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Presentation to the Justice Portfolio Committee Cape Town 8 June 2001.

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1 Presentation to the Justice Portfolio Committee Cape Town 8 June 2001

2 1.Constitutional Mandate 2.Mission Statement 3.SAHRC Commissioners and Secretariat - Commissioners Portfolios - Departmental Line Function 4.Core Business 5.Projects 2001-2002 6.Financial and Human Resources Broad Overview BROAD OVERVIEW OF PRESENTATION

3 “The Human Rights Commission must –  … promote respect for human rights and a culture of human rights;  … promote the protection, development and attainment of human rights;  … monitor and assess the observance of human rights in the Republic.” Constitution of South Africa, Section 184 (1) (a) (b) (c) Constitutional Mandate

4 Mission Statement The South African Human Rights Commission is the national institution established to entrench constitutional democracy. It is committed to promote respect for, observance of and the protection of human rights for everyone without fear or favour. Mission Statement

5 Commission Structure

6 Commissioners Commissioners

7 Dr N Barney Pityana - Chairperson National and International Liaison International Coordinating Committee on National Institutions Ms Shirley Mabusela - Deputy Chairperson Commissioner: Child Rights Provincial Responsibility: Gauteng Province Professor Charles Dlamini Part-time Commissioner Provincial Responsibility: KwaZulu Natal Commissioners Portfolios

8 Professor Karthy Govender Part-time Commissioner Provincial Responsibility: KwaZulu Natal Dr Zonke Majodina Part-time Commissioner Commissioner: Migrants and Refugees Provincial Responsibility: Western Cape & Northern Cape Ms Charlotte McClain Commissioner: Socio-Economic Rights Provincial Responsibility: Mpumalanga Commissioners Portfolios

9 Mr Jerry Nkeli Commissioner: Disability Provincial Responsibility: Free State Province Mr Tom Manthata Commissioner: Rights of the Aged Provincial Responsibility: Eastern Cape Province Adv Pansy Tlakula Commissioner: Equal Opportunities Provincial Responsibility: North-West Province Commissioners Portfolios

10 Mr Jody Kollapen Commissioner: Civil and Political Rights Provincial Responsibility: Northern Province Adv Leon Wessels Commissioner: Access to Information Provincial Responsibility: Western and Northern Cape Provinces Commissioners Portfolios

11  Government and Parliamentary Liaison – Dr Pityana  Child Rights – Ms Mabusela  International Standards – Adv Leon Wessels  Disability – Mr Nkeli  Older Persons – Mr Manthata  NGOs and CBOs – Mr Manthata Section 5 Committees

12 Secretariat Secretariat

13  Corporate Services  Legal Services  Research and Documentation  Advocacy and Public Awareness Campaigns  Education and Training Core Business

14  Human Resource Management  Financial Management  Provisioning and Support Services  Information Technology  Internal Audit Core Business Corporate Support Services

15  Implementation Plan  PFMA Workshop  Internal Audit Unit  Audit Committee  Risk Assessment Workshop  Fraud Prevention Plan Core Business Steps taken to comply with PFMA

16  Inquiry into Racism in the Media  Racism in the Justice System  Child Sexual Offences  Socio-Economic Rights Hearings Core Business National Inquiries into Human Rights Violations

17 Typical Complaints  Equality (racism, gender, religion, disability)  Socio-economic rights (education, health, housing, environmental rights)  Freedom of association  Xenophobia  Farming communities  Prisoners’ rights Core Business Complaints Handling

18 Core Business National - Total Number of Complaints Received = 4715 Complaints Handling

19 Core Business Breakdown percentages per province (including NW) Complaints Handling Province Gauteng WC NC EC KZN NP MP Free State TOTAL Total Number 2080 814 135 648 597 281 74 86 4715

20 Core Business Gauteng - Total Number of Complaints Received = 2080 Complaints Handling

21 Core Business Western Cape - Total Number of Complaints Received = 814 Complaints Handling

22 Core Business Eastern Cape - Total Number of Complaints Received = 648 Complaints Handling

23 KwaZulu Natal - Total Number of Complaints Received = 597 Core Business Complaints Handling

24 Northern Province - Total Number of Complaints Received = 281 Core Business Complaints Handling

25 Mpumalanga - Total Number of Complaints Received = 74 Core Business Complaints Handling

26 Free State - Total Number of Complaints Received = 76 Core Business Complaints Handling

27  Preparation of 3 rd Socio-Economic Rights Report  Development of 4 th Socio-Economic Rights Protocols  Workshops on Socio-Economic Rights Core Business Socio-Economic Rights

28  “Roll Back Xenophobia” Campaign - production of radio series - production of literature and materials - seminars and workshops  Annual School Poster Competition  Celebrations of National, Regional and International Human Rights Days: - Human Rights Week - World AIDS Day seminar - National Day of Reconciliation Core Business Public Awareness

29  National Conference on Racism 2000  Farming communities consultative workshop  Grootboom seminar  Socio Economic Rights seminars  Launch of State of Worlds Refugees Report  SAHRC 5 th Anniversary  Launch of UNDP Human Development Report 2000  Launch of NACHRET Core Business Public Awareness (cont)

30 Core Business  Training and education on human rights  Develop training materials, programmes and curricula  Ensure institutionalisation of human rights education  Convene Human Rights Education Forums  Strategic Policy Interventions in Education and Training System Education and Training

31 Theme/TopicWorkshopsTotal persons Target Groups Alternatives to Corporal Punishment/ Child Rights 21644Educators, Learners, Child Care Workers, Secure Care Workers Refugees and Non-Nationals 7 181Police, Health Care Workers, Educators Anti- Discrimination 21 762Educators, Police, NGOs; Churches Train-the- Trainer 9 284NGOs; Community Workers Education and Training Programme

32 Theme/ Topic Workshop Total Persons Target Group Constitution/ Bill of Rights/ Role of SAHRC 411 294 Community Workers; NGOs; Government Traditional Leaders, Organised Labour, H R Education/ Education Sector 19530 Educators; learners; curriculum developers H R and Social Work 382Social Workers Human Rights and Paralegals 3 53Paralegals Education and Training Programme

33 Theme/ TopicWorkshops Number of Persons Target Group Women’s Rights, Human Rights and Gender Equality 5 243 Women, NGO‘,Trainers; Educators Youth and Juvenile Justice 1 30 Department of Justice Violence and Abuse against Women 3 136 Social Workers, Police Rights of Disabled Persons 2 83 Secure Care Workers/ Disability Sector Education and Training Programme

34 Theme/ Topic No. of Workshops No. of PersonsTarget Group Human Rights and Farming Communities 2 60Farmworkers; NGOs; Human Rights (International) 3103NGOs Health Rights5236Health Care Workers Elder Abuse/ The Rights of the Elderly 3165 Health, Welfare Workers, Elderly, Dept of Justice Education and Training Programme

35  148 workshops and training programmes were conducted reaching 4886 people  64 seminars and presentations were conducted reaching 13 493 people Core Business Summary of Completed Training and Seminars

36  Curriculum Development for schools  Teacher Training and Development - Workshops for Teachers - Project with Gauteng Insitute for Curriculum Development - Project with SADTU  N Q F and SAQA  Representation of SAHRC on the following NSB’s - Agriculture and Nature Conservation, Culture and Arts, Business, Commerce and Management Studies, Communication Studies and Language, Education, Human and Social Studies, Health Science, Social Services, Physical, Mathematical, Computer and Life Science. - SGB Representation- Human Rights, Democracy and Peace Education Core Business Institutionalisation of Human Rights in the Formal Education and Training Sector

37 Core Business  National Conference on Racism  Towards A Focal Point For Children  Racism in the Media  2 nd Socio-Economic Rights Report  Africa Human Rights Day  Resource Manual on Human Rights and Farmworkers  The Development of a Monitoring System for NAP  Constitutional Law Case Summaries 1999  2 nd Lindela Report  Promotion of Access to Information Act: Training Manual Main Reports and Publications

38  National Action Plan and Strategy to Combat Racism (Convenors: Dr Pityana & Adv Tlakula)  Constitutional Legislation (Convenors: Adv Wessels & Adv Tlakula)  Equality Legislation  Child Sexual Offences (Convenor: Ms Mabusela)  Inquiry - Human Rights in Farming Communities (Convenor: Ms McClain)  Racism in the Justice System (Convenor: Mr Kollapen) Projects 2001 - 2002

39  Initiation Practices in Educational Institutions (Convenor: Adv Wessels)  The plight of SA prisoners on death row (Convenor: Adv Wessels & Mr Kollapen)  3 rd UN World Conference Against Racism (Convenors: Dr Pityana & Adv Tlakula)  Evaluation of the SAHRC’s First Term (Convenor: Dr Pityana & CEO)  Human Rights and Corporate Citizenship (Convenors: Dr Pityana & CEO)  Education and Training (Convenor:Ms Mabusela) Projects 2001 – 2002 (cont)

40  Provincial Consultative Workshops  Finalisation of NAPSCR  Handing over of NAPSCR to Government on 16 December 2001 Projects 2001 - 2002 National Action Plan and Strategy to Combat Racism

41 PAIA  Training Manual  Limited education, training and promotion  Complaints handling Projects 2001 - 2002 Constitutional Legislation

42 PEPUDA  Training on limited scale  Public education and awareness on a limited scale  Complaints handling  Participation in ELIT processes Projects 2001 - 2002 Constitutional Legislation

43 Research to be conducted in the following areas on behalf of Department of Justice:  Inclusion of the additional grounds  Criminalisation of acts  Draft Regulations for Equality Projects 2001 - 2002 Equality Legislation Project

44 To investigate Systemic issues relating to Child sexual offences by:  Holding Hearings  Hearings involving the judiciary and the prosecution  Public awareness campaigns Projects 2001 - 2002 Child Sexual Offences

45 To investigate incidences of human rights violations Focus of the inquiry:  Land Rights and Tenancy  Safety and Security  Economic and Social Rights Projects 2001 - 2002 Inquiry – Human Rights in Farming Communities

46 To Investigate allegations of racism within the Justice System Projects 2001 - 2002 Racism in the Justice System

47  Coordinating a National Institutions Conference  Two National Conferences on SA Position Paper on WCAR  Recruitment and co-facilitate the programme for Victims of Racism  Set up of exhibitions  Participation in NGO and Youth Forum Projects 2001 - 2002 3 rd World Conference Against Racism, Racial Discrimination, Xenophobia and Related Intolerance

48 To evaluate the first term of SAHRC’s work Projects 2001 - 2002 Evaluation of First Term of SAHRC

49 To engage with the business community on its role in the promotion and protection of human rights Projects 2001 - 2002 Corporate Citizenship

50  Regional and SADC Training  Forum on Racism and Education  Celebrating Difference Campaign  Education for Democracy Project  Police Training Projects 2001 - 2002 Education and Training

51  Sources of Income 2000/01  Donor funded projects: 2000/01  Expenditure per standard item: 2000/01  Expenditure per main programme: 2000/01  Expenditure per standard item: 2001/02  Expenditure per main programme: 2001/02 Resources Resources

52 Sources of Income: 2000/01

53 SourceProjectAmount (Rands) Mott FoundationRacism in Education 556,565 New Zealand High Commission Anti-racism training: SAPS Vryburg 84,200 Norwegian Institute for Human Rights Socio-economic Rights 800 000, U N H C R Roll Back Xenophobia 405,250 Radda BarnenChild Rights 120,000 Total1,966,015 Donor Funded Projects: 2000/01

54 Resources Expenditure per standard item: 2000/01

55 Resources Expenditure per main programme: 2000/01

56 Resources Expenditure per standard item: 2001/02

57 Resources Expenditure per main programme: 2001/02

58 Resources  Establishing additional provincial offices  Implementation of personnel blueprint  Adequately resourced SER Unit  Additional statutory obligations Resource Needs – 3 year projection

59 2002/032003/042004/05 Funding requirements (MTEF) Baseline 32,123m (22,853m ) 33,408m (24,708m) 35,415m (26,190m) Shortfall9,270 8,7009,222 Budgetary Requirements 2002/03 – 2004/05

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