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Representatives of minorities and their contribution to the culture of Germany.

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1 Representatives of minorities and their contribution to the culture of Germany

2 I. Well-known representatives of minorities who made a contribution to the culture of Germany Albert Einstein (scientist) Mesut Özil, Jerome Boateng (football players) Wladimir Kaminer, Cem Özdemir (authors/politician) Bülent Ceylan, Kaya Yanar, Fatih Akin (comedians) Bushido, Laith Al-Deen, Adel Tawi (singers)

3 Albert Einstein Biography: was born on the 14 th of March in 1879 was the first kid of a Jewish family in Ulm (Germany) He graduated as a teacher for maths and physics in Zürich Einstein quit the German nationality and applied for the swiss nationality which he got in 1901 He became popular in 1919 because of his theory of relativity and for his special mass-energy equivalence E=mc² Einstein got the nobel prize for physics in 1921

4 In 1932 Einstein left Germany because of public He traveled to the USA For fear of a nuclear bomb in the Land of Nazi Germany he wrote a letter to president, Roosewelt, about the development of the nuclear bomb One year later Einstein got the US citizenship The nuclear bomb of Hiroshima and Nagasaka shocked the scientist and it let him learn the negative power of science he thought the development was a big mistake therefore he devoted the rest of his life to the fight against nuclear weapons He worked as a professor in the USA He died on the 18 th April 1955 He is one of the, if not the most famous, scientist of all times

5 Contribution he had made in Germany and what influence he had He was a quiet, Jewish scientist He changed the worldview of physics He could not be suppressed by Nazis Einstein changed the world and the German history because he was against violence and was politically active His life was a combination of religion, science and politics In the fight against the Nazis Einstein said: ''I am against all the people who love the walk in the tact of the music to tramp, because they got their brain by accidence a backbone would be enough !''

6 Mesut Özil Biography: Was born on the 14 th October 1988 in Gelsenkirchen Has Turkish parents Since the third generation his family has been in Germany His grandparents came to Germany as guestworkers He has the German citizenship Now he plays for the German National football team

7 Contribution he made in Germany and what influence he had: He plays for the German team instead of the Turkish one Unpopular in Turkey because of that Turkish fans even booed during a match when he shot the winning goal in a German-Turkey match He shot 11 goals for the German national team Mesut is a good example of integration He conserves the muslim Religion and the Turkish culture And one the other hand he plays for the German football team That‘s a great signal Because of his influence on Germany you can see how much foreigners are integrated in German football

8 Jerome Boateng Biography: Jerome Boateng was born in Berlin (West) on the 3rd September 1988. His father is from Ghana, his mother from Germany His two half-brothers George and Kevin-Prince Boateng are football players, too He plays for the German national football team

9 Contribution he had made in Germany and what influetial did he had: The special thing about Jerome Boateng is that he has not learned to play football on the lawn but in the so-called ‘‘cage at the Panke'' (A football field) in Berlin. This gives many young foreigners hope He has shown that you can make it very far with talent and ambition Therefore, many foreign football fans see him as an idol. What is also special is that his brother Kevin-Prince plays in the Ghanaian national team, while Jerome plays in Germany. Jerome Boateng was exposed already in young age racist insults of opponents and especially from their parents But they had no side effects for him and his personality He says that it had made him stronger He is also an example for integration

10 Conclusion All in all, football is a great example for integration In the German football team you can find someone from Poland, Turkey, Tunesia and so on The national team embodies that each person is seen as a human. The skin colour and the origin does not matter the only thing which counts is the game football makes it possible to be outgoing with each other and accept and tolerate different nationalities

11 Kaya Yanar Kaya Yanar is 40 years old and he was born in Frankfurt am Main. He is a comedian and was the first famous Turkish comedian in Germany which had this much influence on the approval of the multicultural development in our country. Yanar became famous in a comedy series in which he spoke about stereotypes of different ethnic groups. Also he tours through Germany, moderated a show and acted in a movie. Also he is dedicated in animal welfare and supports the organisation PETA.

12 Bülent Ceylan Bülent Ceylan is a 37 year old comedian in Germany. He was born in Mannheim, Germany. His father is from Turkey and his mother is German. He makes stand- up comedy and has his own TV show. After he interns at the TV channel VIVA Roland Junghans discovered him. So his succesful career started and he performed at many TV shows and series. But he does not just perform in TV, he also appears at metal festivals. Now Bülent Ceylan is married and has a daughter. Bülent Ceylan is dedicated in Anti- racism- projects and he supports AIDS aid and a children hospice. He has not just influenced the german comedy, he is also famous for his view on the German-Turkish relationship.

13 Cem Özdemir *21.12.1965 in Bad Urach, Germany Father came as "guestworker" from Turkey to Germany Head of German party "Die Grünen“ (Green Party) Stands for Turkish-language-learning at German schools Thinks that Germany is a good country to live in

14 Wladimir Kaminer *19.7.1967 in Moscow German writer and columnist Russian-Jewish descent Popular book: Russendisko "Russian disco“ Books are written in German Writes from point of view of an immigrant Is having good influence on all immigrants

15 Bushido Bushido was born in Bonn on the 28 th of September in 1978. His real name is Anis Mohamed Youssef Ferchichi. He is a German rapper from Berlin. His mother comes from Germany and his father is Tunisian. Graffitis help him to forget his negative past.

16 Laith Al-Deen Laith Sascha Al-Deen was born on the 20th of February in Karlsruhe (Germany) He is a German pop music star and producer. Al-Deen is the son of a man from Iraq and a German woman. He grew up in the USA and in Mannheim (Germany), where he lives today.

17 Adel Tawil Adel Tawil was born on the 15th of August in Berlin. He is a German popstar, he was famous with the band “Ich und Ich” Tawil was the first child of three children. His parents were north-African immigrants. He grew up in Berlin.

18 Impressions of mosques and synagogues in Germany

19 Mosques in Germany 3 mio Muslims in Germany, largest religious minority Mosques in Germany: 159 Currently, 184 mosques are being built or have just been finished

20 Largest mosque: in Duisburg (North Rhine Westphalia), 34 m high minarette, provides space for 1200 believers

21 Mosques in Berlin Mosques in Berlin: 61 Largest Mosque in Berlin: Sehitlik Mosque Columbiadamm, Neukölln, provides space for 1500 believers

22 Sehitlik Mosque Columbiadamm









31 Mosque in Siegen






37 Synagogues in Germany Jews in Germany: about 200.000 members in Jewish communities Synagogues in Germany: 95, in Berlin: 11 One of the most beautiful buildings in Berlin: „Neue Synagoge Oranienburger Straße“ (New Synagogue Oranienburger Street), 140 years old

38 „New Synagogue Berlin“






44 Thank you for your attention!

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