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PantherTimes HALLOWEEN TIPS Halloween is here, and now we can go get lots of candy! Make sure you wear scary costumes. If you don’t want to wear scary.

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1 PantherTimes HALLOWEEN TIPS Halloween is here, and now we can go get lots of candy! Make sure you wear scary costumes. If you don’t want to wear scary costumes, you don’t have to. I hope you have a lot of fun. Go to a lot of houses. Bring a good friend with you. If you don’t want to bring a friend with you then you don’t have to, just bring a parent with you. HAPPY HALLOWEEN By Amber Brazil October 23, 2009 Vol. 1, issue 1 Welcome to the first edition of the Riverview Panther Times. We look forward to issuing an edition at the end of every month. Regular features will include Students of the Month, original fiction stories and art by students, Teachers of the Month, and the Fun Page, which is full of puzzles, word searches, crosswords, word scrambles and more! This is a student friendly issue, and we are happy to accept any input or suggestions that you might have. In future issues, we will be doing art and fiction story contests, and would like students to submit entries. Entries need to be in by the end of the first two weeks of the month. By Eliza Partika History of Halloween People have celebrated Halloween since the nineteenth century. A lot of countries celebrate Halloween, for example, the United States, Ireland, Brazil, the United Kingdom, Canada, Puerto Rico, Australia, and New Zealand. Trick-or-treating is one of the main traditions of Halloween. The “treat” part of trick-or-treating resembles the late medieval practice of “Souling,” when poor folk would go door to door on Hallowmas (November 1) receiving food in return for prayers for the dead on All Souls Day (November 2). In Ohio, Iowa, and Massachusetts, the night designated for Trick- or-treating is often referred to as Beggars Night. Cont. on back page

2 FEAR OVERLOAD A FRIGHTENING EXPERIENCE You walk through a dark room. Nothing is familiar. Terrifying figures surround you on every corner, waiting to jump out at any moment. On October 23 rd, 2009, the Fear Overload Premiere will be held with tons of horrifying events including a spine-chilling haunted house. It is located on 547 L St., Westfield Downtown Plaza, in Sacremento, California. Since 1997 it has stricken terror into the hearts of many local residents. Every year is an entirely new, haunting experience! The rooms in the haunted house change invariably with even more shocking surprises! General admission is $13.00 and V.I.P is $17.00. Other dates are October 24 th - 31 st, and November 1 st. Don’t miss the amazing and terrifying FEAR OVERLOAD!!!!! Article by Enid Partika Students of the Month - Sept. Students Homeroom Josh VieiraWemple Kristen Layton-PeddicordCiaramitaro Abel ZapienLucero Madeira MachadoDouglas Lacey DuBoisMurphy Carlin ClineFleetwood Aimee BrownMogianesi Hana GriffinCamacho Tara CainWright Kylee HaganOlson Dylan KauzlarichHamilton Jamie Moe CampbellVieira Rebekah KinserOlvera Jose TorresSnyder Hector CazaresPeyret

3 THE MISSING FILES TIME: July 14, 1984 11:45 PLACE: Office building, lower north side CITY: UNABLE TO DISCLOSE Alice was tired of working late, even though she liked the library, being the only librarian there was kinda creepy. She had been working for six years at the library, but these past few weeks she had been working overtime till eleven, twelve, and one.”I’m sick of this! I`m sixty four! I’m too old for this!” she grumbled as she climbed the ladder fourteen feet to the top to shelve the horror novels. As she climbed the last rung to the twenty-seventh shelf she slipped. She tumbled down towards the ground, but you can only go so far with fourteen feet (fourteen feet to be exact). She hit the ground, head first and hard. And in her last few moments before she lost consciousness she saw a head lean over her, she gasped and then promptly lost consciousness. She woke up in a daze and looked around, and realized everything was white. Then she realized she had a pounding headache. ”Ooohhhhh,” she groaned. ”Want some water?” a kind voice asked. She looked up startled and saw a young girl standing over her. “Sure,” Alice said and the girl held out her hand and in it was a glass of water. ”Where am I?” she asked, and then took a sip of water. “You’re here, in limbo” the girl replied and then seeing her confused expression she quickly added, “Limbo, neither here nor there. Limbo is everywhere.” “Sounds like Dr.Seuss.” “Who do you think came up with it,” she answered with an expression that said she had said it a million times before. ”Why am I here?” “You fell fourteen feet off a ladder.“ “Am I dead?!” she asked, her face covered with fear. “No,” she said matter-of-factly. And as she said that the world began to swim in a multi-colored swirl. Then she woke up and looked at her Macintosh screen; a message pulsed on the screen. “ERROR: CANNOT DISPLAY CHARACTERS,” it read. She pulled her head off the keyboard. “Must have dozed off. What a weird dream!” Alice said, clicked OK and went on writing her story. Original story by Patch Murphy

4 Mr. Ciaramitaro Mrs. Murphy and Bob Teachers of the Month Mrs. Murphy was born and raised in San Jose. Her birthday is December 20, five days before Christmas. When she was in college she taught a pre-school class, and she decided to become a teacher. She said that if she was not a teacher she would want to be a welder, and she would want to own an art farm. She said that when she was in grade school, she would have wanted to be more outgoing. Mrs.Murphy’s hobbies are gardening and reading. She said if she could live anywhere in the world, she would in Murtle Beach, North Carolina. When Mrs.Murphy’s puppy passed away, she saw an ad in the paper for service dogs. So, since then, she has had seven service dogs. Her current dog is Bob; he is her seventh service dog. She normally has a service dog for a year and a half. Mrs. Murphy says it is hard to let the dogs go. Bob is leaving in December, we will be very,very sad. But we are glad to have Mrs. Murphy!!! Reporting/photo by Lacey Dubois, Alyssa DeLaRosa, Cheyanne Bastedo Mr. Ciaramitaro has been teaching for five years. He has also taught at Rio Vista High School and Laguna Middle School. He was born in Walnut Creek and attended Rio Vista High School before he moved to San Luis Obispo from 2001-2005. He has had 6 different jobs including this one. Before he was a teacher, he was a landscaper, a manager at Embassy Suites, and a student athlete. His favorite job is this one!! His favorite color is blue. He went to California Polytech State University and Sacramento State where he graduated. He is still going to college to get his science degree in Kinesiology in December. Kinesiology is the study of movement. It helps him be a better P.E. teacher. Reporting/photo by Ruby West and Celeste Mcgahey

5 cat bat boo treat witch black costume pumpkin haunted halloween

6 These puzzles represent expressions we use. Solve them by carefully noticing the positions of the words and pictures. Are they under, over, mixed-up, inside, or a certain size? For example, in the first box the word “I” is under the word “stand” making “I understand.” A retelling of an old Chinese tale about why cats and rats are mortal enemies with original art by a 7 th grade student.

7 Calvin & Hobbes: Snowmen House of Horror

8 The After School Program is having a Pumpkin Carving Contest. Come and sign up. You have to be signed up in the after school program to join in the Pumpkin Carving Contest. There is a sign up sheet in the cafeteria. When: Friday, October 30 Where: The After School Program Prize: 1 st,2 nd,and 3 rd place will win one movie tickets. For more information please contact Nancy Guggemos. (Halloween History-cont.) The “trick” part of trick-or-treat is a threat to play a trick on the homeowner’s property if no treat is given. Police in the United Kingdom have threatened to prosecute parents who allow their children to carry out the trick element. It seemed to be illegal for doing the trick in trick-or-treating and police warnings have further raised suspicion about this game and Halloween in general. Part of the history of Halloween is the costumes. Masks and costumes were worn at one time in an attempt to mimic evil spirits or to appease them. Near the border of upstate New York, it was normal for the smaller children to go street disguising on Halloween between 6 and 7 p.m. visiting shops and neighbors to be awarded with nuts and candies for their rhymes and songs. That is the history of Halloween. Article by Vanessa Barbee Staff and contributors: Patch MurphyAmber BrazilCeleste McGahey Alex SamanoLacey DuBoisRuby West Robin SamanoAlyssa DeLaRosaMarcy Rossi Vanessa BarbeeEliza PartikaNancy Guggemos Cheyanne BastedoEnid PartikaMr. Olson: Editor-in-Chief Upcoming Dates & Events *Halloween Dance : Friday, Oct. 30 5 th /6 th is from 3:00 to 5:00 and 7 th /8 th is from 6:00 to 8:00. Doors are closed to dance at 3:30 and 6:30, so don’t be late. * 1 st Quarter report cards are being mailed home this week * Oct. 28 th, 29 th, and 30 th will be minimum days for parent/teacher conferences. * There will be no school Mon. November 2 nd and Wed. November 11 th.

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