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Cross-fit By, Alex Lewis Audience is Personal training clients.

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1 Cross-fit By, Alex Lewis Audience is Personal training clients

2 Crossfit is a principal strength and conditioning program for police academics and tactile. (1)

3 What is crossfit A fitness program that delivers by design a broad, general and inclusive program. The program is designed for universal scalability. The routine is perfect for any average person who’s committed to the routine. (1) Average Person

4 Founded by Gymnast Greg Glassman. Year discover was 1995 Location was Santa Cruz, California The first Crossfit gym opened up in Santa Cruz, California. The number of crossfit gyms grew from 18 in 2005 to 1,700 gyms in 2010 (1)

5 Why should one do Crossfit ? One should do Crossfit because of the rewards that one gets from the program. One should do Crossfit because of the 1000’s of athletes that use the Crossfit program All of the athletes who use the program come from a various number of backgrounds. (1)

6 How does one get involved with Crossfit ? One gets involved with Crossfit by going to a Crossfit training location.(1) One can also start doing Crossfit on their own. (1) How do I get involved ?

7 Crossfit Locations There are three locations which offer Crossfit Training Close to Rowan:  Crossfit1force located in Deptford, NJ  Crossfit off the Grid located in Williamstown, NJ  Crossfit Solstice located in Woolwich Township, NJ

8 What equipment is needed for Crossfit ? Olympic weight set Place do push-ups & dips Gymnastics rings Dumbbells Kettle balls Plyometric boxes Medicine balls (2)

9 Crossfit exercises Power Cleans are bringing a weight from the ground all the way up to a shoulder level very quickly with a lot of force. Burpees are which you drop to the floor and do a push up and then do a squat and jump straight up. Barbell snatch Is when you take a barbell is pulled from the floor directly over your head in a quick motion. Other simple exercises are push-ups and sit-ups. (2)

10 Crossfit WOD What is the Wod ? It is the Crossfit workout of the day. Some WOD’s named after military people.  Example- The Murph, which is 1 mile timed run followed by 100 pull-ups and then 200 push-ups followed by 300 body weight squats then followed by a second 1 mile run. (2)

11 Crossfit Nutrition Nutrition program not developed by a registered dietician. Lower carb, higher protein Consumption. Diet doesn’t meet Daily values for food Groups. (2)

12 Nutrition for Crossfit

13 What are some Advantages of Crossfit Doesn’t require expensive equipment Can be done at home Large number of WODs Intense and short workout (2)

14 Other Advantages of Crossfit Good change from normal workout routines. Alternative Crossfit routines available for sports. (2)

15 Negatives of Crossfit Risk of Injury Olympic style weight Lifting can be dangerous. (2) I wish I didn’t drop the barbell on my head.

16 Other concerns of Crossfit A risk for rhabdomyolysis is a concern for people who participate in intense exercise. Rhabdomyolysis can include general stiffness, weakness and soreness of the muscles. To avoid increase intensity of each workout slowly. Keep hydrated and don’t workout in hot environments. (2)

17 Crossfit Games What are the Crossfit games ? A comprehensive test of fitness, to find who’s the fittest person. (3) That’s one fit person

18 Crossfit Games Several unique characteristics define the Crossfit games. Details aren’t announced until the day of the event. More info on Crossfit (3)Crossfit

19 Reviewing Crossfit Crossfit is a very intense workout. The Workout is not for the non-dedicated Getting involved with Crossfit can be at designated location or on you own.

20 Are you ready to try Crossfit ? Crossfit can be very intense and hard at times. If you put your mind to Crossfit you can achieve your fitness goals. Many people have seen numerous results from doing the Crossfit training program. So give Crossfit a try to achieve your goals.

21 References 1. 2. 3.

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