economy Our aim is to secure economic progress which is sustainable, addresses social inequality, makes full use of Cornwall’s natural and cultural assets and builds upon strengths in key industries, renewables, aerospace technology and micro enterprise.

10 Stewardship of Cornwall’s assets Our aim is to work collaboratively with partners and local communities to strengthen the relationship between our environment and our community and individual needs, to both increase our resilience to a changing climate and to provide social and economic opportunities.

11 Healthier and safe communities Our aim is to integrate service provision, protect the most vulnerable and ensure everyone has the best possible opportunity to improve their physical and mental wellbeing and stay safe.

12 Being efficient, effective and innovative Our aim is to identify, design and adopt innovative approaches to finance, technology, assets and our workforce to enable us to meet future financial challenges and deliver services in the most efficient and effective means.

13 Ambitious Cornwall Our aim is to be ambitious and confident about Cornwall’s future, providing the leadership to secure fairer funding and greater freedoms from the Government to realise Cornwall’s unique potential.

14 The Case for Cornwall “We don't want the way we spend our money and deliver services to people in Cornwall to be determined by central Government - we need to be able to make our own decisions. Cornwall has a proud history of standing up and fighting for what it believes in and we are determined to take advantage of this moment and shape our own destiny." John Pollard, Leader of Cornwall Council 2014

15 Why we have a case to make Funding – Cornwall faces unprecedented financial challenges and receives £49.5m less funding than the average urban council We have to find creative solutions to enable us to reduce our dependency upon government grant. Economy – Cornwall suffers long standing economic challenges with the lowest GVA per head of any UK region Increased powers would enable us to drive improvements to Cornwall’s infrastructure, jobs and housing. Opportunities – we have real opportunities to take a national lead in the development and deployment of renewable technologies but we need additional powers and freedoms to achieve this. Our geography – Cornwall’s economic and physical distance from London calls for us to be more self sufficient. We understand Cornwall, how it works, our challenges and opportunities. Our strengths – Cornwall serves as a functional economic area with strong governance, shared organisational and partnership boundaries, sound financial management and a strong sense of place and identity.

16 The Case for Cornwall Public transport and connectivity Additional public transport powers A share of revenue from fuel duty to maintain Cornwall’s extensive road network Housing Devolution of Homes and Communities powers and land holdings Retention of a share of stamp duty to fund affordable housing Energy Government investment in the deep geothermal industry in Cornwall Greater local control over grid investment strategy Priorities and potential proposals

17 The Case for Cornwall Health and social care Greater integration of commissioning and provision Addressing practical barriers and financial disincentives in current systems Public sector efficiency Intermediary body status to give more local control over EU funding Powers to pool and invest capital receipts from the public sector estate Potential priorities

18 Next steps January Initial soundings with government departments February/March Detailed discussions with Members, partners and MPs Dialogue with national political parties June/July Submit completed proposal

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