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Flooding Creek What Value as Riparian Habitat ??.

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1 Flooding Creek What Value as Riparian Habitat ??


3 Flooding Creek Restoring a Riparian* Habitat * Of, on, or relating to the banks of a natural course of water. Flooding Creek is no longer a natural watercourse. Historically flooding creek is a flood time ana-branch of the Thompson River

4 Flooding Creek The last flood in the Thompson River to have flowed into the Northern section of Flooding Creek was before the completion of the Thompson Dam wall in 1983

5 Flooding Creek The Thomson River Dam is located about 130km east of Melbourne in Gippsland near the township of Beardmore and the Baw Baw National Park. Despite opposition from conservationists and farmers, plans for the dam were originally approved in late December 1975 to provide Melbourne with drought security. Early work in the early 1970s saw construction of a 19km long tunnel through the Great Dividing Range to allow the water from the Thomson River to flow into the Upper Yarra Reservoir. Work on the dam itself commenced in 1976 and the dam began to contain water in 1983.

6 The tunnel, which is located at the northern end of the reservoir, transfers Thompson River water west to the Upper Yarra Reservoir and thence onto Silvan Reservoir for distribution as drinking water in Melbourne. In recent years, drought has resulted in depletion of much of the reservoir's water. Typically as at 17th December 2006, the volume was at 204,737 megalitres (19.2% full). Since its completion the dam has been full and spilling into the Thompson only once, 12 years ago in October 1996. Flooding Creek

7 Today Flooding Creek exists as three quite distinct sections. The Northern and Central (Town) sections and the separated Southern section

8 Flooding Creek The Northern and Central sections of Flooding Creek were separated from the Southern section at the time of the completion of the 3 Km long man-made Sale Canal in 1898

9 Flooding Creek On the now rare occasion when the Northern section of the creek does flow the water exits directly into the Thompson River via the Sale Canal

10 Flooding Creek Today the sole headwater to the Southern section of Flooding Creek is Lake Guthridge which itself is only fed from the street run-off from the City of Sale.

11 Flooding Creek As a Stream System Flooding Creek is in very poor condition It now never behaves as a natural river or stream – flowing water is not common

12 Flooding Creek Has very little streamside vegetation and where there is, it is in very narrow strip. Is unlikely to have additional water flows in the future.

13 Flooding Creek The question now is what can be done to enhance and make the best use of the remnant resource and encourage use of the remaining available habitat.


15 Flooding Creek North




19 Flooding Creek Mid section




23 Flooding Creek South

24 From Flooding Creek South


26 Flooding Creek – Future Value as Riparian Habitat What can we aspire to. What are the matters to be dealt with. What will we see as success

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