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Lackawanna County Cooperation Commission Alan Baranski, AICP V.P. Community & Government Services Kurt Bauman Government Services Manager March 26, 2009.

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1 Lackawanna County Cooperation Commission Alan Baranski, AICP V.P. Community & Government Services Kurt Bauman Government Services Manager March 26, 2009

2 The Northeastern Pennsylvania Alliance (NEPA)  A staff of 30 full time and part time professionals  A Board of Directors with 46 members who represent each of Northeastern Pennsylvania’s seven counties and NEPA’s service area - Carbon, Lackawanna, Luzerne, Monroe, Pike, Schuylkill and Wayne

3 History  Organized in 1964 by the private sector as a 501(c)4 public nonprofit  Became a Local Development District (LDD) and an Economic Development District (EDD) in 1965  Recognized the value of a regional approach to economic development  Now a public/private partnership with representation from state, county and local government and private sector organizations  Regional population - 1,001,476  Regional coverage - 4,400 square miles

4 Lackawanna County Board Members Commissioner Mike Washo, (Kevin Haggerty) Philip Condron Timothy Laboranti John “Jack” McNulty Vincent Riggi

5 7 LDD’s in Pennsylvania serving 52 Counties 72 LDD’s in the 13 State Appalachian Region

6 Organizational Structure NEPA Divisions  Administrative Services  Accounting, Contract Management & HR  Information Technology  Research & Information  Community & Government Services  Planning  Local Government Assistance  Nonprofit & Community Assistance Center (NCAC)  Enterprise Development  Business Finance Center/Loan Programs  International Business Development  Government Procurement Technical Assistance Center (PTAC)  EDA & ARC Grant Program  Marketing & Commutations

7 NEPA Affiliations  Appalachian Regional Commission (ARC)  Economic Development Administration (EDA)  PA Department of Community & Economic Development  PA Center for Local Government Services  Local Development District Association of Pennsylvania (LDDAP)  Pennsylvania Department of Transportation - Planning Partner (RPO)  Northeastern Pennsylvania Environmental Partners  Pennsylvania State Data Center  Lackawanna/Luzerne Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO)  American Planning Association (APA)  National Association of Development Organizations (NADO)  National Association of Regional Councils (NARC)  Alliance of National Heritage Areas (ANHA)

8 NEPA Committees  Northeastern Pennsylvania Rural Transportation Planning Organization Committee (RPO)  Northeastern Pennsylvania Rural Transportation Planning Organization Transit Subcommittee (RPO)  Blue Ribbon Task Force (in support of Tobyhanna Army Depot)  Focus 81 Committee  NEPA Energy Advisory Council  NEPA Telecommunication Committee  NEPA Entrepreneurial Network

9 Federal Partners Appalachian Regional Commission Increase job opportunities and per capita income, strengthen the capacity to compete in a global economy, develop and improve infrastructure to make regional economy competitive and build Appalachian Development Highway System to reduce isolation. Economic Development Administration To lead the economic development agenda by promoting innovation and competitiveness, preparing the region for growth and success in the worldwide economy.

10 State Partners PA DCED The goal of the Department of Community and Economic Development (DCED) is to foster opportunities for businesses and communities to succeed and thrive in a global economy, thereby enabling Pennsylvanians to achieve a superior quality of life. Led by Acting Secretary George Cornelius, the Department ensures growth and development in our businesses and communities across Pennsylvania. PennDOT Mission Statement - Through the active involvement of customers, employees and partners, the Department of Transportation provides services and a safe intermodal transportation system that attracts businesses and residents and stimulates Pennsylvania’s economy.

11 Community and Government Services  MTAP (Municipal Technical Assistance Program)  Northeastern Pennsylvania Rural Transportation Planning Organization  Focus 81 -  Local Technical Assistance Program (LTAP)  Energy Assistance Program  Multi-Municipal Cooperative Purchasing (New Program)  eCOMMonwealth Program  Broadband Outreach & Aggregation Fund (BOAF)  Special Projects  Plymouth Township – Act 47 Recovery Plan Coordinator  Central Wayne Regional Authority  Damascus Township  Milford/Matamoras Shared Services  Back Mountain Community Partnership  Pennsylvania Route 6 Heritage Communities Program

12 Community and Government Services Energy Assistance Program  Program goal is to help local governments, schools and hospitals reduce their operating costs and energy consumption through education, training and service delivery The program includes: 1.Technical Assistance: NEPA will assist in finding program funding including grant & loan availability for assessments, planning & capital improvements 2.Utility Bill Analysis: NEPA will provide a comprehensive Utility Bill Analysis Report including detailed energy consumption & cost 3.Training Workshops/Seminars: NEPA has partnered with a variety of energy consultants & experts to develop workshops & seminars designed to educate clients

13 Community and Government Services Energy Assistance Program  Traffic Signal Conversion Program – Grant Round  LED’s consume 80-90 percent less energy than conventional traffic signals.  LED’s have an operating life from 5-10 years as compared to 1 year for an incandescent lamp.  Payback or ROI is 2-4 years without grant funding  On average its costs $3,000 per signalized intersection for labor and materials to convert from incandescent to LED signals.

14 Community and Government Services Multi-Municipal Cooperative Purchasing  NEPA has been developing an organizational structure and pilot area for the initiation of a cooperative purchasing program that will better serve local governments with an expanded commodity listing and cumulative purchasing power  NEPA hired a consultant to develop a cooperative purchasing alliance website for the region  NEPA staff will be working over the next few months to determine a date for initiating the new purchasing alliance website and cooperative purchasing service

15 Community and Government Services Central Wayne Regional Authority  The Boroughs of Bethany and Honesdale and the Townships of Cherry Ridge, Dyberry, and Texas are being assisted in the formation of a regional sewer authority  NEPA and WEDCO staff have been meeting with the professional legal/engineering team and the regional group to continue the process of the regional authority creation  NEPA staff has been notified that WEDCO received a Community Revitalization Program grant for $25,000 and received an additional $25,000 in DCED Shared Municipal Services (SMS) program funds to cover the professional service costs related to the start-up of the authority  A Public Hearing was conducted in Honesdale on December 19th as required by the Municipal Authorities Act and the governing bodies of the five participating municipalities have now formally approved the Intermunicipal Agreement

16 Community and Government Services Back Mountain Community Partnership  Drafting the Articles of Agreement  Sample Ordinance Language for entering into a cooperative agreement  Research on upcoming FHWA on Penn DOT road sign retro- reflectivity requirements  Coordinated and scheduled upcoming Open Records Seminar with Open Records Office Deputy Director Barry Fox in conjunction with State Senator Lisa Baker’s office and Misericordia University (April 2nd)  Facilitation of meetings and stimulating ideas for cooperative initiatives  Provide administrative support

17 Community and Government Services Damascus Township, Pike County Management & Operations Assessment Report  Completed Management and Operations Assessment  Developed best practices/procedures document pertaining to certain issues outlined in the report  Provided a comparison analysis of revenue/taxes of surrounding municipalities  Provided operations and administrative recommendations to improve efficiencies  Coordinating the arrangement of a LTAP Posting and Bonding Course

18 Community and Government Services Milford/Matamoras Shared Services Initiative  NEPA staff assisted municipalities in Pike County with the preparation of a grant application for the purpose of purchasing refuse collection equipment and the initiation of a joint collection program  The municipalities received a $50,000 Shared Municipal Services (SMS) grant leveraged against $90,000 of local match

19 Community and Government Services Plymouth Township Financial Recovery Plan - Act 47 (Municipalities Financial Recovery Act)  DCED designated Plymouth Township, Luzerne County as "financially distressed" in 2004.  NEPA was appointed as the recovery plan coordinator and worked with township officials to develop a long-term financial recovery plan. NEPA has assisted the township with the implementation of the plan.  NEPA has updated the recovery plan highlighting the progress that has been made in the township over the past six years.

20 Research and Information  NEPA’s Research & Information Department offers strategic and demographic information concerning the community and economic aspects of Northeastern Pennsylvania and its counties.  NEPA currently offers economic impact modeling to assist in evaluating economic and community development projects in the region.  NEPA develops and updates the Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy for the region, an annual document that is required by the U.S. Department of Commerce, Economic Development Administration.  From July 2007 to June 2008, there were 346 requests for information from various private organizations, businesses, government, media, academic/research institutions and private citizens.  For customized data contact Steve Zaricki, Research & Information Manager.

21 Community Assistance Nonprofit & Community Assistance Center NCAC offers a suite of unique services, workshops, and resources that have been strategically designed to assist the more 2,200 nonprofits in our region.  Offers professional newsletters, funding source indexes and reference materials to area nonprofit, civic, social service and community groups/organizations.  NCAC, a cooperating collection of the Foundation Center, has access to a national reference library & an electronic database of funding sources for nonprofit organizations, municipalities and various community groups/clubs.

22 Questions? 1151 Oak Street Pittston, PA 18640 570-65-5581 Questions?

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