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Medical content – March 2009 Eva Czegledi Think Fast. Search Faster.

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1 Medical content – March 2009 Eva Czegledi Think Fast. Search Faster.

2 SOURCES OF INFORMATION –Bibliographic databases  OVIDMedline,  Embase & EMBiology,  EBMR,  Global Health,  PsycINFO,  Biosis,  Primal pictures  Amed and many others –Journals Lippincott LWW, Blackwell, OUP, Nature, BMJ, AMA –eBooks : Harrison´s, Lippincott LWW, Springer, OUP, McGrawHill, etc.

3 Bibliographic databases Medline - general medical information  Source: U.S. National Library of Medicine - strong US focus  Coverage from 1966 to present with 11.800.000  updated daily  annually added 520.000 records –  Broad Subjects: Clinical Medicine; Nursing  Specific Subjects: NeurologyInternal MedicineGeneral Medicine Primary CareFamily MedicineGeneral Practice 3,900 journals 70 countries 76% author abstracts more disease oriented + more focus on nursing, dentistry, veterinary Weekly updates: 7,300 MeSH indexing

4 EMBase - biomedical and pharmacological resource about medical and drug-related subjects 11.000.000 records from 1974 to present Data Type: Bibliographic with Abstracts Coverage: AnesthesiologyCardiologyDermatology Drugs & Pharmacology CDEvidence-Based MedicineGastroenterology Geriatrics & GerontologyImmunology & AIDSNephrology NeurosciencesObstetrics & GynecologyOphthalmology Orthopedic SurgeryPathologyPediatrics Pharmacoeconomics & Disease ManagementPharmacy Pollution & ToxicologyPsychiatryRadiology & Nuclear MedicineRehabilitation & Physical Medicine. EMTREE, a hierarchically ordered controlled thesaurus, which contains 38,000 preferred terms and more than 150,000 synonyms Subsets such as EMBASE Drugs and Pharmacology, The EMBASE Psychiatry (EMPS) 25-35% records unique to EMBASE including in-depth information on drugs International focus (ca. 6400 journals) Bibliographic databases

5  EMBiology 4.000.000 records from biological science literature. Cover to cover peer-review journals. 3.000 including 1.800 not covered in EMbase. Back file 1980 with 4.000.000 records journals Bio- chemistry & Technology, Microbiology, Plant science, Agriculture and Food science, Veterinary Science, Microbiology, Animal science  PsycInfo Coverage from 1806-present with 2.000.000 records in over 35 languages. Contains citations and summaries of peer-reviewed articles Clinical, non-clinical, and experimental psychology. Neurology, Psychiatry, Substance Abuse, Education, Behavioural Science, and Social Work. Approximately 7.7 million cited references are found in citations to 156,000 journal articles, books, and book chapters.  BIOSIS Previews is the world’s most comprehensive reference database for life sciences Biology; Botany; Zoology; Microbiology; Immunology; Biomedical science; Agriculture Pharmacology; Ecology; Interdisciplinary fields – e.g. Biochemistry, Bioengineering etc  AMED 1985 to present 152.000 records, 12.000 added yearly! AMED is an invaluable resource of Allied and Alternative Medicine covering a wide variety of topics. Covers relevant references to articles from around 512 journals. A large number are not indexed by any other biomedical sources. Bibliographic databases

6 For practicing clinicians, nurses  Primal Pictures : dynamic interactive multi-media overview of human anatomy. Three-dimensional animations that show function, biomechanics, and surgical procedures. videos and textual descriptions by some of the leading specialists supplement the animations.  Evidence-based content to reduce medical errors, provide better patient care and treatment.  Nursing@Ovid  Focuses on central nursing subject areas –Indexes 85 of CINAHL’s 86 core title set –… and includes 28 titles not indexed by CINAHL  Bibliographic records for nearly 500 nursing titles –500,000 bibliographic records today –Weekly updates - 1,000+ new records  Super-Set –218 current journals – including 15 new titles from Sage –56 archival journals –174 books –10 bibliographical databases

7 Evidence-based diagnosis and treatment guidelines  Clinical search  EBM Guidelines  Drug information  Nursing Advisor  Patient Information For practicing clinicians, nurses Clin-eguide

8 Journals Most leading titles in medicine in the world: Annals of Surgery #1 in Surgery (IF: 7,6779) Circulation #1 in Cardiology (IF: 10,94) (+Circ.Research, Stroke and many others) Neurology #1 in Neurology (IF: 5.69) Obstetrics&Gynecology #1 in Obst/Gyn (IF: 3,813) Cancer Journal (IF: 63.342) Critical Care Medicine #1 in Emergency Med (IF: 6,599) Current Opinion in Hematology (IF: 5.202) Spine #1 in Orthopaedics (IF:2,351)

9 Journals - Collections LWW Cardiology Subject Collection - 22 titles LWW Proprietary Title Collection – 185 titles Currrent opinion Journals 6 New Circulation titles from AHA –Circulation: Arrhythmia and Electrophysiology –Circulation: Cardiovascular Genetics –Circulation: Cardiovascular Imaging –Circulation: Cardiovascular Interventions –Circulation: Cardiovascular Quality and Outcomes –Circulation: Heart Failure –All available ala carte AND through a Circulation Subset collection!

10 Journals The Patient: Patient-Centered Outcomes Research This quarterly publication is the first international medical journal dedicated to presenting solely the patient's perspective. It will seek to publish research to help advance a medical environment where patients are not just subjects but are part of the scientific process. Journal of Investigative Medicine The official journal of the American Federation for Medical Research (AFMR), an international multidisciplinary association of scientists engaged in all areas of biomedical investigation: patient-oriented, translational, and basic research. Dentistry Titles from Elsevier –American Journal of Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopedics –The Journal of Evidence Based Dental Practice –Journal of Prosthetic Dentistry Alternative Medicine & Rehabilitation Titles from Elsevier –Explore: The Journal of Science and Healing –Journal of Chiropractic Medicine –Journal of Hand Therapy Veterinary Medicine titles from Elsevier –Journal of Equine Veterinary Science –Journal of Veterinary Behavior: Clinical Applications and Research –Journal of Exotic Pet Medicine –Clinical Techniques in Small Animal Practice

11  Cancer: Principles & Practice of Oncology (Lippincott Williams & Wilkins) –Acclaimed by the worldwide medical community as “the ultimate authority on cancer” (JAMA).  Diseases of the Kidney and Urinary Tract (Lippincott Williams & Wilkins) –This classic three-volume work provides the most comprehensive, current, and authoritative information on diseases of the kidney and urinary tract. Books – Top Titles Doody (96) DCT (2.9 – Hematology/Oncology) ESSENTIAL DCT (2.9 - Nephrology, 2.7 - Urology)

12  Harrison´s: Principles of Internal Medicine (McGrawHill) –THE No1 book in medicine in the world!  Oxford Textbook of Medicine (Oxford University Press) –The No1 medical Textbook in the world! Books - Titles ESSENTIAL

13 Books Collections  LWW Doody’s All Reviewed Collection 2007 –152 LWW Books that have been reviewed by Doody’s  LWW Doody’s Core Titles 2007 –117 LWW Core titles in Health Sciences & Nursing area  LWW Doody’s Essential Titles 2007 –39 LWW Core titles deemed “ESSENTIAL” for institutions with smaller budget  LWW Medical Book Collection –343 LWW key medical & nursing books

14 Books Collections  LWW Doody’s 2008 Core Collection –129 LWW Core titles in Health Sciences & Nursing area  LWW Doody’s 2008 Essential Collection –29 LWW Core titles deemed “ESSENTIAL” for institutions with smaller budget  LWW Doody’s All Reviewed Collection  LWW Specialty Collections –17 Specialty collections, in areas such as Anesthesiology, Cardiology, Oncology, Ophthalmology, Pharmacology, Surgery just to name a few!  LWW Previous Edition Collection –38 LWW titles that have newer editions

15 EBMR combines 7 of the most trusted EBM resources into a single, fully-searchable database. Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews – reviews allow clinicians to get fast, "bottom line" answers to their most commonly-asked questions, based on a comprehensive and expert analysis of the available medical literature. The Database of Abstracts of Reviews of Effectiveness – effectiveness of clinical inventions and policies Health Technology Assessment – completed and ongoing assessments of medical, ethical, economic social implications of health care inventions NHS Economic Evaluation Database – economic evaluations for decision makers daily work Article Reviews - ACP Journal Club - by the American College of Physicians and Evidence–Based Medicine Definitive Controlled Trials - controlled trials in health care - definite randomized controlled trials or controlled clinical trials Cochrane Methodology Register –9,000 references to literature of controlled trials which been pulished in publications of methodolofies in health studies. Plus: Journals and books EB DentistryACP Medicine EB Eye careEB Medicine EB Nursing etc.EB Public Health etc Bibliographic databases

16 Thank You very much Eva Czegledi @

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