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Halloween Tai Po Government Secondary school Dr. Taylor Timothy.

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2 Halloween Tai Po Government Secondary school Dr. Taylor Timothy

3 Here are some useful vocabulary words for our reading today. modern times 現代 earth 地球 in particular 尤其是 lanterns 燈籠 turnips 蘿蔔 frightened 驚恐 put out 擺放 apple bobbing 上下移動 get married 結婚 pick up 拿起 creatures 生物 pumpkins 南瓜 watermelon 西瓜 treat 款待

4 Every year, on 31st October, children in many parts of the world celebrate 慶祝 Halloween.

5 1. When is Halloween? A. The last day of the year B. The first day of October C. The last day of October D. The 31st of November

6 How much do you know about Halloween?

7 Do you know, for example, that in the past, Halloween was called the ‘Festival 節日 of the Dead 死人 ’?

8 2. ‘Festival of the Dead’ is a different name for what? A. Easter B. Christmas C. Halloween D. Death

9 3. ‘Festival of the Dead’ means what? A. Food for dead people B. A holiday for ghosts C. A holiday for people who will die D. A holiday for food

10 Read this article to find out more about Halloween.

11 What is Halloween?

12 If you think Halloween began in modern times, you will be surprised to learn that it has a long and interesting history.

13 4. Halloween is _____. A. a very new holiday B. a very boring holiday C. a very old holiday D. a very long holiday

14 It was first celebrated in Britain 英國 about two thousand years ago.

15 5. Where was Halloween first celebrated? A. In Hong Kong B. In America C. In Belgium 比利時 D. In Britain

16 6. When was Halloween first celebrated? A. About two years ago B. About twenty years ago C. About two hundred years ago D. About two thousand years ago

17 It was called the ‘Festival of the Dead’ because people believed that ghosts came back to earth on this day.

18 7. What did people believe ghosts did on Halloween? A. come back to life B. come back to earth C. die again D. scare people

19 What did people do on Halloween night in the past?

20 Some people (young people in particular) dressed up in scary costumes on Halloween night.

21 8. What did young people wear on Halloween? A. school uniforms B. their best clothes C. old clothes D. scary costumes

22 They walked around the streets carrying lanterns made out of turnips, played tricks on people and made a lot of noise. This is a turnip

23 9. What did young people do on Halloween? A. carry lanterns B. play tricks on people C. make a lot of noise D. all of the above

24 They thought that ghosts would be frightened of them and go away.

25 10. Why did children dress in scary clothes and make a lot of noise. A. They liked to be troublesome B. They wanted to scare the ghosts C. The ghosts scared them D. They had nothing else to do

26 Old people stayed at home and put out food for the ghosts.

27 11. What did old people do on Halloween? A. Eat food with ghosts B. Eat food for ghosts C. Give food to ghosts D. Give children to ghosts

28 They hoped the ghosts would eat the food and then go away.

29 12. Why did old people give food to ghosts? A. The ghosts were hungry B. The ghosts would go away C. The ghosts were their friends D. The ghosts would stay

30 Halloween night was a time to have fun, so lots of people played games.

31 13. Halloween was a time for what? A. fear B. fashion C. fun D. fame

32 For example, they played apple bobbing.

33 People believed that the winner of this game would get married in the following year!

34 14. What did people believe would happen to you if you won the apple bobbing game? A. A ghost would get you B. You might die C. You might get married D. Nothing

35 What is apple bobbing?


37 To play this game, you need some water, a basin 盤 and a large bag of apples.

38 15. What do you need to play apple bobbing? A. some apples B. some water C. a basin D. all of the above

39 You put the apples in the water.

40 Then you put your hands behind your back and try to pick up the apples with your teeth.

41 16. What do you do with the apples? A. pick them up with your hands B. pick them up with your feet C. pick them up with your teeth D. eat them with your teeth

42 What do people do today for Halloween?

43 If you join in any Halloween celebrations today, you will see that many of the activities are the same as in the past.

44 If you join in any Halloween celebrations today, you will see that many of the activities are the same as in the past. 17. What does this sentence mean? A. Halloween has not changed at all B. Halloween is much the same as in the past C. Halloween has changed a lot D. Halloween is completely different now

45 People still dress up in special, scary costumes.

46 For example, they dress up as witches, ghosts, skeletons and other scary creatures.

47 18. People usually do not dress up as what? A. witches B. ghosts C. cats D. skeletons

48 Many people also have fun with their friends and play Halloween games such as apple bobbing.

49 19. What is a popular Halloween game? A. apple pie baking B. apple bobbing C. apple picking D. apple eating

50 Some people also make lanterns.

51 These days, most lanterns are made out of pumpkins (not turnips).

52 20. Today, most Halloween lanterns are made from: A. turnips B. apples C. watermelons D. pumpkins

53 In Hong Kong, if there are no pumpkins in the supermarket, people will buy a watermelon instead.

54 21. What is sometimes used in Hong Kong instead of pumpkins? A. watermelons B. turnips C. apples D. pumpkins

55 Watermelons are also much cheaper than pumpkins! $120 = or !

56 22. Why are watermelons sometimes used instead of pumpkins? A. Watermelons cost less B. Sometimes there are no pumpkins C. Both A and B D. Neither A nor B

57 Another popular activity is Trick or Treating.

58 When children go Trick or Treating, they visit other people’s houses, ring the doorbell and shout ‘Trick or Treat’.

59 23. Where do children often go to play ‘Trick or Treat’? A. to the park B. to neighbors’ houses 鄰居 C. to school D. they stay at home

60 The people in the house usually give them a treat, such as sweets.

61 24. What do people give children playing ‘Trick or Treat’? A. apples B. watermelon C. pumpkin D. sweets

62 If they don’t give the children a treat, the children will play a trick on them.

63 25. If the children don’t get a sweet, what will they do to their neighbor? A. say ‘Thank you!’ B. complain about them C. play a trick on them D. give them a sweet

64 Do you have any plans for Halloween this year?

65 Whatever you do, have fun!

66 The End!

67 How much can you remember?

68 26. Where was Halloween first celebrated? A. USA B. Hong Kong C. Britain D. Belgium

69 27. Which year is closest to the first Halloween? A. 5 B. 205 C. 1005 D. 2005

70 28. Today, Halloween is mostly for ____? A. fear B. fun C. fright D. funerals

71 29. What kinds of food were mentioned in the reading? A. pumpkins, apples, mango B. watermelon, bananas, strawberries C. pie, sweets, chocolate D. turnips, pumpkins, watermelons, apples and sweets

72 30. What is one kind of scary costume children wear? A. uniform B. witch C. cat D. bat

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