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The impact of urbanisation and changing lifestyles.

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1 The impact of urbanisation and changing lifestyles

2 Urbanisation Related to the development of towns and cities ( including residential areas). 2% of Australia is urbanised Effects of the processes since European settlement have been enormous. Australia is rural. We prefer to live in towns and cities

3 In the Past Access to inland Australia is limited. Cities have more opportunities. 1840 1/3 rd of the population lived in Sydney. Today: 90% of the population live in cities. Settlers migrated to Aust with the hope of owing land. Rapid growth in the 1880’s

4 Growth Growth caused: development of extensive housing estates Building frenzies Extinguishing nearly all the signs of the natural environment. Good agriculture land was used for urban development

5 No planning Situated around railway stations. Public amenities: running water, sewage treatment were in scant supply ( or non-existent) Up until 1830’s water had to be collect from heavily polluted streams. In Melbourne waste was carried along open gutters into the Yarra River. Continued into the 20 th Century.

6 Impacts Habitat loss – through clearing of vegetation and excavation. Land clearing Mining Erosion of creeks and other watercourses Lack of dead wood and other forest little Introduction of weeds Loss of topsoil

7 Impacts Local waterways were dumping grounds for waste. Decline of species Increased siltation Rising salt levels Loss of stream vegetation Chemical run-off such as pesticides, fertilizers and herbicides Water was undrinkable

8 Research exercise When was your town or suburb established? What groups initially inhabited the area? What is the major industry or employer in the area? How has the population changed over time? What issues have influenced this change? What natural features remain in the area? Where does the town’s water supply come from? Where does wastewater and other refuse go to be treated?









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