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Smiley Face Tricks. Smiley Face Tricks are used to make your writing stronger. We will learn eight different ways to make your writing stronger, by making.

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1 Smiley Face Tricks

2 Smiley Face Tricks are used to make your writing stronger. We will learn eight different ways to make your writing stronger, by making it more detailed!

3 Magic Three Three parallel groups of words separated by commas. Used to create a poetic rhythm or add support for a point (Elaborate & Explain)

4 Example 1 The boy jumped up and down, cried huge tears of joy, and plastered a big smile on his face when he received the new game.

5 Example 2 His palms became sweaty and shaky, his neck tingled with anticipation, and his heart puttered with emotion when he saw the beautiful girl.

6 Example 3 I love to relax by reading a favorite book, playing with my family, or eating out with friends.

7 Let’s Practice Create 3 Magic Three sentences. Be prepared to share.

8 Smiley Face Tricks Figurative Language

9 Non-literal comparisons Used to add “spice” to your writing Helps paint a vivid picture for the reader

10 Different Types of Figurative Language Simile Metaphor Hyperbole Personification

11 Simile Comparing two things, using “like” or “as” or “than”. Example: (copy at least 2) – His arms were like tree trunks. – She was faster than a jaguar. – She was as sweet as sugar.

12 Metaphor Directly comparing two things, usually using “is” Example: – She is a summer day when she smiles. – He is a jaguar when he races down the street. – Her legs were twigs and her arms were straws the girl was seriously skinny.

13 Hyperbole An exaggeration, to express a strong point. Example: – The books weigh a ton. – I am doing a million things right now.

14 Personification Placing human-like characteristics on an item Example: – The sun smiled on me today. – The wind kissed my cheek gently.

15 Your Turn Come up with 2 examples for each type of figurative language. BE PREPARED TO SHARE Simile Metaphor Hyperbole Personification

16 Smiley Face Tricks Specific Details For Effect

17 Specific Details for Effect Use your five senses to create a specific explanation of what your writing is trying to express. Help the person visualize and imagine, through your words.

18 5 Senses Hear See Smell Touch Taste

19 Specific Details For Effect Example 1: “ I started shivering. I could taste blood in my mouth and smell it in my nose. It had a cold, metallic taste that made my stomach twist inside out. I tore away from Pieter’s grip and ran back to the rail, emptying my stomach over the side.” P. 54 Letters from Rifka

20 Specific Details for Effect Example 2: “Before I could finish, water, a wall of water, rose up over me. Pieter grabbed me around the waist and hurled me away from the side. The water came crashing down over our heads, slamming us onto the deck. Pieter held onto me as the water sucked at my body, trying to pull me overboard.” P. 54 Letters from Rifka

21 Your Task 1.Pick any item in your possession 2.Write 10 sentences describing EVERY aspect of the item. 3.Remember to consider all 5 of your senses. BE PREARED TO SHARE.

22 Smiley Face Tricks Repetition For Effect

23 Repeating specifically chosen words or phrases to make a point To stress certain ideas for the readers

24 Repetition For Effect Example 1: “He wrote that at Ellis Island you are neither in nor out of America. Ellis Island is a line separating my future from my past. Until I cross that line, I am still homeless, still an immigrant. Once I leave Ellis Island, though, I will truly be in America.” P. 57 Letters from Rifka

25 Repetition For Effect Example 2: “While I was shopping with the lady from the HIAS that first week, I saw a hat that I wanted, a hat that would cover my baldness. I thought if I only owned such a hat, it would not matter so much that I was bald… but I did not have the money.” P. 45 Letters from Rifka

26 Smiley Face Tricks Expanded Moments

27 Expanded Moments Instead of “speeding” past a moment, writers sometimes spend some time explaining a certain part of the story in detail.

28 Examples: “Then Pieter bent over and kissed me! Right on my lips, Tovah. A warm kiss, with the soft blond hairs of his mustache tickling me.” p. 52 Letters from Rifka “The treatments are not so bad as I feared. I walk to the convent once a day. The nun in charge of my case is Sister Katrina. She washes my scalp with a green soap that makes my eyes water. Then she puts me under a violet light. The light warms my head.” p. 37 Letters from Rifka

29 Your Turn Write one paragraph, explaining one specific moment of your day. Make sure to explain every single detail and use repetition. Let the reader feel as though they are you.

30 Smiley Face Tricks Humor

31 Good writers know when to add a bit of humor, something funny, to their paper. This can make a potential boring paper into an interesting and entertaining paper, lifting someone’s spirits.

32 Example: “There I was on the first day of school—the picture-perfect girl. My new outfit looked like something from my big sister’s magazine, my hair—for once– was having a good day, and I was strutting in my new shoes. Little did I know that I was trailing a three-yard piece of Charmin behind me. So much for using the bathroom right before class.” (Ledbetter p.106)

33 Your Turn 1.Write about something that has happened to you that you think/thought was funny. Try to write it down and capture it in words. 2.Then, read it to yourself. Does it still sound funny? 3.If it does not, figure out what you can add/change to make sure your words capture the humor.

34 Smiley Face Tricks Hyphenated Modifiers

35 Hyphenated Modifiers Sometimes a new way of saying something can make all the difference. Hyphenated adjectives often cause the reader to “sit up and take notice” of what you have written.

36 Examples The teacher looked at me with her I-am-going-to-give- you-a-detention look. When I was getting dressed for school, my mom had this you’d-better-wear-that-red-sweater-your- grandma-knitted-you-or-else look. He gave me a let’s-be-friends handshake. She gave me the I-don’t-like-your-shirt look.

37 Your Turn Write 3 different sentences using hyphenated words in each one. There must be at least 3 words or more in the hyphenated phrase.

38 Smiley Face Tricks Full-Circle Ending

39 Full-Circle Ending This is a special type of ending that effectively “wraps up” the pieces. One way to do this is to repeat a phrase-perhaps with slightly different words-from the beginning of your writing.

40 Example: From beginning: I sit quietly on the old wooden deck, watching the birds soar through the humid air. The ocean’s waves are like wrinkles gathered up in place. From end: The clouds are so delicate, so fragile, yet a single plane could not break their perfect form. I sit quietly on the old wooden deck, watching the birds, the waves, the clouds.

41 Your Turn Beginning: Write 5 sentences to start off a short story about something that has happened to you in 8 th grade. End: Write 5 sentences to end the short story. BUT, this time reword what you initially wrote.

42 The End Go forth and improve your writing!!

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