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Mission Statement: Care & Concern. The Birth A unique club sponsored by Rotary International on 6th February 1995 with 32 disciples of Paul Harris.

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1 Mission Statement: Care & Concern

2 The Birth A unique club sponsored by Rotary International on 6th February 1995 with 32 disciples of Paul Harris

3 An Endless Journey Begins Soon They are 108, Rotary International awarded the Prestigious Crystal Award in the very 1st Year

4 Purpose Dedicated to Care & Concern of the less privileged brethren

5 3-H PROJECTS Rotary Midtown Dam Project Cost 6,70,000 US$ 1.8 Km long Dam Benefit to 100000 slum dwellers

6 Rotary Midtown Dam Eco Friendly Zero Maintenance 120 MCFT water every year Entire cost recovered in the first year

7 3H 1377-02 – EARTHQUAKE REHABILITATION TOWNSHIP 175 Houses with Hospital, school,Roads,Community Center,Water supply,Drainage,Power & Bus Station

8 Happy Family at Township Job opportunities to all residents

9 Earthquake of 2001 Immediate relief work 2300 Tents,6000 Blankets, Food & medical help for three months

10 Earth Quake Relief Rotary Midtown Township at MORVI - 265 Houses Built

11 After Construction

12 Schools Rebuilding Total Six schools Rebuilt After Earthquake 2001

13 Bavajiraj School First Girls school of Gujarat Bavajiraj School with the help Banglore, India

14 After Reconstruction

15 Pratap Kuvarba School Mahatma Gandhi took his primary education Pratap Kuvarba School with the help of Malaysia Dist.3300

16 Kasturbadham Tramba School Kasturba Gandhi took her primary education with the help of Dist.2050 Italy

17 Jiviben Tanna Hostel for girls With the help of RC Davenport D 6000, USA 500 students get benefit every year

18 Rotary Midtown Metoda School Built with the help of Chartered Accountant Association India & Japan

19 Laxmibai Girls School Built with the help from Rotary in Great Britain and Ireland

20 Permanent Projects Managed By RC of Rajkot Midtown Trust India

21 Rotary Dolls Museum 78000 emails Contacted 27000 Rotary Clubs 1500 Ethnic Dolls Friendship with 600 Clubs in 301 Districts Our centennial Project Activities Children’s Creativity Center Foreign Language Center Cinematheque

22 Rotary Dolls Museum

23 Rotary Midtown Drug Bank Drugs collected worth US$ 12000 every year Collected by Interactors

24 Rotary Midtown Medical Center Catering to 200000 slum dwellers Nominal Charges of Rs. 5/- per Patient with Medicine

25 Rotary Midtown Vocational Training Center Creating many job opportunities Situated in a Interact School

26 Rotary Midtown Mobile Toy Library Going to 100 Slum Areas 20000 Slum Children get benefit every month

27 Rotary Midtown Deafness Corrective Center 100 Micro surgeries done free every year

28 Rotary Midtown Free Hearing Aid Center 500 Hearing Aid given free every year

29 Rotary Midtown Squint Eye Surgery Center 20 Children’s vision corrected free every year

30 Rotary Midtown Eye Center 60 Cataract operations done free every year

31 Rotary Midtown Dental Clinic Situated in a slum area with nominal rates Four dentist give their services 50 dentures given free every year

32 Rotary Midtown Arthritis & Back Ache Clinic A unique facility with physiotherapy Clinic Nominal Rates Life style improvement lectures

33 Rotary Midtown Diabetic Center 2000 patients every year 13 consultants Medicines at highly subsidized rates Complete diagnostic facilities Emphasize on prevention and life style change Meditation,yoga,Dietician, exercises

34 Rotary Midtown Library 175 magazines & 4000 Books 1200 Digital Media Audio Visual Theater

35 Swashray 500 women gets training every year Micro credit to 20 women every year Computer training Sewing, knitting, beauty treatment,

36 Rotary Midtown Pathology & X-Ray Center at Tramba 20 surrounding villages take advantage. Nominal charges Our doctors Give free Services

37 Cattle Camps 20000 cattle treated every year

38 Blood Donation Camps 300 bottles collected every year

39 Safe Drinking Water to 98 Schools in Rajkot Benefit to 90000 School Children

40 Mega Trade Fair- A fund Raising Project

41 Permanent Projects in Pipeline Knowledge on Road (Motor van) 5000 School Benches Different Medical Camps upliftment of 10000 slum children Scholarship to poor students

42 Medical Help Ambulance to Civil Hospital Diagnostic Camps with Free medicines & complete remedy Surgical Camps Urology Plastic Surgery Ophthalmic Surgery Laser Surgery

43 Village Activities Two R.C.C. Drinking water Facility Literacy Sanitation facility Medical Guidance

44 Slum Activities Literacy Vocational Training Water & Sanitation Facility Health & Hygiene Awareness Cloth & Food Distribution

45 Interact & Rotaract Activity Three Interact Three Rotaract Health Awareness lectures in school Regular Drug collections for Drug Bank Talent Contest Active Participation in all Community projects of Rotary Club

46 Tree Plantation 100 Trees every year In schools, Industrial area

47 Literacy Campaign Computer Centers in Kadvibai School Laxmibai School Rag picker Children School Contd….

48 Literacy Campaign Furniture in RMC & Rag picker School Virnagar Bal Mandir Note Books to RMC School Children Audio Visual Educational Center at Mentally Retarded Children School School Bus to Mentally Retarded Children School- Sneh Nirzar Sanitation Blocks in Six different Schools

49 Gift a smile Project

50 Polio Eradication Programme Rallies for Awareness Participation on NIDs Polio Corrective Surgeries, Calipers & Rehabilitation

51 Websites Nominated for the Top Ten in Best of the Rest category of Rotary world website Competition in 2002

52 Participation in District Activities District Assembly Intercity TRF & Other Seminars District Conference District Sports

53 Participation in Rotary Friendship Exchange Sponsored members in the exchange program Hosted more than 100 RFE members

54 Participation in Group Study Exchange Hosted GSE every year Sponsored Team Leader & Members


56 Contributions to The Rotary Foundation 135,000 US$ till 31 st March 2008 60 PHF & 30 Multiple Paul Harris fellow Member of Bequest Society 5 Benefactors 70 PHF sustaining members

57 Care & Concern Across the Globe Sponsored Two Matching Grants in BRAZIL

58 World Community service Two 3-H Grants Two COG Two CAP 21 Matching Grants in 2000-2001 - A record in the Rotary world. With 16 International Partner Clubs. Total worked on 45 Grants till 31 st March 2008.

59 Thank You Contact: Rotary Club of Rajkot Midtown Rtn. Deepak Agrawal “deepak” 4-Manhar plot RAJKOT 360002 INDIA Fax: +91-281-2476487 Hand phone: +91-9825480678 Email: info@

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