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Racism in the American Judicial System Olivia Trogdon.

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1 Racism in the American Judicial System Olivia Trogdon

2 Introduction- Focusing on African Americans Michael Brown Trayvon Martin

3 The racism seen in the American Judicial System has been present for many decades, and will continue to be unless the American society undergoes a drastic change. Claim

4 2013 NYC Statistics

5 ❏ African Americans are 10 times more likely to go to prison that whites ❏ 1 in 20 African Americans over 18 are in jail ❏ Amnesty International Report- black defendants convicted of killing whites have been sentenced to death 15 times more often than whites convicted of killing blacks. Furthermore, blacks killing blacks are one half as likely to get the death penalty than blacks killing whites National Statistics

6 ➢ March 3rd, 1991 ➢ Rodney King, 34, African American ➢ Pulled for speeding ➢ Tazed, and received 56 blows and kicks ➢ Captured on video by bystander ➢ The police officers responsible were acquitted in 1992 ➢ Resulted in riots Rodney King

7 ●The crime and conviction rates are just and unbiased to race ●Social media dramatizes the reality of racism Other Perspectives

8 “In many ways white police officers institutionalized an informal culture of police brutality towards African Americans and they emerged as the protector of white privilege and the opponents of black progress” - Leonard Moore Closing

9 Crime and Enforcement Activity in New York City. New York City, 2013. Online Print Crime and Enforcement Activity in New York City. New York City, 2008. Online Print “NYPD Statistics Reveal Majority Of Shooting Victims And Suspects Are Black” Huffington Post. Huffington Post, November 20, 2013 Web. November 20, 2014. Moore, Leonard N. Black Rage in New Orleans : Police Brutality and African American Activism from World War II to Hurricane Katrina. Louisiana State University Press, 2010. Print. Lewis, Ransley, and Ross Homel. Fitzgerald Legacy: Reforming Public Life in Australia and Beyond. Australian Academic Press, 2010. Print. “Rodney King Riots Erupt in Los Angeles.” African American Registry. n.p. Web. April 29. 1992 “Trayvon Martin Shooting, a Timeline of Events” CBS News. CBS News July 12, 2013 Web. November 23, 2014. Work Cited

10 I thank my friend Anna for letting me show her my presentation Acknowledgments

11 ❏ From Chapel Hill, North Carolina ❏ A mathematics major, minoring in spanish ❏ Three siblings older siblings ❏ I want to explore the whole world My Brief Bio

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