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(Racism, segregation and the KKK)

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1 (Racism, segregation and the KKK)
RACE ISSUES IN AMERICA 1929 – 1990 (Racism, segregation and the KKK)

2 Treatment of African Americans
Slavery was abolished in 1863 and under the American constitution this gave black people equality. SOUTHERN STATES found a way of making sure that black people were not equal. JIM CROW LAWS (1870 – 1950’s) This law segregated (split up) black and white people. In theory facilities had to be “separate but equal”. In practice they were not. Schools, buses, cafes, leisure facilities, cinema’s and even toilets were segregated.

3 Can you identify types of places that were segregated in the South?
Which do you think of these was most humiliating for black people and why? Can you identify types of places that were segregated in the South?

4 The KKK (or Ku Klux Klan)
They were mainly active in the SOUTH. They wanted WHITE SUPREMACY. (all other races, especially black people to be subservient to white people) They had judges, police, congressmen, and other important people as members making them impossible to stop. They also hated Communists, anarchists, Catholics, Jews and immigrants.

5 Study the images above and explain what you think is most shocking about them and why?

6 Using this source and your own knowledge, explain why the Klan were difficult to stop.

7 The KKK were feared because as well as being powerful and secretive, they beat up black people…tarred and feathered…raped… and lynched


9 What always seems to be present at Klan meetings and marches?
What does this show about the Klan?

10 The End All images sourced from The National Library of Congress. ( As far as the author is aware there are no known restrictions on publication.

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