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Parsippany-Troy Hills’ Municipal Alliance Committee.

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1 Parsippany-Troy Hills’ Municipal Alliance Committee

2 What is MAC?? The Municipal Alliance Committee (MAC) Active in Parsippany for +30 years Funded through MAC’s mission = Prevent alcohol and drug abuse in Parsippany

3 MAC Milestones 1977 – Founded as “Drug and Alcohol Abuse Council” - Co-founders of DAAC: Mike DePierro and Marvin Ganik - Increase awareness about and prevention of alcohol and drug abuse

4 1989 – Governor’s Council on Alcoholism and Drug Abuse Founded -Re-named “Municipal Alliance Committee” to adhere to statewide and county standards and become eligible for funding 2007 – Celebrated 30 years of Programming for Prevention MAC Milestones

5 Who is MAC? Parent-Teachers Association

6 MAC Goals 2009 1.Reduce substance abuse among youth by enhancing academic success 2.Increase collaboration in community to promote alcohol/tobacco/drug-free activities Target Groups include: Families Schools Police Libraries Service Groups Businesses Community-at-Large

7 MAC Programs Central Connection & Brooklawn Bridge– Middle School Peer Leaders provide activities and conversation with elementary students to ease transition to middle school D.A.R.E. – program led by Parsippany’s Police Officers to develop self-esteem and increase positive communication between Police Officers and Parsippany’s youth Peer Leadership – Students trained in mentoring and conflict- resolution Homework Club – provide after-school academic learning Parent Skills – open workshops for parents to develop skills to communicate with their children (Middle School) Talking to Children - open workshops for parents to develop skills to communicate with their children (Elementary School) Project Graduation – alcohol and drug-free event for High School students following graduation MAC helps to fund and/or coordinate the following programs:

8 Get Involved with MAC! Sign up to receive MAC Event Notifications / Updates Offer new ideas for programs Co-Sponsor a MAC Program Visit us on the web for more info:


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