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Forced Bussing – 1970’s. White Flight and the Ghettoization of Urban America.

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1 Forced Bussing – 1970’s

2 White Flight and the Ghettoization of Urban America

3 Image: Perception is everything Based on the experiences in the 1970’s and 1980’s, what image is projected on to the African American population? Why might this image be popular in the young black community? –Popular in the young white community?

4 So then why would this guy be so popular?

5 Rodney King – 1992/93 March 3, 1991 – Rodney King is pulled over for driving erratically and at excessive speeds –King had been drinking and showed strange behavior at the officer’s directions Officers thought King was on drugs, particularly PCP – which radically altered the personality and made suspects difficult to control. –Cops determined that King was most likely an ex-con who had been working out in prison –King resisted arrest, which added to the concern of drug use To subdue King, the officers used a stun gun and beat him with metal batons –King was hit over 50 times and kicked multiple times in a 90 second span Blows were directed at King’s head, one officer stomps on King’s head and shoulders Attack was video taped and sent to a local television station Race initally not an issue –“Gorilla's in the Mist” King released without charge Officers arrested on charges of excessive force Trial moved out of Los Angeles to Simi Valley –Nearly all white jury selected The officers are acquitted of all charges Riots explode in LA – Kill 54 citizens –Reginal Denny Federal charges brought against the officers Two officers found guilty, two acquitted

6 Labor Statistics, 2008




10 Average Hourly Wages Nationally 2008 – Assume 40 work week Manufacturing – 17.75 Retail – 12.85 Financial – 20.25 Professional and Business – 21.20 Education – 18.80 US Bureau of Labor Statistics.

11 Mr. President In the context of post-1965 America, what is the significance of Barak Obama’s election to the top job in the United States?

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