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Useful Information for Marketers Relating to Social Media.

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1 Useful Information for Marketers Relating to Social Media

2 Global Penetration

3 Active Usage

4 LinkedIn Most Popular with Mature Consumers

5 Pinterest Biggest Growth

6 Social Media Use Growing in Older Consumers

7 Facebook Leads in Active Usage

8 Facebook is about PICTURES

9 Twitter is about Daily Activities

10 Key Findings  Active usage of the major, global social platforms is growing worldwide with mobile being the key driver  Google+ remains the second most actively used social network with 318.4 million active users in 31 markets  Emerging platforms have experienced notable growth in popularity since Q2 2012 with Pinterest and Tumblr being currently the fastest growing global social media  Facebook maintains the highest penetration of active users among account owners at 62% globally. This compares to 51 % for Twitter and 44% for Google+  Emerging markets remain more active on social networks compared with developed countries. In Q2 2013 South Africa had the highest proportion of active Facebook users: 68%.  Mobile and tablet usage is beginning to heavily impact social media usage with mobile having the biggest effect on Twitter which is used by 94 million active Twitter to share photos compared to 140 million on PC. This is the highest proportion of mobile vs. PC photos sharing of any social network

11 Facebook Tips for New Companies  Create a FB page, not a personal profile  If you are running a personal profile as a business FB may shut you down  Keep your FB Page name short and get it right the first time  Can only change the page name if you have less than 200 likes  Grab a Vanity URL for your FB page   Must have 25 likes

12 Facebook Tips  Fill in your business information accurately and employ the ABOUT section trick  Essentials should be filled in  Name, address, phone #, contact details and website  Use relevant key words to maximize SEO (text is indexed by Google  Markdown as may brands of clothes you offer, types of food you offer, etc.  Create a Well Branded Cover Photo  Use large Timeline photo to communicate your brand or message

13 Facebook Tips  Add a call to action, offers and links in the cover design and description  When you upload the cover photo, write a caption and add in a call to action or a website link, an offer, discount code  BONUS anytime you change photos it will appear in the feed with your offer (like 10% off)  Cover photo will not look the same mobile vs. desktop

14 FB Tips  Add a follow button to your personal profile  This does not make them a friend, just allows them to see public posts  https://www.  Add a Facebook page URL to your email signature  Stick your Facebook URL to your email signature so that emails may generate visits to the FB page  Make it a call to action, “Like us on FB for exclusive discounts and offers.”

15 Social Media Tips  Add the FB or Twitter logos to you business cards, business locations (payment window)  Add your FB page URL to your Twitter page   Ask your Twitter and Google+ followers to LIKE your FB page  Create a QR code link to your Facebook page  Scan with your smartphone and will link to your FB page … free sites enable you to make a QR code 

16 Social Media Synergy  Add your FB page URL in your You Tube videos along with the video description  Post product demonstrations, news appearances, commercials on YouTube and remind people to follow you on Twitter and/or Facebook

17 FB Tips  Post often and consistently: be visible and compelling  Engage the consumer  Attempt to minimize getting the “HIDE” from customer news feeds  GOAL  10-20% reach without paid promotion  Why? People do not check everyday, stay on site between 30-60 minutes

18 FB Tips  By keeping your content quality high, the newer algorithms for FB can select your post to “re- surface” if it gets an adequate number of likes and comments.  Increases reach and frequency  Tailor to mobile users, keep updates short  Remember skimming and single messages to enhance memorability  Use hashtags on FB to encourage engagement and conversation  Will appear as clickable links in the page and newsfeed  (DESKTOP ONLY)

19 FB Effectiveness Tips  Use strategic hash tags related to your brand and industry in your posts. Can be general i.e., sports or specific to your business #MTSUblueraiders  Repost your top notch content yourself as the administrator  Use @username when replying to customer inquiries; it adds a personal touch and directly responds to the query

20 FB Tips  Limit your jargon and watch your language  Be professional  Do not argue with customers or “likers”  Maintain a consistent brand voice and personality  Use “we” to be inclusive  Employ “fill in the blanks” posts to encourage interaction  If you could vacation anywhere it would be ______”

21 FB Business Page Tips  Enable Private Messaging  Use photos and videos for higher engagement (remember Americans are lazy and visual )  Be on top of the cultural pulse.. It will further engage your audience  Alternate your video placements between You Tube and Facebook to increase your Google presence.

22 The Nearby Tab and Mobile Recommendations  800 monthly mobile users on FB  In December 2012 users can now find your local business, see which of their friends have visited, and whether they or the wider FB community have recommended you with star ratings and reviews  Make sure your profile information is accurate and current so mobile users can locate you, call you and find directions

23 Check Ins  Anyone can create a Facebook Place using their phone  If you set up your page as a Place Page (happens automatically when you set your category as Local business and provide relevant information pertaining to the location), Facebook will attempt to display your page when someone check-ins!

24 Claiming your “Place”  Perform a search for your business on FB and filter by Places  Click on your unclaimed Page and choose the cog icon menu  Select “Is this your business”  Follow the steps that appear on the screen. Add and verify information about your business, “like” its address and Website, and click Continue

25 Claim your PLACE  FB will ask you to claim your Page to prevent other people from becoming an admin without your permission. Choose to verify your connection to the business by Email or by uploading documentation  Email – choose this option if you have a business email address associated with your FB account. Generic Yahoo! and gmail will not be accepted   Documentation: Upload or scan a photo of an official document that show’s your business’s name and address (e.g., a phone bill)  Click SUBMIT

26 Check IN  Encourage your customers to check in and make sure you and your employees check in as well  Place notices to remind customers and employees  You can make Check In discounts or promotions or real time deals

27 Facebook Offers  As of July 2013, Facebook removed its dedicated Offers option from the status update box on Pages.  You can no longer do interactive offers from your FB page but you can announce them and direct customers to the website for immediate offers  Visit Sissy’s Candyland online today and receive free shipping on orders of $50 or more

28 Cross-Promote with other FB Page Managers  Join with another retailer or provider in your area to offer cross promotions  Cross promote one another’s pages  Offer cross promotions i.e., buy your car from dealer Y and buy an extended coverage for dings through Dings r Us

29 Boost Significant Posts  To increase ordinary reach relating to sales, new location openings, etc. use Facebook’s Boost Post tool.  Boosted posts last three days and are great for increasing the reach amongst fans that don’t see every post you make  Facebook’s EdgeRank algorithm

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