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The Impact of an Urban Renewal Programme on the Inhabitants of Alexandra, Johannesburg, South Africa.

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1 The Impact of an Urban Renewal Programme on the Inhabitants of Alexandra, Johannesburg, South Africa

2  Introduction  Development and location of Alexandra  Urban renewal in Alexandra  Demographic attributes of the interviewees  Satisfaction levels on basic services  Reasons for dissatisfaction with basic services  Response of ARP to grievances  Concluding remarks

3  Urbanization in South Africa has surpassed the investment in infrastructure and services (particularly in poor areas).  The spatial legacy of Apartheid has also resulted in a concentration of poverty in townships.  The ANC government has initiated a number programmes to alleviate the associated problems.  In 2001 the Urban Renewal Programme was introduced by president Mbeki.  This programme was to be implemented in eight nodes in six cities (Johannesburg, Cape Town, Durban, East London, Port Elizabeth and Kimberly)

4  Alexandra was established in  Named after the owner of the original farm.  The non-white township, consisting of approximately stands, was sold to black and coloureds in the mid-1910s.  The township is situated on an area of land, approximately 12 km north-east of CBD of Johannesburg.  It has a grid layout and is densely-settled, with and estimated to inhabitants.  Comprises of formal houses, shacks, 3 hostels, flats.  The township has serious service backlog.  Alexandra has a high unemployment and crime rate.


6  Residential areas of Alexandra Tswe’tla/Old Alexandra (poorest and most densely populated); East Bank (redeveloped in the 1980s); Tsutsumani (initially called Far East Bank); and River Park (middle-income community).  The first steps towards urban renewal were taken in 1999 when Far East Bank was redeveloped for the All-Africa Games (renamed Tsutsumani)  This area now accommodates free-standing, semi-detached and simplex housing units.  These houses are currently occupied by those people who had previously been on a housing waiting list.

7 East Bank River Park Tsutsumani Tswe’tla Average Educational Qualifications ≤ Grade % 26.7% 66.7%40% 50% Grade 1220% 40% 13.3%60% 33.3% Tertiary qualification13.3% 33.3% 20%0% 16.7% Employment Employed40% 53.3% 66.7%80% 60% Unemployed60% 46.7% 33.3%20% 40% Income per month < R % 66.7% 40%40% 56.7% R1 500 – R % 6.7% 33.3%20% 18.3% R2 501 – R % 0% 0%26.7% 8.3% > R % 26.7% 26.7%13.3% 16.7%

8 East Bank River Park Tsutsumani Tswe’tla Average Sanitation Satisfied67% 40%80% 0%46.8% Neutral0% 20% 0% 0% 5% Dissatisfied33% 40%20% 100%48.2% Water Supply Satisfied60% 80%67% 0%51.8% Neutral 7% 0%0% 0% 1.8% Dissatisfied33% 20%33% 100%46.5% Electricity Satisfied33% 47%27% 0%26.8% Neutral13% 0%0% 0% 3.3% Dissatisfied53% 53%73% 100%69.8%

9 East Bank River Park Tsutsumani Tswe’tla Average Housing Satisfied20% 53% 40%0%28.3% Neutral 0% 0% 0%0% 0% Dissatisfied80% 47% 60%100%71.8% Health Services Satisfied33% 40% 40%0%28.2% Neutral27% 0% 0%0% 6.8% Dissatisfied40% 60% 60%100% 65% Educational Facilities Satisfied33% 60% 47%0%35% Neutral20% 20% 53%0%23.3% Dissatisfied47% 20% 0%100%41.7% Recreational Facilities Satisfied33% 20% 33.3%0%21.6% Neutral27% 40% 33.3%0%25% Dissatisfied40% 40% 33.3%100%53.3%


11  The interviewees complained about leaking drains. They have reported it to the ARP-Management, but the problem persists.  The residents in River Park and Tsutsumani reported that they were frustrated about the water bills they were receiving.  The price and availability of electricity. The interviewees argued that the municipality cuts electricity without notification, which put their electrical appliances at risk.  The interviewees claim that there are a lot of discrepancies surrounding the allocation of houses.  Interviewees complained about the distances to health facilities and the poor services they receive.

12  The deputy director of the ARP claims that housing units were built.  The ARP does not receive sufficient funding, which makes it difficult for this programme to attain its housing objectives.  The constant influx of people into Alexandra has put the provision of houses and other services under strain.  The ARP has refurbished 4 primary clinics and acquired an ambulance for the area.  ARP refurbished 18 schools, two existing schools were demolished and new structures constructed.  ARP claims that sports grounds and parks have been improved and upgraded (No 3 Square, Altreck Sports Grounds, Alexandra Stadium).

13  It seems that high levels of dissatisfaction or neutrality prevails towards the URP in Alexandra.  High levels of dissatisfaction exists in respect to the provision of services (electricity, health services and housing).  Interviewees felt that management of ARP/the Government is not doing enough to meet their expectations.  Visually it seems that urban renewal in Alexandra is a symbol of success.  The ARP has dramatically changed the physical, economic and social environment in some areas of Alexandra.

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