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Happy Halloween! Are there social skills involved in Halloween?

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1 Happy Halloween! Are there social skills involved in Halloween?

2 Different expectations on Halloween 1.People (adults and kids) may be in costumes everywhere -At school -At stores/ buildings -On the train, bus, or streets Do you have to wear a costume on Halloween? - Nope But you should expect to see others in costumes

3 What if…. -You don’t like a friends costume? -What could you say if you think your costume is better than theirs? Social Fake -Bubble your thoughts -Say something polite Cool Costume Mine is better I don’t really like their costume That’s nice

4 Expectations on Halloween 2. Some kids go trick-or-treating - One time of the year when it is ‘expected’ to knock on the door or ring a neighbor’s doorbell and say ‘trick or treat’ expecting candy What do you see that is expected and unexpected?

5 What if… You knocked on someone’s door on a random Tuesday asking for candy? What would they think? What if an adult showed up to your house trying to trick or treat for candy? Hidden Rules about what is expected/ unexpected

6 Different expectations on Halloween 3. People may try to scare you (please do not scare people you do not know well) -Jumping out, maybe saying “Boo” or “AH” Ellen- -Pulling a Prank Sheldon- 0-2.52 -Wearing creepy, funny, or scary Masks Leonard- -Haunted Houses Taylor- 0-1.45 Be Aware: people have different reactions to being scared

7 What if you don’t like Halloween? Can do other things -Hand out candy -Watch a movie -Stay home Might celebrate it because it makes someone else happy Scorpion:

8 Halloween Idioms Please complete worksheet- for at least 5 idioms

9 Scared to death Means: Very frightened What are some situations that may scare you to death?

10 Skeleton Staff Means: the minimum number of employees needed to operate a business (often said of the staffing on holidays or weekends)

11 Ghost Town Means: a town or place that has been abandoned and no longer inhabited

12 To make someone’s blood boil Means: to make someone very angry

13 Out for Blood Means: determined to find someone to blame for something; looking to get revenge

14 A night owl Means: a person who often stays up late at night

15 Scare the pants off someone Means: frighten someone badly

16 You look like you’ve seen a ghost Means: you look frightened or upset (as one would expect you to look if you had really just seen a ghost)

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