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MarketingProgrammingFinancing 1980 Small Sunday School Room 2 participants.

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2 MarketingProgrammingFinancing

3 1980 Small Sunday School Room 2 participants

4 Shelby, NC 1995 6,000 sq. ft. -50 participants daily

5 Kings Mountain, NC 2004 15,000 sq. ft. 75 participants daily

6 Shelby, NC 2011 27,000 sq. ft. 200 participants daily


8 Life Enrichment Center Mission Statement “To support caregivers and their loved ones by providing safe, caring, and reliable day and overnight services for adults who would benefit from health care, meaningful programs, and opportunities for socialization.”



11  Strong board with effective committees  Diversified revenue streams  Unbundle services  Pre-bill  Service expansion

12  Operating  Non-operating

13 Self Pay600,000 AAA145,000 DSS 25,000 VA187,000 CAP-MR930,000 CAP-DA181,000 Other Public Funding 13,000 Transportation 9,000 Personal Care Services 32,000 USDA 96,000 TOTAL 2,218,000

14 United Way90,000 Churches 2,000 Civic Clubs 2,000 Annual Appeal20,000 Gifts20,000 Fundraising Event 6,000 Interest Income 2,000 Sales Tax Refunds20,000 Other Miscellaneous Revenue 2,000 In-Kind Volunteers20,000 TOTAL 184,000

15  Transportation  Personal care services  Other

16  Enrollment not attendance  Level of care  Ancillary services

17  Diverse populations  Overnight respite

18 Staff taking inquiry _________ First Inquiry Caller’s name: ________________________________________________ Date: ______________ Phone: ___________________________Email: __________________________________ Address: ___________________________________________________________________ Seeking care for: __________________________________________________________________ Relationship to Caller: ____ Parent ____ Spouse ____ Friend ____ Other: _________________ Are you the primary caregiver? ______ If not, who is? ( Name & #) ___________________________ Phone: _______________________________ Address: ___________________________________________________________________ Age: __________ Date of Birth: _______/________/________ Tell me about your situation: ______________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ What do you need most right now? _________________________________________________ Who is her/his primary care physician? ______________________________________________ Did the physician refer you to Life Enrichment? _______ If not, who did? __________________ What medical problems does she/he have? _____ Alzheimer’s_____ Hearing Loss_____ Speech Problems _____ Arthritis_____ Heart Problems_____ Vision Problems _____ Dementia_____ High Blood Pressure_____ Allergies: ____________ _____ Diabetes_____ Memory Problems_____Seizures:______________ _____ Other: _______________ ___________________ What services did you provide for this individual today? _____ Listening Support_____ Referral to Care Solutions _____ Information/Education_____ Added to Support Group Mailing List _____ Referral for Medical Care_____ Added to Newsletter List

19 Trial Visit Information Participant’s nameDate of TV___________ Will he/she require assistance with: _____________________________________toileting _____________________________________eating _____________________________________walking _____________________________________other Military service? _______ Which Branch Of Service? _______________ Medicaid# ____________ Medicare#___________ SS#_______________ Former job/work____________________________________________________ Interest/hobbies_____________________________________________________ Other information:___________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________ We Do Not give meds on a trial visit! (Approved exceptions may be allowed) Ask: Will the person need medications on a routine basis at the center? ________ If medications are not in a prescription bottle the person CAN NOT STAY! Ask: Restricted or special diet needed? (diabetic, chopped, pureed) _______________________ Remind: Bring names and phone numbers of two emergency contacts. _____________________________________________________________ Staff Notes: ____________________________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________

20 February 5, 2014 Dear Lori, It was good to talk to you yesterday. I am enclosing some information, including a 5-minute video, which I hope is helpful. I am not sure if this is true for your family, but many caregivers have a difficult time deciding whether or not an adult day program is right for their loved one. I ’ m looking forward to seeing you on the trial visit next week. You can use this as an opportunity for additional information as you make this important decision. You will have a chance to see first hand the benefits for your mother:.  Increased personal safety with supportive supervision, a protective environment, and top-quality medical services.  Carefully planned daily exercise and stimulating, interesting programs that enhance health and happiness.  A chance to make new friends and interact with persons her own age.  You can meet Karen Bridges, our nurse, and other members of our staff, who make health monitoring, reassurance, and personal care a top priority. With the support of Life Enrichment Center, you can:  Re-energize yourself and maintain your own health and strength, so that your mother can continue to benefit from the care that only you can provide.  Complete items on your “ to do ” list. Feel caught up again, less frustrated.  You can feel comforted knowing that Jerri is in a safe and loving environment. I think you will find that the Life Enrichment Center is an invaluable resource in meeting the challenge of balancing your important role as caregiver with time to care for yourself. Please take five minutes to watch the video to see the kind of atmosphere we have. Any member of the staff can help you. Until then, take care, Linda Cabiness, Community Outreach Coordinator P.S. Sometimes, people are resistant to trying Life Enrichment. It ’ s hard to leave the security of home to go out in a new environment where you don ’ t know anyone. I ’ m enclosing a sheet called “ 15 Ways to Tell Someone She ’ s Coming to Life Enrichment. ” Maybe one of those will help if Jerri is reluctant. First Inquiry follow-up letter

21 April 15, 2014 Dear Dee, It was a pleasure to meet you and spend time with your father. I hope you found your visit to the Life Enrichment Center enjoyable and helpful. I know how important this decision is, and how providing your father ’ s care is a top priority for you. If you have any questions or concerns you would like to discuss, please feel free to call me. Even after visiting Life Enrichment, many caregivers have a difficult time deciding whether or not an adult day center is right for their loved one. Caregivers are impressed with our center, but some worry about whether their family member will enjoy the center. Here is a sample of what we ’ ve heard before: “ At first, I felt guilty leaving my husband at the Life Enrichment Center, but then I noticed how much better he was - feeling better and his behavior was better. He seemed more alive than he had in a long time, and I felt stronger, less tired. ” (A Cleveland County caregiver) “ My mom seemed afraid to stay, but the staff knew just how to reassure her. Mom is safe all day and participates in great activities. She is doing so much more than when she was home with me - and I can get caught up again. ” (A Cleveland County caregiver) “ It is not an ‘ all or nothing decision ’ - all care provided by me, or putting my mom in a nursing home. With the support of the Life Enrichment Center, Mom can live at home for two or three more years, and I can work. ” (A Cleveland County caregiver) Remember, too, that Life Enrichment nurses can provide any care that the doctor orders outside the hospital, including dressing or catheter changes, injections, suctioning, IV, dispensing medicines, physical, speech or occupational therapies. With the support of the Life Enrichment Center, you can balance your caregiving role with time to care for yourself, and for your other obligations and interests. We cannot replace the care that only you can give, but we can help you. I will call you soon to see if you have any additional questions or concerns. Until then, take care, Linda Cabiness, Community Outreach Coordinator Trial Visit follow-up letter


23 Haircare Services: Shampoo, cut, and style$20 Shampoo Set/Style$16 Cut Only$14 Man’s Haircut$12 Perms$35 Color$30 Bath/Shower Services: $20 - $30 / per bath or shower *1 st bath to determine price assessment - $20 We provide protective garments With tape Small & Medium –.50 cent each Large –.60 cent each X-Large –.70 cent each Pull-ups – Small & Medium -.60 cent each Large -.70 cent each X-Large-.80 cent each


25 LIFE ENRICHMENT CENTER FINANCIAL DISCLOSURE CONFIDENTIAL: This is confidential information to be used to determine fees. If not completed, the full fee will be charged. Participant:_______________________________Age:_________ Social Security #___________________________ Living With (Name):__________________________________ Relationship:_________________________________ Address:____________________________________________________ County of Residence:__________________ Who owns house participant lives in? _____________________________ Financial CASH ASSETS: Value Institution Acct# NON-CASH ASSETS: Value Checking________ ________ _______Real Estate________ Savings________ ________ _______Business Interests/Investments ________ Money Market________ ________ _______Motor Vehicles________ Certificate of Dep.________ ________ _______Other (Specify)______________________ Stocks/Bonds________ ________ _______ _________________________________ Other (Specify)___________ ________ ________ ________ ________ _______ TOTAL________TOTAL________ Continued on next slide

26 A. MONTHLY INCOMEB. MONTHLY EXPENSES Family Salary/Wages ________Rent/Mortgage ________ Interest ________Utilities ________ Pension ________Property Tax ________ Social Security ________Food ________ SSI ________Clothing ________ Trust ________Transportation ________ Annuities ________Insurance ________ Investment Income ________Household Maintenance ________ Other Income (List) ________Other Expenses (List) ________ __________________ ___________________________ ________ Amount family willing to pay _________ TOTAL INCOME (A) _________TOTAL EXPENSES (B) ________ I certify the above information is correct and understand that my fee will be based on this data. I understand that I am responsible for informing the Life Enrichment Center in writing of any changes in this information. ___________________________________________________________ ___________________________ DateAuthorized Signature


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