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Career Trivia Not so subliminal messages about your future and your life.

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1 Career Trivia Not so subliminal messages about your future and your life

2 There is a big difference between careers students want and the careers that are actually needed…. l Students don’t know too many careers--they only know about 20 out of the 20,000 careers that exist in the United States. l Students name the same high visibility careers without regard to the appropri- ate fit of that career for them.

3 Here are the 10 careers that students want*... l Physician l Attorney l Nurse l Teacher l Veterinarian l Artist * according to the Texas SOICC hotline requests l Professional athlete l Psychologist l Police Officer l Computer Programmer

4 These are the 10 most needed careers* in Texas……. l General mgr. l Teachers l Systems analyst l Professional or Paraprofessional Technician *according to the Texas Workforce Commission l Accountant l Nursing l Computer Engineer l Marketing l Advertising l Public Relations

5 Students’ early career picks are usually based on: l Careers they’ve learned about from friends or family. l Careers they have seen on TV or in movies l Careers they know little about l Careers that have high prestige or make big salaries. l Careers that transform students into the image they wish to project or a person they admire.

6 Facts about being a doctor…….. l It takes 8-17 years of education AFTER high school and an average cost of $100,000 annually to become a doctor. l Job possibilities/ satisfaction-- higher in smaller, rural areas. l There is an oversupply of medical specialists in urban areas; a shortage of geriatric doctors (31,000 needed) l The average doctor lives 8 yrs less than the average American.

7 More doctor facts…. l Doctors’ annual salaries vary any- where from $125,000- 850,000 depending on specialty/geographic area. l Takes about 10 years of work as a doctor to pay back educational loans for medical education. l Go to: www.stu- for detailed info about medical careers. l To be a doctor requires a love for people as well as science!

8 If you’d like to be a doctor, you might like to also consider….

9 Facts about being an attorney l It takes about 7 years after high school to become an attorney l 80% of lawyers wish they were doing something else. l Most new lawyers act as clerks/ paralegals l Only a fraction of time is spent in a courtroom- most time is spent in read- ing/writing

10 If you think you’d like to be an could consider these careers…...

11 So you want to be a Professional Athlete?? l High School standouts in any sport have roughly a 1 in 25,000 chance of ever making it to the Big Leagues. l Even including officials and umpires, this area only employed 51,000 people last year. (Average for an occupational group is 270,000) l Only 3,284 jobs each year in this area (average for others is 10,500)

12 You want to be a Psychologist? l To be a licensed Psychologist requires a Ph.D--about 8-10 years after high school. l Psychologists do more than listen to people’s problems..they give tests, write reports, battle with insurance companies l Can work in many different environments-- schools, clinics, research, etc. l A Psychologist cannot prescribe medications--this must be done by a Psychiatrist, who is a medical doctor.

13 So you want to be an Interior Designer?? l This job is more of a cross between an artist and an architect. l Anyone can practice as an “interior decorator” BUT an “interior designer” must have a Bachelor’s degree and get an ASID certification which requires knowledge of building codes, fire safety codes, and space planning. l Many interior designers begin their careers working in a furniture store.

14 Your College Major Doesn’t Necessarily Predict Your Career!! Celebrities and their college majors: l Dan Akeroyd l Hulk Hogan l Jodie Foster l Meg Ryan l Michael Jordan l a. Criminology l b. Finance l c. English Lit l d. Journalism l e. Mathematics

15 Have You Heard of These Careers???

16 U.S. Dept of Labor - Job Predictions 1998-2008 l Growth rate of new jobs will be greater for those jobs that require at least an Associate’s degree (2 yr course of study @ a community college. l 108% increase for computer engineers, the highest to minus 60% for machine operators.

17 U.S. Dept of Labor - Job Predictions 1998-2008 l Physician’s Assistants will grow to 32,000 jobs (48%) l Elementary teachers will grow by 205,000 jobs (12%) l 66% of the fastest-growing jobs in computer / health industries. l Health jobs will continue to grow as people age.

18 Career Quips…... l Fewer than 28% of computer science degrees went to women in 1997. l Only 12% of American high school students graduate with the four-year sequence of Math & Science required for related majors in college.

19 Career Quips…... l Over the past two years, demand for Physical Therapists has slowed. l Some Hospitality majors are getting five to ten job offers each after graduation. l The Real Estate industry is actively recruiting 20-somethings. l 4 out of 10 Designers are self- employed.

20 Career Quips…... l Opportunities for Social Workers will increase with the aging of the Baby Boomers l Typically, careers that work with and help people are the lowest paid of all workers. l Two million teachers will be needed in the next 5 years to fill vacancies in education.

21 Career Quips…... l Computer-related career trends are still “up in the air” because of the “” failures. l Employers are begging for Auto Mechanics, Teachers, Nurses, Sales clerks and Telemarketing workers. l Leave prestige out of your career search!

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