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Racism is Everywhere! Brandon VanEmburgh C Period.

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2 Racism is Everywhere! Brandon VanEmburgh C Period


4 Racism is descrimination against a particular group of people based solely on their racial background.

5 The KKK or Ku Klux Klan is a racial group with hatred toward non- whites and is still around in America!


7 Everyone needs to help by throwing racism away. Never be racist, and never make nasty comments about people. If you were called a word that you didn’t want how would you feel?

8 Today thousands of people are racist toward all kinds of non-whites but mostly to African Americans. Each race has groups that promote their race, sometimes discluding other races, such as the Black Panthers, the KKK, and Nazi/White Supremacists.


10 Still going on today in southern schools, blacks and whites are seperated from each other. This is because parents do not want their kids to be around a different race. Montgomery County High School, Mount Vernon, GA Friday, May 1, 2009 White Students’ Prom Saturday, May 2, 2009 Black Students’ Prom Efforts to combine prom by students with interracial friendships & relationships have been squashed by close- minded white parents pressuring school administrators to keep prom separate.


12 Even today police officers are beating African Americans because of the color of their skin.

13 Some people assume if you are black you are poor… Maybe you shouldn’t be driving a fancy car? This is called RACIAL PROFILING

14 Racism violates the dignity of humankind. Racism is marked by an imbalance in economic, political, and social power in favor of some ethnic, and cultural groups at the expense of others. Racism, as a disease woven into the moral and spiritual fiber of American society, obscures the possibility of establishing the reality of that oneness. The patterns of thinking and behaving that constitute racism have been learned and can be UNLEARNED!

15 Evidence of Change In 2008 the people of the United States elected the first black President, Barack Obama. First Black U.S. Secretary of State: Gen. Colin Powell, 2001–2004. First black female Secretary of State: Condoleezza Rice, 2005–2009. First Black Billionaires: Robert Johnson, 2001, owner of Black Entertainment Television; Oprah Winfrey, 2003.

16 To help STOP Racism … For more info visit http://www.centerhealingracism.org –Contact us at (713) 520-8226 for more information about how we plan on healing racial stereotypes and other negative outlooks.

17 Sources “A Prom Divided”. New York Times. May 21, 2009. Photographs by GILLIAN LAUB; Text by SARA CORBETT. Accessed electronically 3/26/11. t.html?pagewanted=1&_r=1 t.html?pagewanted=1&_r=1 “Race & Police Brutality: Roots of An Urban Dilemma”. Holmes, Malcom D. Smith, Brad W. November 2008. and-police-brutality.aspx and-police-brutality.aspx Center for Healing Racism. CNN News Famous firsts by African Americans. Music by “Hypertaptive”.

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