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Tips to make your writing better

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1 Tips to make your writing better
Smiley Face Tricks Tips to make your writing better

2 Trick #1 MAGIC 3 —Three examples in a series can create a poetic rhythm or at least add support for a point, especially when the three items have their own modifiers Example: The night was pretty typical-we walked on the boardwalk and the beach, played games at the arcade, and ate the boardwalk famous italian sausage and onion sandwiches.

3 Trick #2 Figurative Language — Non-literal comparisons—such as similes, metaphors, and personification—add “spice” to writing and can help paint a more vivid picture for the reader. Example: My brother was sitting next to him on the couch, and apparently in a good mood, because he was all smiles! “Oh, yeah, you should have seen her face on the roller coaster. She screamed like a little girl!”

4 Trick #3 Specific Details for Effect — Instead of general, vague descriptions, specific sensory details help the reader visualize the person, place, thing, or idea. Example: I knew I had been caught, and honestly, I didn’t do anything wrong while I was there, so I spilled my guts and explained why I lied in the first place. I thought it might help me during the sentencing phase.

5 Trick #4 Repetition for Effect — Writers often repeat specially chosen words or phrases to make a point, to stress certain ideas for the reader. Example: Nothing illegal. Nothing inappropriate. Nothing which was worth the price I was about to pay for my lie!

6 Trick #5 Expanded Moment — Instead of “speeding” past a moment, writers often emphasize it by “expanding” the actions. Example: Picture it: Summer, The beach. My best friends, twins Heather and Kathy, were famous for meeting guys. This was no exception. They had become friends with a group of foreign exchange students, and for their last night in town, Heather and Kathy wanted to show them Seaside Heights, the local boardwalk and beach. When they invited me to go as well, I jumped at the chance. But there was one obstacle: my parents. I should mention, at this point that Heather and Kathy were two years old, which made them 18, and I had an early curfew.

7 Trick #6 Humor — Professional writers know the value of laughter; even subtle humor can help turn a “boring” paper into one that can raise someone’s spirits.  Example: At this point, I was confused. Why would he ask that? I looked at my brother again. The utter joy that shown on his face was unmistakable. He ratted on me! He finally got me back for all those times I lied to get him in trouble! Knowing I was backed into a corner, I bowed my head and muttered, “I cut school last week.” I closed my eyes and waited for the screaming. But it never came. Instead, when I opened my eyes, the look of confusion was now my father’s.

8 Trick #7 Hyphenated Modifiers — Sometimes a new way of saying something can make all the difference; hyphenated adjectives cause the reader to “sit up and take notice.” Example: The night was pretty typical- we walked on the boardwalk and the beach, played games at the arcade, and ate the boardwalk-famous Italian sausage and onion sandwiches.

9 Trick #8 Full-Circle Ending — Sometimes students need a special ending, one that “wraps up” the piece. One “trick” is to repeat a phrase from the beginning of the piece.  Example: Sometimes I wonder how I make it to adulthood-why didn’t my parents kill me, with all the stupid stunts I pulled? Here’s a classic…. …As for my brother, I think he needed tissues and oxygen to recover from his fit of laughter. I definitely learned my lesson about lying.

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